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  1. emily34812

    AtlantiCare New Grad Position Questions

    5 harmony is med surg and cardiac, and 6 I believe is med surg and neuro with some PCU beds. I believe there was a new graduate application that opens first to internals then to stockton students and then outside students. I would contact HR to see if they're still hiring new grads right now
  2. emily34812

    The Pre-Employment Background Check

    For those of you endorsing from other states hat had to send in a fingerprint card for the background check, how long did it take for it to process? There's a few variances in how long to expect on the website and I was just wondering what people's experiences were.
  3. emily34812

    UNC Nurse Residency / New Grad Summer 2018

    Got offered the position today!! If I accept I start October 8th
  4. emily34812

    UNC Nurse Residency / New Grad Summer 2018

    I applied on a Sunday after the app opened and I heard back the Thursday after that. I got my BSN from a N.J. public school but I'm possibly looking to relocate
  5. emily34812

    UNC Nurse Residency / New Grad Summer 2018

    I have an interview next week for the PICU!
  6. emily34812

    RN to patient ratio in Pediatrics?

    Where I work gen Peds has 5:1 and stepdown is 4:1. PICU is 2:1 or 1:1. On gen Peds and stepdown I personally think the RNs should take one less patient each
  7. Same situation. I only got rejected from one (no email just on my portal) and have yet to hear from any others
  8. emily34812

    Chop nurse residency 2018

    I have not heard yet. But a lot of the units are still interviewing internals as per my friend that works there
  9. emily34812

    NYU Langone New Grad Residency

    I applied but I am not an NYU student so not getting any hopes up haha
  10. emily34812

    Chop nurse residency 2018

    Also in the New RN talent pool! Super excited but I know it takes a while. Ps to all: the CICU And the NICU aren't taking new grads. NICU usually does but they're not interviewing anyone that isn't currently a tech as of right now
  11. emily34812

    CNA vs Nurse

    Hospice spends a good amount of time with patients as well as private duty home health nursing
  12. emily34812

    Cooper University Hospital Externship

    Someone in the class below me heard on the 13th so maybe call?
  13. emily34812

    Cooper University Hospital Externship

    I was an Extern last year, and heard back the Thursday of this week last year! If Bernadette still runs it she'll call you to offer a position
  14. emily34812

    Chop nurse residency 2018

    Just completed the video interview, and they said after complete it would be 4-6 weeks until we heard back about the next step!
  15. emily34812

    Penn nurse externship 2018

    Not sure if they followed the same procedure this year but at this time last year they had already interviewed and selected
  16. Hi all i was wondering if anyone knew anything about HUMC's new grad program. If you're hired into the program with the intention of going into Peds/NICU(know someone there) do you still go through the 6 months orientation on the adult unit?