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firlom44 has 5 years experience as a LPN.

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  1. firlom44

    Conestoga/Mohawk rpn to bscn 2021

    Did they send you the offer already? Did your application on Mohawk got updated on the system?
  2. firlom44

    Conestoga/Mohawk rpn to bscn 2021

    No I haven’t heard from them. How about you?
  3. firlom44

    Conestoga/Mohawk rpn to bscn 2021

    It's already the end of May and still waiting for a response. Some of my requirements have been updated. Any updates from anyone here?
  4. Hello everyone, I just received an acceptance for the RPN to BScN program at UOIT/Ontario Tech U. I'm so overjoyed that I finally got in as it took me about 3 tries to get this spot. Any alumni or anyone currently doing this program? I would love to hear your thoughts!
  5. firlom44

    Anyone work 12 hour hospital shifts?

    Hello everyone, I have a question about scheduling. I work at a hospital that does 12 hour days/night shifts. I am the only full time Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) in the unit and I find that my schedule has been all over the place. The unit has been scheduling me for their unit needs/convenience and I can’t seem to map out my future schedule since they only release a 6 week schedule at a certain time period. I know the regular shifts that you can get with working a 12 hour shift would be 7 shifts biweekly. Sometimes I get 6 shifts in a pay period (I asked my unit clerk and she said that my shifts would need to average out to 75 hours in 3 months). I’d appreciate if someone can enlighten me with this situation. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, Anyone here applied to Mohawk-McMaster RPN to BSCN program? I’m quite confused as I know offers had been sent but I never received any email or response from Mohawk. My applicant tab still says “active”. Anyone having the same issue?
  7. firlom44

    Surgical/Oncology interview

    Hello everyone! New grad nurse here and I was fortunate enough to get a job interview for a surgical/oncology floor. However and I'll be honest that as a new grad, I don't have any experience for this unit. I finished my last clinical placement at a Medicine/Rehab-Stroke unit so this will be a total 360 for me. I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences on this type of unit/setting. What are some interview questions I should expect? Greatly appreciate your help!
  8. firlom44

    George Brown RPN to BScN 2018

    Hello everyone! Thought I'd make a group for the George Brown RPN to BScN 2018 applicants. Any of you received any good news yet? Chat soon!
  9. firlom44

    RPN to RN Bridge Acceptance

    Hi @LisaStone, I'm still waiting for mine. Still says "Under Admissions Review". Hoping for the best!
  10. Hello everyone, I am an RPN looking to hear your thoughts about the pros and cons of taking the Coronary Care course. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Hello everyone! About me: I am a new graduate RPN (Registered Practical Nurse) here in Ontario. I was lucky enough to get a job at the long term care home (I worked here as a Personal Support Worker before I transitioned to the RPN role). I just finished my 1/3 shift, and to my summarize my day, I was quite overwhelmed! I did my final placement of my RPN program at a hospital so doing longterm care for me is a total 360 (different rules, protocols, etc). I made sure to jot done notes on what my trainer said so I can look back to it once I go on my own. For my next shift, which will be an evening (1500-2300pm) shift, what kind of questions should I ask my trainer? Also, would you be able to share me your strategies/your daily routine? Your help is much appreciated!
  12. Hello everyone! I would like to ask for your advice about the Medication Administration Certificate- I'm looking into taking this at Humber College. The certificate consists of three courses: -IV Therapy/Phlebotomy -Medication Administration Theory -Medication Administration Lab About me: I'm a new graduate nurse (Registered Practical Nurse). When I look through job postings online, I usually see hospitals asking for a Medication Administration and Health Assessment certificates. I talked to my other nursing peers who have years of nursing experience, and they said these courses are unnecessary because the hospital will train you with IV initiation/therapy. I'm kind of puzzled now. What do you think- should I take this course?
  13. firlom44

    Seneca (Yorkgate) Practical Nursing 01/2017

    Hello everyone! First off, to the writer who said "Is Yorkgate in the Jane and Finch area? You have never heard of any crime in that area?", Yes, the Yorkgate Campus is in the Jane and Finch area. Jane and Finch, just so you know is actually a decent place to live in. I have lived here all my life. The media always focuses on Jane and Finch so much that everyone gets a notion that this area is dangerous. THERE ARE CRIMES EVERYWHERE. There's no safe place in the city. On a lighter note, I just finished the Seneca College program and graduated this October 2016, wrote my nursing registration exam the same month and passed it this November. I went to the Part Time Practical Nursing route- which was done at Newnham Campus at Finch and Don Mills. This was ideal for me because I was able to go to work in the morning and take the nursing courses in the evening. I took about 4-5 courses every semester and it took me 2 years to finish everything. Courses wise: What I like about Seneca was every course were straight forward and related to the program. (Not unlike other colleges). First semester would be a little overwhelming because you will all juggle your time with the introductory courses: Clinical, Anatomy, Psychology, etc. Make sure to keep all your notes because at the very end, on your final semester, you will have to do a pre-nursing registration exam everything you've learned in the program is testable. Placement wise: 2nd semester Clinical- Cedarvale Long Term Care 3rd Semester- Sunnybrook 4th Semester- St. Joseph's Health Centre 5th semester/consolidation- Humber River Hospital If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and I'll be here to answer those.
  14. firlom44

    CPNRE!!! HELP!!!

    Has anyone received their results yet? (For those who took their CPNRE last September 26th?)
  15. firlom44

    CPNRE!!! HELP!!!

    The CPNRE exam writers determines the passing rate.
  16. firlom44

    RPN- RN Bridging Inquiries!

    Thank you for all the information. You made it sound doable and that's what I was hoping to achieve- to not be overwhelmed and to have more time understanding everything. I'm in no way in a hurry to finish it. I agree with you- better take it slow than flunk in the end.