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    New grad RN, absolutely hate nursing

    Dialysis has it's pros can cons. If you don't mind showing up to work at 4 am and leaving at 6 or 9 pm, then go for it. Dialysis clinics are run like an assembly line in a factory. I don't know how it works with the hospital. Honestly and I say this because I have worked in many areas of nursing and am now back at the hospital, there is no place to run or hide in nursing. You will pay in some form or fashion, or replace one thing with another but either way, you will work harder than you want to. Too many duties plus not enough staff or help feeds the chaos in nursing. On the other hand, I don't mind working hard, so I am ok for now. I am not a person who looks for handouts. I get depressed not working and being productive.
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    New grad RN, absolutely hate nursing

    I got into nursing years back when it was on it's way to going even further downhill. There is so much more charting that needs to be done. It is insane. It is definitely different than how it used to be. I remember my step mother when she was a nurse and it was different then to. There is so much of the same thing just rephrased and the training needs work. I prefer an experienced nurse to train me, but where are they?, most have been ran away or left due to the crazy expectations, plus new grads are cheaper. To answer your question about where nurses go, they bounce around until they either leave nursing or get to old to keep jumping from job to job (they say put till they retire).
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    Is nursing right for me...?

    It sounds like you want to be an ER nurse but don't feel you have what it takes. You don't have to work in the ER. You can always try the ER or step down (to something less intense) and back up to get to where you want to to be. It is a matter of figuring out if you need time and confidence versus the position will be more a of headache for you then it is worth (it will bring you such stress that you will want to quit nursing altogether). There are many options as far as what you do. I am a psych nurse but for the majority of my career I did med-surg type work. Psych works best for me. I know what to do, how to respond and it isn't as stressful as what I did before. I like to be able to do things really well and in situations where time is limited. I felt like time was always limited in the med-surg type positions and I didn't feel like I made a difference. I also didn't feel motivated and kept feeling like leaving the profession. Now since I have my med-surg background, psych is tons easier for me. I can handle any medical situations and psych situations without a thought. This area of nursing is a natural fit for me, plus I have previous experience so I know I am making the best choice. You will find your fit or realize nursing as a whole is not for you. Nursing is not a race it is a marathon. Do what fits your life and works best for you so you aren't super stressed and can stay with this work for as long as you need to.
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    Is this for Me?

    You may be able to help yourself with this question. First, what made you miserable in the military position? You may want to avoid those things when looking into becoming a nurse. There are nurses that are good at being nurses and miserable. You can become a nurse but the question is, do you want to become a nurse?
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    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    The thread is still active so more people will keep posting their opinions and in a way their opinions were asked for. It's like saying what do you think?, o wait, don't tell me.
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    Husband Wants to Become a Nurse Too

    I have seen this go well and bad. Hopefully it will go well for you because both of you will be dealing with stress from the job and will need to be each other's ear, so you will need to be able to handle this well.
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    I heard this a lot more when it came to home health, the visits.
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    Bullied and Struggling in ICU

    I don't like that you are doing decently yet have to find another job. Try to address the issues first, then consider quitting. A lot of places are the same, if not worse. I say this as I have worked in a lot of places. I am at a place now that I am fine with but from the get go, I let them know I am a no nonsense person.. I had someone tell me they didn't want to help me but we're assigned so I said I don't want to fight, just doing what I am told. I also didn't let them dictate who I would work with. The point is don't let yourself be disrespected. Address the issues in a non combative way. What if the next place is like this? Speak up.
  9. A great pathway to becoming a triage nurse is being an ER nurse first, however since this is a psych position, it may work.
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    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    Can you blame Karen?
  11. Workitinurfava

    Feeling like a new grad all over again. Stick it out?

    Stay calm and carry on. Ask any questions to help you learn and if your preceptor is not around ask who is. Your preceptor and your team will be needed to help you adjust. Give yourself time to think of what to do before asking for help because you know more than you think and also you want to come across like you gave it your best effort before seeking help. Do things safely. Take notes so that you can reference them later on. During your down time review what you were trained on in your head or if possible by walking through it.
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    Nurse Beaten by Patient Denied Request for Unpaid Time Off and Fired

    I saw two people I worked with get denied workers comp and be forced to return back to work before they completely healed. They also had to take a pay cut.
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    Notified of call before being on call

    Her post shows two different things (not notified about being called in/but knowing I was on call). See below... It is not straight forward. "I was on call from 7a7p on monday. Was at work Sunday and was not notified about being called in. Went to bed and turned off my phone because I didn't want to be disturbed but knowing I was on call the next morning woke up at 0630 and my phone back on."--OP
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    Managing a Department/No Experience in Area

    I have noticed a trend lately in nursing settings, some managers are not nurses. They are people with business degrees. If you are the only nurse on your shift and your manager can't help you with nursing related stuff, then what is the point, it is like you are running the place yourself.
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    Notified of call before being on call

    It depends on where a person works as far as how on-call works so in that case, I will leave this discussion alone.
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    I really want to do the right thing and I need help!

