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    Strong Personalities on my unit and a rude CNA

    You need to tell her that your issues need to be resolved and if you two can't do it together, a third party will need to be brought in. Everyone has a boss even the head boss.
  2. Workitinurfava

    Resigning after 3 months

    I would stay with it because it is certain, meaning you have a job and on top that your boss and coworkers have said that you are doing fine. Many people work jobs that don't give them the unicorns and rainbows feeling. It is a job and you get lucky if you actually like it. If you can do the work and not let your dislike for it, get in the way I would stay with it until you can get something better.
  3. Workitinurfava

    New Nurse feeling very down

    Well school doesn't really prepare you to operate as if you have been a working nurse for several years. Skills take some time to learn. You really learn by doing and making mistakes. Just make sure that you don't make too many and very serious ones. When I first started out as a new nurse, there were so many new nurses that were mean to me and I ended up speaking up for myself and telling them that there was no reason to treat me in such a disrespectful manner. I don't know any way for you to approach this except for dead on. The more you let them abuse you, the more they will. You do need to improve in your work though and that should help them back off somewhat. I will add that I ended up surpassing my difficulties and being great at what I do. You will become confident over time. On another note, the area you are starting out in is challenging and although these nurses aren't being nice, they are being straight-up with you in the seriousness of the position. Some nurses eat their young. They tried to digest me but when they swallowed me, I disturbed their stomach so much that they ended up throwing up.
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    6 months in the ED -- should I "get it" by now?

    ....stick it out!!
  5. Workitinurfava

    6 months in the ED -- should I "get it" by now?

    Prioritize....You seem to know what to do, you just need to get organized. What can wait?, what can't?. When I take notes and organize my day, in my head or on my papers I have things numbered according to what is most important. I reorganize my thoughts all day, along with my notes. Hats off to you for working in the ED. It is fast paced.
  6. I hope you are able to overcome this ordeal and I hope it doesn't affect future jobs. If you feel it is worth the fight then stick it out, if you have other options away from medication, maybe do something else, save yourself the headache and stress of all of this. I am curious as to what caused you to start the habit. Many nurses are taking prescription medications to cope with nursing stress. Quite a bit of the nurses I work with talk about the medications they are on to deal with the stress of the job. Like you can't forget the things you are forgetting with the history you have, it will look suspicious, is that fair to you?, no but it is the reality of it all.
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    Supervisor nit picks again

    I think you need to so some soul searching and what is she picking on you about? Is it something that can get you written up about or is is just small stuff. Either way the behavior isn't necessary. Underneath it all we are all people. Don't give this person so much power. I just snapped back at my charge. I decided to get another job but not because of the charge, I want to gain more skills. I have a few days of working with this charge and I am just waiting for this person to give me some lip. Anyways you have to defend yourself or this person will torment you. I want to tell you a little story.There once was a charge that tormented many people, so those people ask not to work with this charge, their schedules were changed to the opposite of the charge, now after so many people have changed to the opposite schedule of he charge, she cries that she doesn't have enough help on the shifts. The charge realized it isn't fun being a 1 man show on a nursing unit. The charge has since changed the attitude to one more pleasant, now the charge doesn't have to work alone because people are willing to help the charge.
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    New nurse, feeling discouraged. Please help!

    Well you certainly are your own worse enemy. You need to calm down and stop being so hard on yourself. You have to learn how to be a nurse. It takes time so take your time. You won't make it, if you keep analyzing your every move. You need to know what you can't miss and what is ok to miss and not know and go from there. Many nurses have made the same mistakes and won't admit it for whatever reason, and that is fine. I am lucky to have had some tell me they did the same things I did early on and to they told me to make sure not to do it again. Usually when you make a mistake, you learn from it, but not by beating yourself up. You need to look at what led to the error, and fix that. Were you rushing, if so why. Are you lacking confidence, if so why and now how do you fix these things. Listen to some calming music, meditate, listen to positive talk on you-tube. You don't have time to beat yourself up at work, to much goes on at work, you need to be focused.
  9. Workitinurfava

    New Grad to ICU / Multiple Job offers

    I think it takes a special type of nurse to work in the ICU. I was almost offered an ICU position but due to not having my BSN I didn't get it. It ended up being a blessing in end because I ended up getting hired at a major city hospital to work on the oncology medicine floor (teaching hospital). I am fortunate to get this job as my background involves working with rehab patients in LTC/inpatient rehab hosp. Honestly I don't think I would like working with that population of people as they are in "critical condition", so your assessment skills have to be on point and I would think that you can't miss much of anything or get to behind on certain things. I am glad that there are nurses that are brave enough to do it.
  10. Workitinurfava

    Thrown From the Tower!!

    I work with nurses like you and it drives me crazy because I end up taking your patient load when you are either late, leaving early or calling off for some irresponsible reason, like I can't even sympathize with you. Please take your job more serous in the future. Nurses are already working short staffed as it is.

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