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    Quitting job after only 8 months

    Older people are everywhere--beware---lolz..
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    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    I have to be real. I don't feel like what I am doing today is real nursing but I am willing to try and make it better. I loved nursing but it didn't love me back and that is ok.
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    Fiancé considering starting all over to become Pharmacist

    Google Nurse pharmacist...
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    Fiancé considering starting all over to become Pharmacist

    Not to burst any bubbles but some of these positions are not that easy to come by or are any less stressful. If they were there would not be so many openings for them. The medical device sales position will likely require more years of experience and sales experience, and the clinical researcher positions I have seen want tons of years of experience or new grads. The legal nurse advisor??? If there are any openings, woudn't one need experience in this area of nursing or some type of certification? I have not seen any openings for this type of job. It helps if one has an ER background or EMT background when it comes to triaging unless the place is willing to give one the appropriate amount of training. An important question is what type of nursing is your wife skilled in? If she changed areas of nursing it could help or hurt her. School nursing could be an option along with an out-patient job. Just remember if she leaves the hospital right now and does not return for a while, she may get locked out. Some of the non-hospital jobs can leave a person working all day for huge amounts of hours, like a dialysis nurse. Many of them work 15 plus hours. Home health can have you driving your car around all day, hoping you will get paid for visits or earn enough points to get paid. It is not easy work. You must be skilled enough to not need a nurse right by you to tell you everything to do. I say all of this to be straight up with her because ultimately it takes a certain amount of experience to get to a less strenous and stressful job. You usually have to stay somewhere for a certain amount of time. The future is in informatics and computer related health care. There are nurse coders or nursing positions looking for people with a health information background. If she is looking to make a switch and has a BSN, maybe a certificate in this area of health care will suffice or an associates degree.
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    Help- will not finish Hep B immunization before clinicals

    I only recieved two shots prior to nursing school. This was years ago though. I now get titers. Everything always checks out.
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    41 yr. old business executive going to Nursing School

    Nursing does offer many opportunities but when you plan your career, consider the moves you make and the connections you have to make. They are all vital in your ability to ascend in this field. Bedside nursing can be hard on your body as well. Once you start working as a nurse you will, "get it". Anyhow congrats on your new career.
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    Anxious, depressed, and might need to go to HR.

    I don't think it's you, sounds like jealousy to me. Sometimes it's like that. The fact that the boss wont tell you how to fix your errors or get a perfect nurse to lead you tells me all I need to know. There is no perfect nurse btw.
  8. Honestly, we should recieve education like doctors. Go over the general stuff and when you pick your specialty, you learn in the classroom and also get hands on experience for a year(when you get the job). 6 or 12 weeks of training is not enough time to really put it all together.
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    So Frustrated I want to quit nursing altogether

    To me, this sounds like something not worth leaving your job over. Managers suck everywhere, why?, because the higher ups either run them ragged or they don't let them lead. If you can find a decent enough place to work, stay put. You said it yourself, the well liked manager was asked to leave and she was great. Keep doing your job and document. If things get to be too much than go, but the changed just occurred.
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    Paramedic looking for a career change...

    Join the military and go from there.......that will take care of more than one thing at a time. Do 4 years and get out. You would then have money for college, plus some experience. You can use the experience you have to go into a medical specialty in the military.
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    Teachers Discriminating against students

    If that is your real email, and name, take it down so you won't be traced. I know you are hurt because of failing the program but you don't want this fight. Move in silence and put yourself in a better position to do well like I mentioned in my other post. Life is not always fair and the school will most likely not have to answer to your claims. I am just trying to help you out. If the school indeed did miscalculate grades, would you be upset if it helped you pass? I am in no way agreeing to this but it may not be what you think. I am not sure of all of the details of how and why. I don't want to know. Regardless of what the school does, an NCLEX still has to be taken. I would try to get back into that school if it is the only school you can get into. If you can find a better school, than go to that one. You already put a lot of work in. Maybe the school could honor some of your classes. You could even see about getting this post taken down by the moderators on allnurses. There is so much identifying information in it and the other one you put up.
  12. After reading all of this, maybe it is a blessing in disguise. Some of the unfairness you speak of happening in the schools happens in the work place, not everywhere and all of the time but it does happen. The nursing field is heavy in politics, who likes you and who you know. If the nursing field is your only option then, take it as a loss and start over somewhere else. As I said, it is a who knows who type of field and if you fight the school, you will be fighting a lot of opportunites to pass. I don't think it is worth it to fight the school because you said yourself that you were lacking sleep. Nurses bounce around from here to there and someone knows someone. In your case, just pick of the pieces and move on. Pick and choose your battles. Save your energy for the bigger fights. Working nights and going to school during the day is hard. Maybe you can work prn, part-time , or try to get on days. You can do it, you can pass school. If you go over this stuff again, it will be a breeze. Try to get back into the same school.
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    Why don't we talk much about these scenarios?

    Fearing for your life can save your life.
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    Finally Passed on the 10th try

    Congrats! I often wonder what happens to people that can't pass the exam past the 3rd attempt. Where you working in the meantime, doing something else, I am just curious?
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    4 years, 8th time, finally passed the NCLEX RN!!!

    I hope you will be able to find employment since it has been so long since you graduated. You may need a nurse refresher course but congrats! It shows you have the ability to be a nurse.
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    Nurse Practitioner (Mother) leaves 21 month old in car for 8 hours

    I did the same thing when my kids were smaller because I was aware that these kinds of things can happen. Sometimes my husband would say, don't worry, I dropped him off at the daycare.
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    Why don't we talk much about these scenarios?

    She needed to be sprayed with mace or tased. That is what would happen if she was doing this in the street.
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    Why don't we talk much about these scenarios?

    Right, a dead nurse won't be able to use her license anyway, and even a severely injured one.
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    Parent wants to stay all day

    Give her a badge that reads: RN assistant but let her know that it is a volunteer position and she will he helping you with the 1000 students as well as her own child. If she doesn't agree, than let her know that she can't help just her child. It's kind of like the, if a child brings candy for one student, they must bring candy for all the kids in the class.
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    Do you know someone that will understand your situation and be able to help you get something else? On the other hand you may be happier working in a non-medical setting. Can you start a business? Hang in there and try not to get depressed. Play the lotto, you never know.
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    Do you have support in the meantime? How will you pay your bills etc?, if you don't mind me asking.
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    Not saying you should have had two jobs but this is why people have a fulltime and prn posiiton. I have personally had people tell me to always try and keep a 2nd position. It isn't easy to do though.

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