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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    Really its the way to go as an NP. I hear many nurses that work for someone complain about how they aren't making much or are making similar to what they made as a floor nurse.
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    Is nursing for me?!

    Dialysis is all day every day standing for 12-15 hours. It requires bending too. The machines are always beeping so you have to get up and check them. I tried it, I had to be at work at 4am with the nurses to get the machines and water tested, and I was not seeing nurses leave until 9pm. I left earlier because I was in training but was told I would have there schedule when I came off of orientation. The techs tend to ask for help because they do the majority of dialysis and feel the nurses have time to help them. She would have to run all around the clinic or stand most of the day. In the inpatient settings, I never saw nurses sitting. Things move so quickly because they force as many treatments on a nurse as possible. Community nursing depending on the type will require walking and driving all over the place, so you can check up on the patients. I am not so sure she will have a good start because she is not able to stand for long periods.
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    I agree. I posted about nurses needing more clinical skills but this is what I meant. It should be like how it used to be a long time ago.
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    What now?

    Pay your bills, let that be your mindset. You will be more stressed not having money unless you don't have to worry about that and I don't mean relying on someone who can't really help you. I am learning to let shizz go, who really cares that all of this has happened. Has it killed you? You haven't been there long enough to know if this has happened to another nurse. This doctor may not have been happy no matter what. Stay out of things as best as you can. Don't talk bad about anyone, stay general. You see, I hope, that no matter where you go there is some stuff that you will have to put up with. It is rare to find otherwise. The recruiters and managers sell you a pack of lies to get you hired, because if they told you the truth you probably would not want the job but as I said, don't you have bills to pay? If things end up being unicorns and rainbows well great, if not O well. Don't talk to anyone about this situation, let it blow over, chart, and protect your license.
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    I had an NP ask me how to fix an order so that it would work for the patient. I literally told her how to do it. She was clueless. I knew based on paying attention to the the changes in doctors order over the years, I worked in med rooms and also because I worked at a teaching hospital so I got to see a lot of new doctors mistakes. I am not knocking her, I am just surprised that one can become an NP and not have solid skills. Doctors and PA's get more training and there are certain levels they have to pass but it is not quite this way for NPs.
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    I am not good at nursing

    So what you are saying is you are not perfect, and I am so shocked because you are not suppose to ever make a mistake. Are you happy now? I am kidding. If I knew now what I knew back when I started as a nurse, things could have went smoother. Nursing is not easy and neither is telemetry. Do you feel supported in your enviornment to learn? If you don't like medsurg and would fare better away from those types of jobs, then that is one thing. I did a lot of medsurg stuff and just didn't like it. I am doing psych with a small dash of medsurg and I am happier. It is easier to start out high and come down low versus the other way because if the other way, you will need to be on your toes and alert to get the newer more difficult way down. It is easier to build up slowly for some people. I am at a place that I don't want to run from. I have seen all the bad but I still feel like, hey I got this. If you feel too overwhelmed to the point you can't think, then you need to evaluate this carefully because it is like working impaired. No matter what, you can't think straight enough to work safely and that won't be good. Prior to the mistake did you feel like you could think straight?, because on tele floors things can change quickly and patients sometimes have to go to the ICU. You can take care of critical care type patients and not even know it until you are sending them to the ICU. You will have all sick, high acuity patients. There is a big learning curve so you have to think straight and be up to the challenge, otherwise get your time in and do something else or walk away to save your license but know that you will need to take something you may not want, like rehab, regular medsurg etc.
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    I'm having a hard time finding an RN Job

    You may want to re-word it to, I can't find a job that won't be free of mental and physical stress. I have worked rehab/LTC, med-surg, psych and nursing homes. I had 30 patients in the LTC/Rehab setting. I was even a flu-shot nurse. I remember sticking up to 300 patients at a health fair because one of the nurses bailed. Good thing I was good at IM injections. There are jobs everywhere but when some people say they can't find a job, what most really mean is what I mentioned above. Fortunately for me, I am back in the hospital setting doing what I don't mind doing. I am back in psych. I see things that can be fixed but I know that where I am, it is better than majority of the places I have worked. First I have what I need, the computer system is decent and there is help around due to emergencies. Here is the thing. I didn't get this job, right off the bat. Try to atleast get 6 months of experience. A year is better but if some employers will accept 6 months. Honestly it is bad in most and a lot of places. You end up trading one bad thing for another. I decided to pick the lesser of the two evils because I need to eat and have to pay bills. Many people are leaving the place I am at and I know where some are going, I am thinking to myself it won't be better there, but it is possible it could be better than them or so you hope. There is so much with doing the work, the nights/days rotation, them pushing 3-4 days of work on you in 12 hours, politics, and etc. Try your best to keep you license safe, document and get your experience. Move up if you choose but you have to stay somewhere to get somewhere.
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    Is it due to not getting enough hour's? I have seen some NPs working at two different places to get full-time hours.
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    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Yes, any updates? Thanks.
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    Of course senior staff can be made to be charge nurses. A mess.
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    I feel this as well. It will be NP in 10 years. Techs or cnas will gain more nurse duties. It's already happening with lpns..getting jobs rns..used to get.
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    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    Well one thing is for sure, we can all agree to disagree if we have to.
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    Help! I Can't Get Rid of My Dark Cloud

    Gardening and yard work because I get to pull weeds, roots, trim dead leaves and start over new. Later I can see the progress of what I have done.
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    Unsafe Environment for Graduate Nurse?

