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  1. manncer

    Toradol/ketorolac for major trauma pts

    I agree that it is not a wise choice and it could be a fatal choice.
  2. manncer


    Don't trust your employer. If they offer a plan, don't be surprised if they suddenly don't contribute to it anymore, or even stop offering completely. Get a good financial advisor and build up your own account. I am facing retirement in a few years and am in trouble because of the recession and the lousy plan the hospital arranged. I can't emphasize the importence of having adequate monies when you are done working.
  3. manncer

    Toradol/ketorolac for major trauma pts

    I would see it as a complete no-no. The patient may be bleeding internally. NSAIDS are a dangerous choice in this case.
  4. manncer

    Is Dakins still used?

    It shouldn't be used at all. It inhibits platelet aggregation and thromboplastin formation. "Wound infection requires surgical debridement and appropriate systemic antibiotic therapy. Topical antiseptics are usually avoided because they interfere with wound healing because of cytotoxicity to healing cells." -Emedicine You'll get lots of arguments, purveyors of witchcraft and voodoo still use it.
  5. Way to go Doc!
  6. manncer

    apps, handy references

    IPhone, iPad, iPod touch have numerous apps that I use, epocrates, IV meds, Sedation, Cardio Pharm, ABX Guide, Harriet Lane, Harrisons, Washington Manual, and more.
  7. manncer

    Technical problem in withdrawing drugs

    Good grief. Don't you have a pharmacy?
  8. manncer

    Making Acetylcysteine bearable?

    PO with a long straw helps for PO
  9. manncer

    Major Vent

    I've got an iPod touch and an iPad-There are some apps that will not only translate what you want to say, but actually say the phrase on the device. This doesn't help you understand what they are saying to you easily, but you can tell them to speak simply and it may help. It will be comforting that you are trying to understand them. Polyglotism is here to stay as frustrating as it is.
  10. manncer

    Calculation question

    98 lbs =45kg (rounded) weight in Kg X (mcg/Kg/min) X 60 min = 45 X 6 X 60 = 20.25(or 20ml/hr) conc of IV in mcg 800mcg/ml If you work in most facilities you should know this. To double check yourself call your hospital Pharmacist.
  11. Phew! :argue:
  12. If there was a Pharmacy involved the Pharmacist would carry blame from not knowing the interaction. There is no excuse for RX not catching this. All three are at fault.
  13. manncer

    younger generation of nurses and blackberries?

    Maybe you can ask them? You might find out something you could use and it might be a nice way to get to know them.
  14. manncer

    bumex vs lasix

    Loop diuretics are given to decrease fluid overload with malfunctioning kidneys and to prevent hyperkalemia. Eventually loops become less and less effective and doses of lasix can be 600mg/day or higher.
  15. manncer

    what do the docs use in colonoscopy?

    Just a note all phospho soda laxatives have been recalled, do to rare instances of renal injury. Class action lawsuits are being pursued.
  16. manncer

    Giving Tobramycin nebs while pregnant