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  1. moreoreo

    Any school nurses out there with 40 years?

    It's a serious problem, and I think the more children who "go to the nurse," the more others think it's a place they can go, too, so that each nonsense visit spawns others. I have had a parent whose child suddenly started coming frequently say, "I think one of her classmates was going to the nurse a lot and that's why this started." I think it would help to have specific criteria of when to send students-I think to leave it open ended leaves teachers nervous not to send, even if they think a child is fine-but in my district, at least, management thinks that teachers shouldn't make any health related decisions even if it's something like a papercut. Which I think is so dumb, for lack of a better word! Sometimes the health office just feels like another place to go once a day, like the bathroom. Not sure how we can be expected to handle the emergencies at the same time as every little discomfort that is noted in the entire school. (no, I don't have 40 years experience :-) and I myself am still in my 20s, but I never went to the nurse as a child-I didn't know there was one, and I certainly never would have even thought to try to leave school for something like a passing headache. And if my parents had been called at work for my bumping my head on my desk while picking something up they would have been extremely confused. Sometimes it feels like we are liability officers and not nurses!)
  2. moreoreo

    See you around!

    I am in a similar position- except with baby #1 and anticipating I will likely also stay home through baby #2 starting school- with mixed feelings but somehow also certain this is the right choice for me. I too hope to return to school nursing and also hope this great board and group will still be here when I return. I will probably still peek in once in a while in the meantime. Best of luck to you, your little ones, and everyone here and their little ones (both at home and at school)!
  3. moreoreo

    C'Mon Now!

    I would freak out too! I have nothing especially worthy of "c'mon now"ing about, just I'm 8 months pregnant so I feel exasperated by literally every little thing. Trying my best to remember my students are little and can't be expected to always know what's going on with their own bodies
  4. moreoreo

    C'Mon Now!

    Oh... the bane of Monday mornings. "Arm is bruised from the weekend. Says Mom knows but can you check?" Check what? To make sure it's not broken with my X-ray vision? I kind of get it. From a caring perspective it makes sense and we are seen as health experts. But there are those Mondays where it's like every student who came back even a little bit altered from how they were on Friday has to be checked out by me personally to make sure parents did not ruin them over the weekend
  5. moreoreo

    C'Mon Now!

    Do you guys get a lot of dismissal-time visitors? Sometimes a child is literally minutes away from being picked up by their own parent and they come to me to tell me they bumped their arm or whatnot and I don't give an ice pack or "treat" beyond basic assessment because why didn't they just go tell their parent? It's different if it's bad nausea before a bus ride or something bigger that happened at gym or a child who has lengthy after-school activities but sometimes I get complaints like "my skin is itchy on my wrist" or "I bumped my elbow on my chair" from students who are dressed up to go home, parent is probably right outside, and I can't help but wonder what imagined benefit there is to that!
  6. moreoreo

    Christmas break, when do you start yours?

    I'm still here! Saw more than 50 yesterday on our short day which is a lot but I am so ready for break that I didn't even realize how many until the day was already over! Fingers crossed for all of us who are still around that Friday will come quickly and end smoothly
  7. moreoreo

    The Grinch Nurse

    :D I made my husband watch this, because I tell him so much about the bigger things that happen but THIS is the fluff that makes up much of my days
  8. moreoreo

    The mile run-- hold me!

    I was just talking to my husband the other day about square dancing and how I wonder why that of all things is something we did so much in gym class. We have two very young gym teachers at my school and I wonder if they teach it, too, like if it's state-required in any way. It's funny to think about. I was a bookworm, NOT a runner, in elementary and middle school. I recall one mile that I "ran" in 20+ minutes and I still got an A for the class. The ones puking and having trouble were the ones with the "best" times. I had no regrets
  9. moreoreo

    Bed bug bites vs flea

    "We found this little bug can you tell us what it is?" :bored: I vividly remember, that when my husband had Valentine's flowers delivered to me in my second month of working at my school, and the ladies in the office called to tell me "we have something for you in the office," I was SURE without a doubt it would be a bug for me to identify
  10. moreoreo

    C'Mon Now!

