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  1. msesay91


    Thank youuuu soooooooo much!! I love when i get feedback on here, it's much appreciated.
  2. Thank you so much for the feedback!! I agree, families can sometimes be the most annoying part, which is why pre or pacu would probably be ideal...
  3. msesay91

    Any UMUC students? RN to BSN?

    Hello! Did you end up finishing @ UMUC or Towson?
  4. msesay91


    Just signed up for my first class into my online BSN program and IDK if i'm made for that life lol I love classroom settings however with working full time 5 days a week, i don't think I want to overwork myself like that. I was very organized in nursing school however outside of that I'm so lazy lol How did some of you guys manage online classes? I signed up for a hybrid class on Saturdays cause i'm too scared for a full online class setting. Help lol
  5. So i've been an OR nurse for about a month (lol) and i love it! My new grad program is @ Anne Arundel Medical Center; we occasionally scrub as well and it was all overwhelming in the beginning bc nursing school doesn't prepare you to work as an OR Nurse. However, I am a really fast learner so I'm now past being overwhelmed & now appreciate the surrounding. With all that being said, I don't plan on leaving the OR any time soon, however Im a busy body & would like to keep my other skills up to date, so im thinking in about 2 years once i'm really comfortable in my position that I will get a prn position... Preferably in PACU or Pre-op... I honestly love periop in general so I want to stay there. Also wouldn't mind ICU of course... Is this possible? Does OR nurses typically work PRN as floor nurses? My schedule most likely will be four 10hr shifts so it's doable for me.. Just want to hear other's experiences, thank!
  6. msesay91

    Prince Georges Community College Lpn to Rn

    Just had my pinning ceremony yesterday for PGCC. Thank God I'm outta there!!!! So for the new cohort coming in, things are changing. We now use ATI (it was used as a practice run this semester, & it helped us out because it gave us extra credit) Next semester they may start using it as an exit exam. All of the Med Surg professors were awesome except for one, which will by your 1040... *ML* is all I will say, you'll figure it out when the time approaches..lol Psych by far was the worst subject for my graduating class, out of 64 only 23 were pinned, mainly because of psych. So I cannot stress how important it is to make sure you build on your 1020 foundation. Take that class very seriously along with Med 2 because they will save you. Read your materials and always remember that you're not studying to memorize, you're studying to understand. My clinical sections always worked in my favor, I was always able to get the sections I wanted. Also if you're not an organized person, you might want to change that cause it will save you as well. Get a calendar, use it, make it your bible. Invest in outside sources such as Saunders, Youtube videos etc. You can only fail one class and at this point the program has become a "weed out" so don't be afraid to reach out when you need help or don't understand something. Study with individuals who are doing better than you !!! Say hi to other nursing individuals, esp those in a higher class because they can always give you the scoop. Form a tight and useful study group... I think that's all for now. Oh & Passing is 80% & up. So you can only get a B's or A's in the program.
  7. msesay91

    Vidant Medical Center Residency

    Hi.. So what floor did you end up choosing? I just accepted a position for their MTCU floor. Are you enjoying the hospital?
  8. msesay91

    End of semester! How did everyone do?

    This was my final semester; was taking Med Surg 3, Psych & Management along with ATI. Managed to get B's in all classes (Really wanted at least one A lol) & I have a job offer that I accepted on a Intermediate Care floor. So glad to be done with nursing school omggg
  9. msesay91

    PGCC RN class of 2018

    A&P2 has be completed before you can petition. So get that done first
  10. msesay91

    PGCC RN class of 2018

    I think my gpa was like 2.8/2.9 when I got accepted and I don't remember my TEAS score.. as long as you have majority of all of your prerequisites completed then you'll be fine
  11. msesay91

    PGCC RN class of 2018

    sorry. just replying, I live in Lanham, would you want to pick them up?
  12. msesay91

    PGCC RN class of 2018

    sorry. just replying, I live in Lanham, would you want to pick them up?
  13. msesay91

    PGCC RN class of 2018

    You mean for peds?? Yea that's what we used.. and you don't have to pay me lol do you live near the school area??
  14. msesay91

    PGCC RN class of 2018

    Peds wasn't hard now that I think back.. it just wasn't really taught to us .. the simulations are great though, that's really where I learned majority of things.. there will be a new professor for you guys so idk how that's gunna go
  15. msesay91

    PGCC RN class of 2018

    Yes I still have the study guides for both classes. My med Surg notes are more extensive than my peds(I hated it)