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  1. rn2bcareer111

    NCLEX Pearson Vue Trick Ever Wrong??

    Has anyone really gotten a false positive?
  2. rn2bcareer111

    PVT false positive report here! Bueller?

    Anyone really get a false positive?? I'm losing my mind.
  3. rn2bcareer111

    Need help now- post Nclex. PVE trick

    Ok thanks. I'm so wary and tired out. This not knowing and thinking I probably failed but trying to be optimistic is exhausting and stressful. Did anyone here actually pay the $200 and end up passing??
  4. rn2bcareer111

    I paid 200 dollars for pvt

    I Paid the $200 2 hours after the boards. I feel sick about it and am driving myself mad. I didn't know it had to be after 24 hours. Is it at all possible that I passed?
  5. rn2bcareer111

    Need help now- post Nclex. PVE trick

    Hi, I took the boards today. About an hour afterwards I re-registered to take the boards. It took my payment but then I got a message that said acknowledged receipt or something like that. Later I did it again and it gave the good pop up message of having an open registration at this time and a new registration could not be completed. Did I get this message because of my new payment or because enough time passed and this is the good sign?? HELP!!!
  6. I am a mom of four and more than halfway done. I'm not gonna lie- it's hard! Managing a family and keeping up with school takes a lot of energy and devotion. That being said it is doable! There are ups and downs, I just posted looking for tips too because it's gotten more stressful but as the previous poster said before, husband and kids need to be priority. I am so glad I opened this post tonight because I think I needed to hear that reminder. It's so easy to be caught up in nursing school world but we have to remember our priorities! Something that has really helped me was hiring a cleaning lady. I took out student loans to help pay for it. She does the laundry and cleaning and it's a life saver.
  7. rn2bcareer111

    Family and school

    I need help and advice from any other ladies here who are married and have kids. I am finishing up my second to last semester of nursing school and it has gotten to the point where I am consumed with school! Studying, clinicals, online work etc. I start early in the mornings and my husband works an afternoon evening job. He takes care of getting the kids to school, camp in the mornings when I leave early. He also watches them when I study and does some shopping here and there. We have cleaning help (student loans :) and I do a lot of the shopping, cooking, appointments etc with the kids. We are both very busy. So tonight I decided that we needed to get out together and take a break. He barely talked and seemed uninterested. When we got home I brought up the fact that we barely talk and even when I try to he doesn't seem interested. Well he BLEW up at me and started screaming about how all I ever talk about is school and do I have any idea of what he does.. he was going on and on. Woah, all I was doing was trying to have a normal conversation! I do talk about school a lot, I'm not gonna deny that,kind of hard not to while I'm full on with it. Also he talks about his work and side business allll the time as well. I don't get it. Does he not realize how hard this is?! I am exhausted, I get up way before everyone else and have so much on my plate. When I'm studying at night he's sitting and watching tv. I don't know what to do now. He hasn't blown up like this in a while and it's making me so anxious and my heart is racing, I'm angry and confused. Sorry for the long post, my thoughts are racing also and I'm just typing away. I need advice, I need to hear about how you make this work and really any validation or anything. Thanks
  8. rn2bcareer111

    Getting exercise

    Hi everyone, I'm a current nursing student and have a question for those of you who workout and make exercising a priority. While I know that nurses move around a lot I would like to know how you find time to get your workouts in. Considering that most hospitals work with 12 hour shifts I just don't see how and when I will make time to exercise off the unit. I work out at least 4 to 5 times a week and I have to be able to continue to do that because it keeps me functioning and healthy!
  9. rn2bcareer111

    Shadyside School of Nursing fall '16

    How long did it take to get your acceptance letter once you turned everything in?
  10. rn2bcareer111

    Day 1: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    "Breathe easy, we've got this, Dolly"
  11. rn2bcareer111

    Shadyside School of Nursing fall '16

    Congrats :) Did you upload your documents to the portal or mail them in?
  12. rn2bcareer111

    Shadyside UPMC 2016 fall

    Did you guys upload your documents onto the portal? I'm not sure my documents are going through. Thinking about handing them in, in person.
  13. rn2bcareer111

    Shadyside School of Nursing fall '16

    Did you apply yet? I have some questions about the application.
  14. rn2bcareer111

    Shadyside school of Nursing

    Hi, I'm working on getting my transcripts and reference letters sent to SSON. How quickly are seats filled? If I get everything in the first week of May will there still be open seats? I'm not sure how this rolling admission works..
  15. rn2bcareer111

    Anyone Starting upmc mercy S.O.N Fall 2016

    I am applying to Shadyside and Mercy. How long did the school take to get back to you after taking the TEAS test?