    So sorry! I had a lot of early morning fevers last week, not so bad this morning, but I went out with the wheelchair twice in 20 minutes on Friday, in the middle of 12 in one hour, on a day I was alone, and had two angry parents last week (I don't get many of those, luckily). So I am heading into this week sort of nervous that it's just the beginning and I have more hurdles before break. Does anyone else get nervous before a big break like "of course it can't be easy heading into it"? Of course it's warm out this week so I can't hope for indoor recess, either. No big c'mon nows this morning from me, though. Good luck to everyone still waiting on the holidays! And for the lucky ones on break already, I hope you are living it up extra for the rest of us
  11. moreoreo


    That's true. I was surprised once by a case of Fifth's Disease because it avoided my other parameters except that the child was uncomfortable enough to be sent home and had a mild temp. His parents thought his skin had been irritated by swimming pool water, and he did have a hx of sensitive skin with other irritation before. (His face was really not as red as pictures of that specific rash!)
  12. moreoreo


    (I know this exact topic has been posted before; I've read a few but am wondering if there are any other nuggets of wisdom out there to receive!) When to dismiss for a "rash"?? I've had teachers write "rash" for things that to me looked like or were clearly bug bites. Or for one small area of what to me just looked like irritated/inflamed skin. Of course I look for dismissal if the issue is all over the body, or if skin is oozing/crusting/raw/raised/blistering, or if it is accompanied by systemic issues like fever, headache, stomachache, etc. However, there are times when my instinct says it's no biggie but it's not like I can answer teachers' questions with a confident, "No, it's not contagious!" What kind of steps do you follow in your decision-making process? (Pink eye is a similar issue; for this I used to dismiss left and right but then I read public health recommendations and have also learned better to discern between irritation vs. a possibly infectious case)
  13. moreoreo

    Christmas break, when do you start yours?

    We are in full swing until the weekend before Christmas, off until 1/9. I hear this is a great way to do break so we don't spend a week of it stressed out preparing for the holidays. But sitting here this Friday I do wish we were starting tomorrow . I am in my third trimester of pregnancy and combined with break being so soon, it's hard to be motivated! I am almost grateful when the office is full because it keeps me focused and the time passes more quickly. Wishing you and all your families a happy and safe holiday season!
  14. moreoreo

    Mom hand

    I have one teacher who I think has cold hands because she has sent at least a dozen children down this year with "forehead is hot" passes and none of them have had even a mildly elevated temp. I admit that sometimes as I am checking with my thermometer even my hands will feel a "heat wave" from a child's face that turns out not to be febrile! There is one other teacher who used to send many students but has scaled back; she just recently sent me two consecutive students with "feels warm"? passes that had legitimate fevers and I was so impressed! I'm sorry for your incidental fever-- I always run high so sometimes when I "check" my thermometer I am surprised by what I find, too. Hope you are feeling well!
  15. moreoreo

    C'Mon Now!

    So true -- and even after you have retrieved the student and every adult you pass starts making obligatory sympathetic sounds when 1) it is nothing or 2) you have finally just gotten the child to calm down and acknowledge they are fine (esp. if they are the dramatic type who like and respond strongly to that attention in the form of waterworks) and you want to say "shhhh stop!!" I use my wheelchair a few times a week if you couldn't tell
  16. moreoreo

    Lice Policies

    We do not exclude for nits but we do for live lice. Classroom check and letter only if two or more confirmed cases in the same classroom in 2 weeks or less. We do recheck the day after exclusion to confirm live lice are no longer present. I have read a lot of articles about this and while I agree that lice is not the evil that teachers think, exclusion is helpful at my school for the fact that parents would likely not treat as promptly if there was no chance of exclusion. Same as for immunizations and physical exams. For some parents, only the threat of (or actual) exclusion helps accomplish compliance.