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  1. RnoRN

    CCRN Audit Anxiety

    I am a nurse who has been CCRN certified for 3 years. I got behind on my CEUs (grad school, COVID, and moving is a lot...) and was trying to rush to finish them at the end of my renewal period. I am talking like 14 hour days trying to finish CEUs, reading CE articles every moment of downtime, logging every single class I have taken. (Note: a lot of what I thought counted DIDN'T. Double check, don't be me). Thankfully, I am used to spending a lot of time studying or I would've gone insane. Regrettably, I did not finish in time and I had to go into inactive status. I have now completed the CEUs necessary and am ready to renew, but something occurred to me. Are they going to reject my renewal because I am entering hours of CE all at once? How does this even work? What does an audit even look like? I literally pulled out all of the CE I had read over two-ish weeks and logged it all at once LOL I almost want them to audit me immediately so I never have to think about it again! Thanks so much guys! Keep up on your CEUs!
  2. RnoRN

    Getting an MPH before CRNA school

    Hello everyone! I am a new grad RN (only 9 months of practice) working in an ICU in northern Nevada. I am loving my job and really enjoying all of the learning and patient care opportunities my job affords. I am thinking of working towards CRNA school, but as awesome as being a CRNA sounds (and looks), I am enjoying the ride and working on being the best bedside RN. I am also thinking of applying to MPH programs in the next year or two as well. I am crazy interested in antimicrobial stewardship, infectious disease epidemiology, and chronic disease epidemiology (in addition to pharmacology and anesthesia) and I really want to learn how to look at a study and take the numbers and make something meaningful out of it. So I have several questions: 1) would CRNA programs look favorably on a candidate who completed an MPH? Would it matter if I completed it online through a program like western governors university or in person at the university of Nevada Reno? 2)How long should I wait as a new grad before applying to graduate programs? I want to be a great BS RN first, so I would love to hear your opinions. I am planning on working to get my CCRN before I even think about studying for the GRE, to give you an idea about my timetable on my goals 3) do you folks know of any CRNAs that would be open to having an RN shadow them in the greater Reno area? I am willing to drive! thank you so much for your time guys!