    You have no solid proof, but you can report. You could be right but you could be wrong. Be prepared for both outcomes. This type of thing should be completely anonymous so that the nurse doesn't find out that you reported her, especially because if you are wrong idk. I hope the hospital protects your privacy so you aren't targeted, which can happen. From my understanding supervisors and managers are now suppose to be the 2nd to know of this. There should be a direct reporting line.
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    Notified of call before being on call

    Does a grown adult need this type of treatment? I don't think so. If a nurse knows when they are supposed to be in and they don't show, then they should deal with the repercussion. If they come in, all is well. It's no wonder so many nurses are sleep deprived. Is the nurse getting paid to answer the phone earlier than the oncall time? Unless it is an emergency, why not a simple text message notification or email that says, we are expecting you to come in for your shift. I am real particular about taking calls from work at home. I have seen so many situations come up of he said she said between co-workers and supervisors concerning the terms of accepting shifts/ being on-call (coming in versus not coming in and getting paid time and a half versus not). Not only that it is kind of difficult to seperate work from home when you are taking unnecessary calls from work.
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    Notified of call before being on call

    Couldn't a text message be sent and then if you don't respond, it's assumed you are coming in. Why does one need to engage with someone on the phone hours before they are oncall?
  19. Workitinurfava

    Current job refuses to give professional references

    Some places of employment want two supervisors and 3 coworkers. It has happened to me more than once and I had supervisors tell me no but I am friends with some of my supervisors. Not sure why a supervisor would reference someone they don't like because you could be a great worker and the supervisor could just not like you. Keep this in mind Op. Ask the school if they can make an exception. Surely you aren't the only person to run into this situation.
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    Nurse Practitioner Called a Drug-Dealer at Sentencing

    I get it, many foreign nurses must send money home to help their families but it is real messed up that she was more concerned about that versus the people here that she was supporting being addicts. I don't feel bad for her one bit.
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    Nurse Beaten by Patient Denied Request for Unpaid Time Off and Fired

    It looks like the state hospital found the perfect reason to fire her. They probably figured with her injury and age, it would cost them way more money to keep her employed. This hits home as I am a mental health nurse. I have worked in a state hospital, mental health faculty and inpatient hospital currently. State hospitals are the hardest to work for in my opinion. Why use something you haven't been trained to use ? and staffing is an issue because places send people home when there are too many people, extra security is usually patrolling the whole hospital or it takes them too long to get to you.They need to be on the unit at all times to truly be effective. I don't all of this talk about change will make a difference, because it will require so much money. We need mire staffing but are told, your overstaffed, now your in danger, there is a equipment on the unit that should help one but no one knows how to use it, training is becoming non-existent. It's all pure madness.
  22. Workitinurfava

    Help me, Allnurses, I make bad choices when I'm anxious!

    Find a way to relieve the stress. A lot of the same things can happen at the next job. You will have to start over with everything, loose pay and deal with who knows what. Sometimes it is a matter of changing the way you deal with things so that no matter where you are you can cope. If the place you are at is doable, just stay there.
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    I am not good at nursing

    I would like to suggest the nightshift until you get stronger in your skills if you can do it I recently switched. I have done it in the past and am now back to it. Dayshift can be rough. The nightshift crew are usually more laid back, not knocking the dayshift people. I also want to suggest psych and rehab. Psych will help you with determining if you want to do something less or more medical and rehab will give you medical skills but not quite like the ER level or ICU level . You can move up into something more medical if you like rehab but want more medical skills.
  24. Workitinurfava

    Onerous Onboarding With Nasty Nellie, The Job That Lasted a Week

    Well why don't they do things right and prevent it?, it makes me wonder. I don't think staff want to quit due to the bad conditions of the place, improper training etc.
  25. Workitinurfava

    Why I Quit Medical Device Sales To Become A Nurse

    Interesting story. Many nurses usually try to go the opposite way you did. It is all about finding one's peace in life. If your's is being a nurse, then so be it. Do you think you will ever go back to medical sales?

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