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TheSocialMediaCoach has 10 years experience and specializes in Ambulatory Care, Rheumatology.

Marketing/Administrative Assistant turned RN Social Media Coach for Health and Wellness folks. Follow me @RN_Solutions on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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  1. TheSocialMediaCoach

    work from home?

    asher511 I have a few side Gigs that I do from home. Consulting ( Nutrition, HIPAA, Social Media for Healthcare Professionals). I chose these areas based on where I had started to build an online reputation. Some suggestions are mentioned here: 6 Re...
  2. TheSocialMediaCoach

    How To Get Started As A Nurse Writer

    @TonyaMarie, BSN There are Nurse Writing Groups on LinkedIn as well as Facebook. I am unsure if I am allowed to list them here.
  3. TheSocialMediaCoach

    How Freelance Writing Works

    @tnbutterfly, BSN, RN I have a regular client! I was searching for my Niche, "HIPAA" ( turns out doing countless social media policies made me more familiar than I wanted to be with that law), there I saw a company that was offering a cont...
  4. TheSocialMediaCoach

    Day in the Life of a Freelance Nurse Writer

    @christvs, BSN, MSN, RN, NP Right now I am working on a proposal for a company. They noticed me on LinkedIn and took note of my articles. I would start on LinkedIn with building up your Profile. Hope this helps, Amelia
  5. TheSocialMediaCoach

    Starting a cna program

    naimaluv Did I PM you? I am unable to see that option. Unsure if I am allowed to direct you to another way to contact me. Admins, let me know. Thanks.
  6. TheSocialMediaCoach

    Starting a cna program

    Zardaispa hello. You would need to start with your local State Health Department for the requirements of the CNA training school.
  7. TheSocialMediaCoach

    New ER nurse- not coping well

    mlRN15 Tell me more about your support network outside of your facility.
  8. TheSocialMediaCoach

    Deaf Nurses

    beckerz002 There are many heart murmurs that are very difficult for the seasoned professional to pick up:Determining Severity of Heart Murmurs - Children's National Health System. The answer may lie with machine learning or other clinical decision su...
  9. TheSocialMediaCoach

    Deaf Nurses

    brownbook My first Nursing job was in the GI lab. I did not feel like my ears picked up everything that they should.
  10. TheSocialMediaCoach

    Add your input re ANA's strategic goals for 2017–2020 ?

    NRSKarenRN, BSN, RN I love that they are considering that the health of Nurses just may connect in some way to the level of care Nurses can provide to others. I mentioned a few suggestions: I feel like there are social media platforms that reach bill...
  11. TheSocialMediaCoach

    When considering a nursing career..

    Libby1987 Thank you for sharing. I really wish more options were presented early on. It would be nice if more Nursing Schools encouraged being a CNA. My time as a CNA shaped my choice not to start on a Traditional floor as a RN. I only learned about ...
  12. TheSocialMediaCoach

    A Day in the Life of a Work-At-Home Nurse

    @TheCommuter I am finding personal connections are THE best way to secure work from home positions. Thanks for sharing the details.
  13. TheSocialMediaCoach

    A Day in the Life of a Work-At-Home Nurse

    @txredapple79 All companies have their own culture. I will be sure to ask about time tracking with future contracts. Thank you for sharing your insights!
  14. TheSocialMediaCoach

    Navigating degrees

    FiguringitoutasIgo Your choice depends on your end goal. I wanted to be a Contractor of some sort. What helped me was looking at for desirable Contract listings. I noticed a MSN was not required for any Contractual positions in my desired ...
  15. TheSocialMediaCoach

    Nurses and Kids Going to College?

    TheCommuter, BSN, RN Meanwhile I am really curious about how you chose Nursing. I grew up around Entrepreneurs and Business Owners yet lived with my mom who said she would help financially with school, only if I chose Nursing. Feel free to shoot me a...