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nurs4kids has 20 years experience and specializes in Pediatric Rehabilitation.

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  1. nurs4kids

    Jeff State Spring 2016 Applicants

    Hubs got in, Shelby! Good luck to all of you!
  2. nurs4kids

    Is a physical exam required before being licensed as an LPN

    OP, I just acquired a job as a case manager....after twenty years RN experience, AND a BSN. I think others are trying to be nice, but I am going to be blunt to try to save your daughter from wasting tons of money, AND the mental anguish of nursing school. Nursing school is no place for someone who is mentally OR physically fragile; it is hard as hell, period. And if, by some chance, she made it past that, then her chances of obtaining a case manager job as a LVN/LPN with little or no experience is almost impossible. They want degrees, AND experience as a floor nurse. Also, a position as a case manager is mentally taxing; I am not sure she really wants to do that either! Kudos to your daughter for continuing to push in spite of her health issues!!! Good luck!
  3. nurs4kids

    Jeff State Spring 2016 Applicants

    Feeneisha, it is already interesting! Here I am with twenty years exp as a RN, and he is only taking the basic sciences. He discusses things, or asks me questions r/t anatomy, and I look at him like he has three heads. He has photographic memory, me-not so much. Just last week, we had a debate over a craniotomy vs craniectomy. I spent half my career in neurosurgery, so I had no doubt I was correct. Let's just say I will not argue with him about medical terminology ever again. My 16 year old daughter got a kick out of it. ;-) Thanks for the well wishes. Congrats and good luck to you two!!
  4. nurs4kids

    Jeff State Spring 2016 Applicants

    Okay, I've read the threads on "Jeff State Applicants" from the past several years. I couldn't find one on Spring 2016. Looks like in the past, the cut-off scores ranged from 170-180. Apps are due next week. My husband is applying at both Shelby and Jefferson campuses with 177 points (117 on TEAS, and has only taken Bio 103 & first A&P). He does have a transferred in 3.9 GPA though. We are hoping for this semester, but worst case we feel confident on next semester after adding another 30 from the second A&P he's taking right now. I thought I would start a thread so we can all wait out the next several weeks of misery together! ;-) I think am more nervous than my husband!
  5. nurs4kids

    THANK YOU, to the staff, mods, and admins....

    My heart goes out to the Allnurses community. I am rarely around here these days, but when I was told the news by a coworker, my heart broke for everyone. Brian was an amazing man who made a tremendous impact on the nursing profession. Tracy
  6. nurs4kids

    Sex in the workplace.....what do YOU think should be done?

    LOVE IT! Umm, can I get this doc's number? We all know that we don't become alarmed until it's been 45 minutes or so with multiple pages and still no call back. I've been searching for this type man for years. :/
  7. nurs4kids

    "Sir or Ma'am" when addressing physicians?

    I apologize for inconveniencing you with my insignificant post. Was not my attempt to make a "big deal" as I was simply interested to see how other colleagues felt about this insignificant, non-issue. I, too, have had MD's address me as "Mrs." and I address them as "Dr." and every now and then with an attending, I may even throw in a "sir" but that was not the question; "ma'am and sir" was the question in the OP. The other nurse, who brought it to my attention, is also male and it actually disturbed him more than it did me, so I wondered if it was related to male-male interaction. Rest assured that no "big deal" was made of the original incident; we all left the shift holding hands and singing "Kumbaya" as it was our last night for 7. To everyone else who replied, thanks for your input. I am with the majority in that I tend to offer and address depending on the amount of respect I am shown. Only thing different with me is that I absolutely refuse to call them by their first names, even if they address themselves by first name. I personally feel that they deserve the title of "Dr." simply because of the hard work and sacrifice necessary to become a MD. Altra, I like your observation. While he is a very respectful young man and does address everyone the same as the docs, I do believe he over uses when speaking with a doc because it stands out (both of us had noticed it without it being pointed out); it's almost excessive. He intended no disrespect to coworkers or anyone, nor was any taken. We were just concerned with him setting himself up to be "looked down upon." He's a new nurse, lacking confidence, and I think that may play a role in his overuse AND our perception of how it could be interpreted.
  8. Just curious to the general opinion of fellow nurses. Raised and practice in the south, but ran into a funny debate this past week. While I was raised to say ma'am and sir, it is not my practice to do so when addressing doctors at work. Maybe because I'm older than most of them or perhaps it just isn't customary? I'm not sure. The debate arose as another coworker and I listened (and cringed) to a nurse on the phone with a doctor. A well raised (by southern standards) 24 year old, he seems to amost be excessive with the, "yes, sir..yes, sir...yes sir" in his telephone conversations. He's a great kid (I only pray mine will turn out so well) and when we mentioned to him he may want to tone down the "sir's" he was visably offended. We tried explaining that he was setting himself up to be "run over" by being submissive, but he didn't buy that--said if he got run over it'd be because he allowed himself to be run over, not because he was being respectful (he may have a point?). Most of our physician's are not from the south and most that we deal with are residents, so they are also very young. All this left me pondering what is the PROFESSIONAL standard for addressing physicians? Food for thought...
  9. Most hospitals will hire you as a CA after your second nursing class. There is another CA program in the Gardendale area, but I don't know the name.
  10. nurs4kids

