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  1. Aleshapalmer22

    University of New Mexico Gallup

    Hi, I am trying to explore my option as to which nursing program I want to apply to. I was just wondering about How and where people usually live when they are in the nursing program. Are there a lot of jobs? Is it worth moving to Gallup?
  2. Aleshapalmer22

    San juan community college nursing program

    Hey yall. I know you are looking at the post. Write something!!!!!
  3. I am going to be applying for the San Juan program in fall of 2016. Is there a lot of competition? What's everyone's teas scores.
  4. Hello everyone I am planning on attending san juan college nursing program in fall 2017. I am currently working on my pre reqs now for both the ADN and BSN program. I also plan to apply to central new mexico community college for BSN and ADN program as well for the heck of it. Does anyone know how difficult San Juan College BSN or ADN program are to get into. Does anyone know of any easy nursing scholarships in san juan community college or university of new mexico.