    Just to add in, med surg is a beast. You can't send you patients up after so many hours, you have them all day. You seem to have the experience and if the patients aren't all as high level, try to make it work. Med-surg nurses always get so many patients. When I worked medsurg oncology, I got six and the med surg nurses got 9. Only leave if you truly can't handle it, otherwise you are going from the fire to the frying pan.
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    Unsafe Environment for Graduate Nurse?

    She does have a point especially about shadowing the next place but the problem with shadowing is you won't see all of the things you will face. It's not until you start working that you see the more serious issues. Honestly she didn't have to reach out to you and I don't mean this in a mean way, it's just that there are so many nurses looking for jobs and graduating from school that they have their pick. Even if the nurse stays on year and leaves, they can still operate the place, no matter how dysfunctional it is. It's up to you. In a lot of interviews I have had, I was told, O you will only have this many, but when I started working it was always higher. The turnover is so high because many places purposely make nurses work short staffed. If they wanted to do things right, a lot of these issues would never occur. There are so many nurses that want to work in properly staffed places.
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    Unsafe Environment for Graduate Nurse?

    They sure are and even using the physician's DEA number is doing the most.
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    I don't know if I want to be a nurse anymore :/

    The nursing field is like the shopping mall and the stores are the specialties. There are many stores in the mall, some you will like and some you won't. Have you ever looked outside of a store and thought, hmm, looks like it is going to have great things inside of it, but once you go inside you realize you don't like any of the stuff in it, so you leave and go into another store. If the stores are open to you, walk in and see what is going on inside of them. Just try to stay long enough so that you are making an educated guess instead of running due to fear of not being able to catch on. You also don't want to job hop too much. Good luck! One thing about the hospital setting is there is always someone around to consult with. There are a lot of hands on deck. In many positions outside of the hospital you have to be a little more independent in your work. There are pros and cons. Do some deep searching of what it is that makes you not like what you don't like. Go from there. Be honest and you should find something. Don't prove anything to anyone in your choice accept yourself.
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    Quitting during probation/orientation

    I felt this way about medsurg .positions. I tried clinics etc. I am back to mental health. When people tell me they work medsurg, ED or I C U, I'm like great for you. The older I get the less I feel like trying something totally different if what I am doing works.
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    Interesting thing is a nurse can do all of the techs duties and no one would have an issue with it but a tech can't do all of the nurses duties. However I know of an incident to where the tech was passing meds for the RN. He pretty much was like Mrs. so and so, here is your pain med. The tech just went into the cabinet, put two pills in a cup, grabbed some water and was like here. He than said I hope it helps. He had the nerve to say he was going to be a nurse one day so it was okay. I was like, really??!! Of course in this situation the nurse doesn't mind helping the tech because the tech is doing her job. Talk about unsafe. As I said in most clinic settings the techs for the most part do just about all of the dialysis and I feel they see the nurse as having it better than they do.
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    Sadly it happens...
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    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    I was not being serious...
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    I hate being a nurse

    If you can survive you may be happy later on that you took the position, because it can help you get a better position or the one you want. Very few nursing positions are a bed of roses, minus the thorns. Stay for 6 months and transfer to another position in the hospital. I know the feeling. I worked on an oncology/medsurg floor in the inner city and it was challenging but I overcame my struggles. Anyone who has viewed my resume has always commented on how useful the experience was and how it applied to me getting future positions. Make your money and plan your escape. However if you just can't take it, then go but weigh the decision carefully.
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    Feeling like I'm not making a difference

    Do yourself a favor and stop job hopping. If you keep this up, you will regret it and look back at places that you could have stayed at. You are going through some changes and with the wife and baby, your mind is busy. Just accept that sometimes you can only do your best and the left is up to others. Right now may not be the best time to quit nursing to join the circus. You have bills that need to be paid. When you wake up say, I have bills that need to be paid but I hope that I can make a difference, however if I don't I will know that I tried my best. It may take more time for you to figure out what job is best for you but in the meantime don't job hop too much where you live, to the point that when you do finally figure out what you want, it is not an option (due to you working at so many places, now many places won't take you back because they see you as the easter bunny with all of your hopping). The other thing is are you doing all of this to feel like you are good enough or can handle something you really don't like. Try to find peace in what is right for you, even if it may not be looked at by you or others as a high level position.
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    What might be going on?

    Sounds sketchy, start looking at other jobs just in-case. I am not trying to make you worry but I hope they aren't looking for an excuse to fire you because they want to bring someone in at a cheaper rate, who is willing to do cartwheels for the low salary.
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    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    They do make it real easy on us by having a task list. All we have to do is follow what is on the list. Everything will drop off the task list if we did things correctly, or so we hope lol. I just thought of the time when I had my psych clinical and I stayed up all night trying to figure out the homework that my teacher gave me. until I got pizzed and rewrote the homework assingment along with answering it. I knew I was taking a chance because I didn't follow the directions. I tried to understand her work, I really did but dang it, it made no sense. Anyhoo, I turned the work in and my teacher said how did you do this? I told her it just came to me and she asked me if she could use it for future students. I agreed and she chucked her old homework assignment. She agreed mine was better. Anyhoo, let me get back to focusing on the task list. I just need for things to fall off the list. One task at a time, lol. I won't ask any questions.

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