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  1. Lostsoull

    2020 away from healthcare

    i dont it popped up in my email n wanted to share
  2. Lostsoull

    2020 away from healthcare

    yaaay best thing ever since i left there 😄 no more stinky place
  3. Lostsoull

    Medication error

    wow thats scary to know out there can be nurses like u doing a trial and error on humans
  4. Lostsoull

    Should I or shouldn’t I have given Ativan?

    you are not a doctor next time tell a doctor before what meds you dec8de to give id be a bit annoyed if i was instead of him even if it wont do harm
  5. Lostsoull

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    i for sure am aware that some are not comforting nor caring as some only chose that career for the pay only
  6. Lostsoull

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    i used to work in healthcare but not as a nurse and from my observations and well even as a personal decision it was something id never become.helping ppl can seem nice on paper but in reality is far more different..its something which should be inside you not something you choose to be
  7. Lostsoull

    i left a toxic hospital

    i made 2 yrs at a unit parttime and they didnt care of my departure its like i didnt exist which was a bit disappointing as i worked hard ..but the day i left was the best day ever... i kinda stayed there as letting go isnt an easy option when jobs aint that easy to get the job itself wasnt bad but the majority of ppl there were toxic and cliques.
  8. Lostsoull

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    as a male nursing is the last role id be interested in...i dont want to deal with female cliques ever besides i view it as a feminine.role too
  9. Lostsoull

    I quit healthcare

    yep i quit healthcare im not a nurse but time to move on 🙂 looking forward for the future
  10. Lostsoull

    FINALLY quitting weekend work

    hi this week i took the final decision and i no longer will work saturdays ...weekends sucks the soul out of you at work... Im finally determined to quit weekends and will tell supervisor...im a receptionist o in an emergency ward..itll be heaven sleeping on sats instead of dealing with smell of crap n stress each weekend 😉
  11. Lostsoull

    Is this burnout

    Hi so i live a very stressful but recently i notice im having increased anxiety panick irritable insomnia exhaustion chest pain reduced appetite dizzy and i had to take sick leave...am i burned out? i also have crying spells
  12. Lostsoull

    Shall i quit icu?

    Hi i tjink i will stick to it for now as extra money is always nice ill try to make more sacrifice
  13. Lostsoull

    Shall i quit icu?

    im part time clerical shall i quit it? its only a side job..and there's a heavy toxic culture and superrr busy
  14. Lostsoull

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    smell of poop as thats what all hospitals smells of
  15. Lostsoull

    I cant stand the attitude of many nurses

    HOW DO I CLOSE THIS THREAD it keeps sending me emails and im over it
  16. Lostsoull

    I cant stand the attitude of many nurses