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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    Some income is better then no income. He needs to do what he has to do, walmart, grocery store, the mall, idk, just something.
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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    I don't think it is a good idea for you to be a fertility nurse seeing how you are going through so many ups and downs with getting pregnant and conceiving a baby. You may end up way too emotional seeing what other women go through and also what you yourself will be going through. It is best to get in a good place mentally and focus on you and your fertility situation. Sort out hubby working and then maybe you could go back to school to do something else. Based on what you have mentioned, unless you get an adminstrative job, you may never like what you are doing, nursing adminstrative position. Even still you may not like it, it could be the hands on patient care that is hard for you to deal with. You still have some time to switch gears especially since you don't have children. People with children get locked into their careers due to the time and finances required to take care of them.
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    In Need of Some Advice Please

    If you can move to where the hospital is, then take the med surg job. I don't think you will last if you are doing med surg and having to deal with that long drive, basically if you take the job and not move closer to it, you are setting yourself up for failure, before you even get started.
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    New Nurse Precepting a New Grad Nurse

    Sad thing about it is you can refuse but be still made to do it if your boss wants you to.
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    Any nurses that love nursing and love their job??

    I don't think it is a calling, of course you are entitled to your opinon. I wonder if other (paid)professionals think this way about a "calling"? Many people I talk to say they decided to do what they are doing because they are good at it (no calling involved), it pays well etc., but not because something in them said, hey do this, you are meant for it, and look for nothing in return. To me a calling is something you devote your time to, without pay and get very little back for it. We are getting paid to do this work. If we weren't how many of these, nursing is a calling nurse would still do this work? I think some people choose or have it in them to do the work in a caring way. I wasn't called to be a nurse, as a matter of fact, I ran from the profession due to the working conditions and because I didn't want to deal with death. However, I decided that patients deserve respect and caring nurse so that is what I give them but I don't have to be called to do this.
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    Any nurses that love nursing and love their job??

    I love the job minus the charting, and short staffing. Those are the two things that make me want to do something else. However I do enjoy time I spend with my patients. If I can just find the time...
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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    Is it really just 12 hours or more? I ask because I thought of being a dialysis nurse, but was told I could work 15 hours or more. I also saw some nurses show up at 4 in the morning and not leaving till 9 pm. It could have been due to the staffing issues of the place.
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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    I wonder if OP can take a break from nursing. If she is the only source of income, I am not so sure she can take off to heal without her bills getting behind. Hopefully she can.
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    156 Applications and 0 Interviews

    What specific CM positons are you applying to? Please provide the job titles.
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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    It's insane, the amount of charting. I ran from homecare due to it.
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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    Great points but from a womans perspective having a child, is what our bodies are made to do. We are formed to perform (the red sea that comes monthly says, hey you gonna take one of these eggs so I can stop bugging you every month), of course with a man's help but we carry the baby. Not having a child for some women is huge. I don't judge people for not wanting children. It's better to not do it if you don't want to instead of doing it because you think you should or for selfish reasons.
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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    I can't imagine having an unsupportive husband and working as a nurse. It would be so draining.
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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    For some reason you chose your husband and he is not the love of your life but you expected to have it all? It is rare that a woman has it all because sometimes things like your situation come up. People are so busy going about their life that they don't have time to make sure every single thing lines up perfectly,or at the moment they aren't worried about it (time flies), a person could be infertile, and family members don't always get along (you may have a mother in law from helz who tries to destroy your marrage) etc. I am not saying all of this applies to you, I am just making the point that it is still best to try and do things right like you did, minus marrying someone who isn't the love of your life. I hope you can find peace in this situation and find a way to make the choices that will give you peace but also consider the responsibility that comes with bringing a child into this world. There are some kids that aren't happy about being born so just love that kid and do the best you can for it, if you do happen to have one, one day. It is good to be in a healthy state of mind so you can be fully present for the child. It's 2019. There are so many options when it comes to having a child and so many different types of parents running households. However try not to get desperate because you are in a bad place right now and make an impulsive decision that you may later regret.
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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    You sound like you are saying you should have went buck wild and found any man to have a kid with. The only thing you did was not base your situation on a reality. Getting married, going to school and getting a job are all of the right things to do. It is all a matter of who and how you go about it. Pull yourself together. Someone once told me, you can't always have it all. It is rare for a woman to get everything she wants in life, not saying you should compromise, but the perfect this and that in everything is not always possible. You simply made some choices that took you farther away from what you were trying to accomplish, in having a child.
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    Advice From Season Nurses

