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  1. nyunursingstudent

    Higher level questions

    Are reading ekg strips and interpreting what med to give/intervention considered an application/analysis question?
  2. nyunursingstudent

    nclex precautions

    I know that the following acronyms are great for memorizing precaution/isolation questions but are there any other priority diseases that have precautions that should be known for the nclex? Airborne My Measles Chicken Chicken Pox Hez Herpes Zoster TB Tuberculosis Droplet S streptococcal pharyngitis P pertussis/pneumonis I influenza D diptheria E epiglottitis R rotavirus/rubella M meningitis An adenovirus Contact M multidrug resistant organism R respiratory infections S skin infections W wound infections E enteric and eye infections H herpes simplex I impetigo P pediculosis S scabies I test tomorrow and I have heard that people tend to get a lot of precaution questions so i just want to be prepared. Thanks!
  3. nyunursingstudent

    Low-ish Kaplan scores; Passed NCLEX-RN in 75 questions

    i was wondering if you had any questions on the nclex that were similar to those on kaplan
  4. nyunursingstudent

    Passed NCLEX with low Kaplan scores

    thank you so much for this! you just made me feel so much better about taking the nclex in a week!
  5. nyunursingstudent

    not hitting kaplan benchmark

    Feb 13
  6. nyunursingstudent

    not hitting kaplan benchmark

    when are you taking your nclex?
  7. nyunursingstudent

    not hitting kaplan benchmark

    is anyone else doing kaplan and not consistently getting 60s? i am supposed to test in two weeks and i am feeling very discouraged
  8. nyunursingstudent

    UWorld users who passed NCLEX!

    oh okay. i didnt know. i have seen people do it with kaplan.
  9. nyunursingstudent

    UWorld users who passed NCLEX!

    I'm looking to see if anyone would want to share their Uworld information with me if they still have access to it. Obviously I would be willing to pay a portion of it. I really just cant afford it right now and Kaplan doesnt seem to be doing the trick for me (my school paid for kaplan). I did the uworld demo and really enjoyed it but like i said i cant really swing it right now. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  10. nyunursingstudent

    Kaplan scores please help!

    Hello everyone! So i am planning to take the nclex feb 13 and i am consistenly recieving 55-58 on the qbanks. i still have over 800 questions left as well as QT 5, 6 and 7 and sample tests 2, 3, and 4. its very discouraging to be hitting the 60-65 benchmark. am i likely to fail with these scores? I know i still have a lot of practice questions left. Also does anyone have any advice to improve on weak client areas? I have already read through the kaplan e book in the areas i score the lowest.
  11. nyunursingstudent

    Taking NCLEX in February.. need advice!

    Hello! I am also taking my NCLEX in february and our scores are quite similar. I havent taken QT 5 or 6 yet. If you go to Qbank and then on the left youll see it says cumulative it will show you your average score. When in february do you test?
  12. nyunursingstudent

    Kaplan harder than NCLEX?

    Hi! This question is for anyone who has recently taken the NCLEX. I had heard that Kaplan questions are more difficult than NCLEX questions, is that true? Also if you passed what was your QBank cumulative score? I test in three weeks and I am nervous my scores are not high enough. Thanks :)
  13. nyunursingstudent

    INOVA hire ADN nurses?

    What unit will you be on? I start Feb 27.
  14. nyunursingstudent

    NCLEX-RN Study Partner

    Hello! I'm looking for someone who would be interested in being an online study partner. I'm just looking to keep in contact with someone via email, text, FaceTime, or whatever to hold eachother accountable for studying. I plan to take my exam in February at some point! Let me know if you're interested.
  15. nyunursingstudent

    Kaplan Tysons Corner/Study Partner

    Hello! I'm moving down to Arlington very soon and I will be taking my Kaplan review course in tysons corner January 9-12. I was wondering if anybody else on here were signed up for that session! I'm also looking for an online study partner to keep track of studying with if anyone is interested. I will be taking the NCLEX-RN in February hopefully.
  16. nyunursingstudent

    How long to receive ATT?

    I technically don't graduate until January 23 but I need my license to start work by the end of February. I just hope the board processes things relatively fast.