    Lawson or JeffState

    This is probably a bit late, but I had to defend Lawson after reading the posts here. I attended Lawson back in the 90's before it was integrated (I was the token white girl). I could not have asked for a better education. I had attended Jeff State and UAB prior to going to Lawson and only ended up there because of a scholarship. I hated Jeff State. Lawson's nursing program rocked in the 90's and I seriously doubt it's changed much. I don't know their current NCLEX pass rate, but they use to have the top rate in the area. If you leave Lawson and can't pass NCLEX, then something is terribly wrong. Both schools are great schools. Lawson is tough, but for a reason. For anyone to say Jeff State is the better school is just a matter of opinion...in my opinion.
  11. nurs4kids

    How to prevnt Medication Administration Errors

    I came here searching for this exact thread. My facility is researching "Med Admin Distractions" and we will initiate an action plan sometime this year. I found the attached file and thought you may find it useful. I too would love to hear what other facilities have done to address this issue. Environmentworkflowstaffingpatternsmederrors.pdf
  12. nurs4kids


    Exactly! I had/have the same problem. Started out thinking they were the miracle shoe. Now I have to alternate my crocs with merrills (every other day or so) otherwise the crocs will cause my PF to flare up. Like many here, when I get tired I am prone to stumbling in the crocs too. I suspect I stumble in all shoes when tired, but because the crocs STICK on a stumble, the stumble is worse.
  13. nurs4kids

    SBAR Report Form. what do you use?

    I posted a thread about this and then found this one. We have a form and we use SBAR but hate it and as other's said it is way too much info. I wouldn't mind sending you our form, but I'm looking for something better so I don't think you want ours..lol Any advice from others using SBAR as to how to make it flow smoother and not be so lengthy would be wonderful!
  14. nurs4kids

    Any buretrol advice???

    Canadian, We use the ones without a filter for lipids. I can not imagine how you ever get it to infuse or prime with lipids and a filter?? I know you guys are going to scream, but.. we use them on most every patient. Rarely, and I mean rarely, we use syringe pumps. For a healthy infant, non-fluid restricted, we use them. We do raise our rates to speed up the infusion time, keeping the 20cc in the tubing in mind when calculating our rate. I've been doing it for 13 years in the same hospital (and they've done it longer) and can not think of one time it has been a problem. As for med incompatibilities, we have a few meds we KNOW are not going to like others. For those, we hang separate buretrol's. For the most part, we just drop in a flush, swish it around and we have no problems with precipitation. We do flush the med port on top of the buretrol with saline between multiple meds. Our policy is only two hours worth of fluid in the buretrol and only two hours worth of time on the pump. We assess our IV's hourly, so I usually check my fluid hourly too. I love them, can't imagine life without a buretrol!! I'm curious now. How often do ya'll change yours? Ours are changed every 72 hrs for periperal, 24 for central and hyperal.
  15. nurs4kids

    4 month old with chronic constipation

    Lord, we will scare you to death, eh? Okay, I admit my first thought was hirschsprungs, but I seriously doubt it's that serious. We ARE talking about a forumula fed infant, so some constipation is not doom. Before I fired my pediatrician, I would probably try juice and water in between. I used glycerine supps a few times with mine around that age and also used the karo syrup thing. The botulism thing was never proven as the source, however the way it was manufactured was changed because of the concern and karo syrup no longer contains botulism http://www.drgreene.org/body.cfm?id=21&action=detail&ref=1953 BEFORE I would put my infant through tireless test (pain), I would try some of these other remedies. If it IS hirschsprungs, it will not go away. I doubt it is anything serious, probably an immature GI system.
  16. nurs4kids

    Pxyis Medication Administration

    We have been using the Pyxis for our narcotics for 8 or 9 years now and I loved it for that, however back in March, we went to it for all of our routine meds also and we still haven't worked out the bugs. As a previous poster stated, our pharmacy has to load the med under the patient's profile before we can access the med. Emergency meds can be over-ridden, but narcotics are not considered emergent. It's most frustrating when a pt returns from surgery and is screaming in pain and you can't access the med to care for your patient. Also frustrating has been when the pyxis is out of the med, the pharmacy has yet to restock it and you have to watch and wait for them to do so. OR when pharmacy overlooks a med, so it isn't listed in the profile and you have to call them to enter it in the system. Then your and your patient are at their mercy. You have to keep checking and rechecking the system until it's in. We only have a 2 hour window to pull the meds at the scheduled med time, so if it's not out in that time frame (which is plenty of time, imo) then you have a documented med error. That's better than the old drawer system where we only had thirty minutes prior to and after the scheduled time..or it was considered an error. Now, what's this about NOT having to count narcotics d/t pyxis?? We still do an entire narcotic count twice a week and we have to have someone witness if we're wasting and we still have to verify the count with the pyxis EACH time we remove ANY med. Still, overall it's pretty neat..we're still working out the kinks.