    Plus many people are in fear of losing their jobs. I have learned that it is easier to deal with the stuff early on. Nip it in the bud is what I was always told as a child by my father. Defending yourself without blowing your top is a real skill that many people don't have.
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    Advice From Season Nurses

    I just don't have the tolerance to deal with all of that. Either I remove myself or I handle it. Now is the time to stand up for yourself. You know what you are doing and have been there 6 months dealing with this stuff. Day 1 really would have been the time to speak up. It sounds like it is personal too, based on your things being thrown all over the place.
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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    I don't know about that husband of yours. He doesn't seem that concerned about having kids with you and the fact of him traveling with you and not working was a set up for failure. You have so much going against you in terms of having kids. It is like your situation is not set up for it to happen. You can probably get pregnant but something is up with your husband. IVF is risky, you could end up with too many kids so be prepared for that. Florence Nightingale was motherless and husbandless. I wonder if she would have accomplished all she did if she wasn't. You have to have a really supportive family life to last in nursing, this was the best advice given to me by a boss when I was a CNA, and boy was she right. I don't like to give advice on relationships but examine that relationship of yours because when a kid comes along, it will be even harder to be a nurse and have a child.
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    Some advice on "Orientation"

    I remember having 6 weeks of training on the floor but throughout that having to take days off to do classroom training which shortened my training. Training for the dayshift at the start of training and flipping to night due to that being my set shift (basically having different people show me 20 different ways to do something). I also remember no one having the time and outright telling me, they don't want to, "orient someone". Next thing I know after 7 shifts (the start of 4 weeks), I was given a full load of patients. Only because I knew what I was doing and picking it up, I was able to handle it all. I also took a lot of notes, asked a lot of questions and would test myself on things during down time. Having prior experienced help me survive. It is so sad what is happening this day in age. People are quitting or getting fired and it is hurting people like you. Not only that but the hospitals don't want to hire someone just to train you properly. The hospitals also want to give the preceptors full patient loads and expect them to have the time to train you, when it should be that as you progress the patients should be added on, to where at the end of your training you have all of the patients. The other thing is people who don't want to train and are being made to train, not given a choice or even a heads up. Some are not qualified, and will show you the wrong way of doing something.The charge nurse can barely help because he or she has patients and is trying to run the unit. Here is the thing, many places are like this however if you have concerns about your license, then consider another place. Try to make it work, because many places are hanging on by a thread and short staffing is being forced. I had a situation to where I was being passed off to nurses that weren't assigned to train me and I told them, no I was not assigned to you, and I had to confront a person who was assigned to train me, not in a disrespectful way, but a um, you are assigned to me and until soemthing changes, I am following the policy.
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    Is it wrong to leave a job during orientation?

    You will probably end up working way over shift if the place is chaotic.
  20. Workitinurfava

    Is it wrong to leave a job during orientation?

    Kudos to you, lasted longer than many nurses. Some make a living out of doing nursing orientation and then quitting. Hey, I have bounced on a few crazy places. The excitement is in getting the badge, feeling new, hearing we are glad you chose us blah blah blah
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    New grad RN, absolutely hate nursing

    You said a mouth full and can't be more right. Better be ready to stay put where you are, possibly for life, if you keave the bedside. It can be done but inpatient experience keeps a nurse more employable.
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    Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    Weird...she should be able to test if she passed the programs classes. Schools want to say they have a 99 percent pass rate for nclex so of course she must pass hesi messy to test for the nclex. If the school prepared her properly, plus she put in the work, which is seems she did if she passed her classes, she should pass the nclex. My school had a 99 percent pass rate and it didn't require us to get a certain hesi score to be able to take the nclex. There was really no way you could pass the courses and not pass the nclex, unless you tried to fail. Only a few would not pass or would retry and pass the second time. I passed on my first attempt.
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    Will there be too many nurses in the near future?

    Many of the nurses I work with hold multiple jobs (meaning less available jobs in the future for all of these nurses being pumped out of schools) and as the previous poster mentioned, we will still work short staffed.
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    IM injections- to aspirate or not?

    No, I thought it was clinically proven to be unnecessary this day in age.
  25. Workitinurfava

    4th nclex attempt

    It is what it is, if you failed then you can move on and keep studying. The sooner you find out the better. It will hurt if you failed, but if you passed and when you pass, you will forget all about failing. You will be able to move on with your life.

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