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CaliHHRN is a ASN, RN and specializes in WCC.

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  1. CaliHHRN

    Home Health RN pay Georgia

    Anyone know the salaries for home health RN's in Georgia? Per visit rate and SOC rates? mileage? Number of visits per week?
  2. CaliHHRN


    Same. We had a meeting discussing with therapists about quality over quantity when it came to visits. Im guessing agenicies will be cutting therapy staff or paying less for them. We'll see how it goes for Nursing.
  3. CaliHHRN

    PDGM effective Jan 1, 2020
  4. CaliHHRN


    Any thoughts on what it's going to be like for us HH nurses next year? The way I read it there is no reimbursement for therapy visits so I'm guessing the PT/OT/ST's are going to take a hit or agencies will be cutting staff back.
  5. CaliHHRN

    Dealing with Pets

    You can call the patient 30 mins to an hour of you going to the visit and request for the pets to be put outside or in another room. You are there for the patient not to entertain their pets. Some of the hospitals actually tell the patient's to do th...
  6. CaliHHRN

    Home Health Nurse pay??

    Home health visits at minimum should be 30 minutes not 45 that's per medicare guidelines and must include a skilled intervention or a teaching on your documentation. I'm not sure how one would do the 12-14 patient's in a day.. Don't you have to have ...
  7. CaliHHRN

    Arrgghh!!!! Coworkers!!!!!

    LOL. That's why sometimes I find it's easier just to see the patient myself and get the visit over with than to have to explain to someone else even if it's technically my day off. I'm surprised the pharmacy didn't just send cathflo to the home to cl...
  8. CaliHHRN

    PVT showed good pop up and bad pop up later

    I did the Kaplan Live Online Reviewer in 2016. it teaches you how to break down each question regardless if you know the pathophys of the disease or not. The way the review works is you go online with a live instructor and she goes through questions ...
  9. CaliHHRN

    Home health

    Get wound care certified (WCC) eventually if you do decide to continue working in home health that way more wound patients are assigned to you. I say this because wound care patients are the easiest to care plan for, they all have the same goal...hea...
  10. CaliHHRN

    good popup then bad popup

    Congratulations. So by the good pop up did you enter your credit card info and click next that is when you saw the good pop up (the red triangle that says our records indicate etc) or do you have to keep going and hit submit on step 2 of checkout?
  11. CaliHHRN

    PVT for RN NCLEX

    Just to be more clear for the 2nd attempt i filled out my school info clicked next inputted my credit card info in checkout step 1 and clicked next. Checkout step 2 had the red triangle and "our records indicate blah blah.." is that as far as i neede...
  12. CaliHHRN

    PVT for RN NCLEX

    The 1st and 2nd times i entered my credit card in and got the good pop up this was after hitting submit one was 10 mins after exam 2nd was 30 mins after exam. On the 2nd try got the good pop up went down and hit submit again thats when it charged me
  13. CaliHHRN

    PVT for RN NCLEX

    So i either passed and lost $200 or flat out failed? Anyone try it right after the exam and have the "trick" results change like mine or did pushing the submit button a second time right after getting the good pop up shoot myself in the foot?
  14. CaliHHRN

    Anyone here pay $200 dollars still passed?

    @Annie2016 Did you find out if you passed or not after it took your payment?
  15. CaliHHRN

    PVT for RN NCLEX

    First two tries said "our records indicated that you have recently scheduled this exam..." third time it took my payment thats after clicking submit again right after the 2nd try.