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  1. RN/WI

    Best review class for FNP boards post graduation

    I will check it out!
  2. RN/WI

    Best review class for FNP boards post graduation

    Congratulations on passing your boards!
  3. Can anyone give suggestions on the best review classes to study and prepare for the AANP,FNP board exam? I have quite a few study materials and the capstone course we had the Hollier review and Q Bank questions. I have a Leik book, not the newest edition from a prior class. The APEA book with questions as well. The Q Bank APEA questions seem too easy compared to other material with questions I have viewed. I do not know what to expect and wish to pass the first time! I am most recently looking in to the Med Challenger review, there is a free trial and appears to be informative. Has anyone who passed first time prepared with the Med Challenger course? Any tips or tricks for study. What is a good time frame to test , any opinions? Other than when I am ready, haha I don't know what to expect from such a broad exam so I am not sure I will ever be fully prepared:) Thank you in advance!
  4. RN/WI

    Med Surg without CNAs?

    Hello, I recently last year switched from Travel nursing back into a staff position on a Med Surg unit. I understand with COVID it is changing times, but have never felt so understaffed and unsupported even as a traveler making better $ with less commitment. What is happening to nursing? Am I in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is it common to take on 4 -5 patients with a mix of Covid and no CNAs. Are other places primary nursing 4-5 Med Surg patients without a unit clerk or CNA on day shift? Is this the trend? The one Covid patient takes extra time just gearing up to go in and out and my other patients are left while I am in a negative pressure room...back to travel ? Or after 15 years time for a new occupation? Answers please!
  5. RN/WI

    FNP no longer allowed to practice inpatient

    The problem with that degree is you can’t take care of patient s of all ages. Most the FNPs I know currently are hospital it’s. I know there is a drive to change that, I would rather have the FNP at this point to care for all age groups.
  6. RN/WI

    Finding a Nevada NP Preceptor

    I’m in Wisconsin, I also can’t complete in patient setting at work In the hospital as I’m in the FNP program, so I as you need the setting to be out of the acute setting. I hope that you find a preceptor for the next start date. Good luck ! I will continue to try and locate one as well for my 3 remaining clinical needs. I’m sorry for all of us that this process is so complicated and difficult.
  7. RN/WI

    Finding a Nevada NP Preceptor

    Hello, I am in the same position, only I have completed 2 rotations already. My employer won’t work with my school as they referred to it as “schools r us”. It is extremely frustrating. The organization I work for is no better than the school. As much work as I’ve put in and they harass me and demean me for not attending a local school. The organization has no educational leadership to speak of them selves.I’m finding the schooI I chose also has no organization to place students in a clinical spot- it is ridiculous! I thought I had secured a different site, but as you stated the Dr. submitted everything back except a page of the affiliation agreement and the contract remains pending. 3 classes left of an entire program- and I’m at a standstill.....
  8. I just hope to get through and I will remember to pay back by helping others once I get experience by allowing future students the opportunity to fulfill their goals .All of us need to remember thus when we get there.
  9. RN/WI

    Preceptor Needed!

    I am looking for a preceptor in family practice, internal med, and or one rotation in women’s health.
  10. RN/WI

    Preceptor Needed!

    If you find out how to get one, please let me know! I took a position last year with an organization as an RN because I was supposed to be allowed clinical placement if an employee. I got 2 clinicals and now the organization went to an interview process. I was just notified That they are not allowing me a clinical site for July or September. The whole organization is very unprofessional and the whole process couldn’t be explained. Point blank if you go to a school they have in their group you’ll get a spot. It really is discrimination. All of these non profit hospitals that take government money, sure seem to discriminate, do as they wish, and preach about how the god profit schools are turning out too many providers.
  11. RN/WI

    Canceling a contract

    Thanks for the response Ned . I will see what my agency says today. I never imagined this scenario to why I would not complete an assignment.
  12. RN/WI

    Canceling a contract

    Question, I have been traveling for 5 years now. Although I’ve had a few assignments I could not wait to be finished with, I have always made it through. I am 15 shifts away from completing this assignment. Last week I was offered an extension, but declined due to problems with unit management. They have been harassing me since week 2 of the assignment. I have spoken with my recruiter multiple times about safety issues and harassment, she told me it will be taken care of and now it’s gotten worse. This is honestly the first time I feel scared that I’ll be set up or at risk for losing my license if I don’t end it now. I guess I’ve never had a real issue where I needed back up with my company until now. Ends up it’s the weekend and my recruiter or company is no where in sight. I called into the hospital myself saying I will not be in . Any suggestions, I will be out $1200 housing I’ve already paid for the month. I get a stipend - my company does not offer housing. I will also lose my health insurance, etc. I can’t believe this! Anyone that’s canceled a contract , please respond. Maybe it’s time to leave travel...
  13. RN/WI

    Two 13-week travel assignments, at once - feasible?

    Why ?! It’s not possible and even if it was it would be illegal. But first of all you would make more working one and collecting overtime for more hours you would stick into the second job. Did you decide to travel?
  14. RN/WI

    Thinking of Traveling. Pay better than what I am making?

    What did you decide?
  15. RN/WI


    I hope you went home by your son. These hospitals and agencies don’t give a crap about any of us. It’s a pay check, that keeps getting more and more difficult to get and be happy with. I hope you went home and your son is okay! Definitely family before the job!
  16. RN/WI

    Advice on becoming a travel nurse

    Have you been in contact with agencies? Out of curiosity, have you bounced this off your nursing instructor? What do they say? Have you had contact with traveling nurses during clinical? What have you decided?