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  1. greener22

    Question about call

    I have worked with staff who had to sleep to the hospital when in call as they lived too far away to make the 30 minutes response time. If your manager doesn’t have a problem with it, it sounds good. But how will you be anymore able to hear your phone when asleep at hospital? I guess you could pay a night staff in the ED or supervisor to come physically wake you up?
  2. greener22

    I accidently took home a zofran in my pocket.

    In PACU, we remove vials of Fentanyl or Morphine not knowing if we will administer the entire vial or not as they are titrated to effect. Once the patient is being discharged, there is usually not another RN available to waste the remaining medication in the Pyxis, but we cannot put in our pocket or leave in the room. I have met with my manager about the best option and she doesn’t have a suggestion other than to carry it in our hand, or wait for another RN to be free. I am not going to carry the medication in my hand to the parking lot, so I hide it under the chart or something until I get back. i suggested lock boxes for labeled syringes in the med room, but she prefers not to as she is afraid staff would go home and forget to waste. She is not wrong. Any suggestions?