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  1. Paola2319

    Study Groups or Study Alone ???

    Thank You for your response, next week we have our first exams for the semester and everyone (well most not all are forming study groups to prepare for next week but I don't know if I want to do that just yet
  2. Okay this is my first semester in nursing school, a lot of people say forming a study groups is good way to pass your nursing classes, but I've always been a solo type of girl , I function better alone but I'm having doubts. Maybe is a good idea to form a study group? Or should I keep studying alone and see how that goes
  3. Wow!thats a lot for the first week!
  4. Good question since I'll be starting fundamental next week
  5. Got accepted into my first adn program back in 2011, but failed my first semester . I wasn't taking school serious ( i was young, and didn't want that responsibility on me), now I'm a little older and applied to a bsn and got accepted, I'm starting on the 17 my first semester. I'm planning to give my all.
  6. Thanks hun! You too
  7. Nursing foundation & lab, patho physiology, human life span and you?
  8. Well my program is 5 semesters long , so I graduate may 2019
  9. Jeesh already! But every program is different
  10. Omg! Yes that's how I feel , I been watching YouTube videos too lol
  11. True! Every program is different, are u excited to start Monday ?
  12. How was it? If you don't mind me asking
  13. Bachelors degree and yourself ?
  14. Hello, I have orientation coming up this Monday. Is about 4 and half hours long. I'm so excited and nervous
  15. Paola2319

    Baby and BSN

    This reassure me and helps me. Thank you í ½í¸Š
  16. Paola2319

    Baby and BSN

    I haven't started reviewing,