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  1. Sour Lemon

    Feeling incompetent as a student nurse...

    I would thank the instructor for her feedback and work on the specific issues that were discussed. Don't focus on feelings, focus on survival. You might also consider taking down your picture and putting up a picture of a lemon tree, instead. Your classmates, future employers, or even your instructor(s) could be browsing this site too.
  2. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    OK, in that case we do disagree. I also have no idea what SAR means.
  3. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    Are you disagreeing with my disagreement? ...because it sounds like you actually do agree from everything you wrote after that first sentence.
  4. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    They do. I agree with the rest of your rant, though.
  5. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    I do all of these things, at times. My doctor also gave opiates and ibuprofen together every six hours after both of my deliveries. I don't think it's "crappy nursing" at all and I've never worked in long term care.
  6. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    In one place I worked, the "STAT" order would have allowed an override and immediate administration. Our pharmacy could take 4-6 hours (or longer) to profile routine medication orders. I would have passed it back to the primary nurse, too. I think your order actually is confusing ....the OP's, IMO, was not.
  7. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    That explains a lot. Evil goes where a daisy award goes. They’re practically like pink slips. Accept one and you’ll be fired very soon.
  8. Sour Lemon

    Anti-vax parents sue to keep kids in school

    Where are these kids when they're not in school? It seems like they'd still be out in the community and around other kids.
  9. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    I actually think the orders were very clear. What varies are unit culture and nursing judgement. I don't even think there was an "error" in judgement ...just a difference of opinion. If we're looking at facts, the OP was perfectly right.
  10. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    I'm not sure about the write up since there was no technical fault, at least as I see it. I would have spaced them out a little bit, though. Maybe the patient couldn't sleep because she was anxious ...or maybe she was anxious because she couldn't sleep. Giving the second dose after the first has had a chance to onset will help you avoid controversy in the future.
  11. Sour Lemon

    Robot tells man he'll be dead in hours

    The more I think about it, I have a problem with the "robot" aspect of the claim, too. A "robot" didn't tell anyone anything at anytime. It was a video call from a human being.
  12. Sour Lemon

    Robot tells man he'll be dead in hours

    There's the headline, and then there's the first sentence of the article: "Ernest Quintana's family knew he was dying of chronic lung disease when he was taken by ambulance to a hospital, unable to breathe." I'm not feeling the outrage that so many others seem to be.
  13. Sour Lemon

    Juggling Multiple PRN Jobs

    My per diem job is pretty strict about requirements. I only have to commit to one day a week, but every other week has to be a weekend day. I like weekends and only have one job, so it’s no problem. I’m also required to work one major and one minor winter holiday and one summer holiday. I can choose which ones. I’m the first to get canceled and the first to get floated. Sometimes I get canceled for weeks at a time. Out of my last eleven shifts, I’ve been floated for ten of them. If I go out of town for a week, I have to work two days in another week or I start getting threatening emails about what’s considered a resignation.
  14. Sour Lemon

    Freaking out over a patient fall!!

    You have got to be kidding??? Good luck with your appeal. I can't believe they kicked you out for this with no prior issues.
  15. Sour Lemon

    Why is it "legal" for patient to decline male nurses?

    I've been robbed at gunpoint and I don't think it's a bad comparison. It did create an uncontrollable, trembling fear when I interacted with people similar to the one who robbed me ...even if I knew there was no threat. In my case, the fear gradually subsided. It took a rather long time, though.