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    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    Well, I feel you will have to find some sort of peace with something or you won't hold a nurse position for long going forwards. I also think you may want to look into another career as a back up. Try to work your way out of nursing if you can, the sooner the better. It is probably the conditions that you have an issue with and the conditions will never totally go away no matter what job you work. This is a serving field that over time will ask more and more of nurses so work as a nurse and try to get something going on the side, or save money so you can do something else. It is totally ok. Why put yourself through all of the job bouncing and headache?
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    I have trouble pulling up clear liquid into a syringe

    It can depend on the consistency of the liquid and the needle you are using, when it comes to the difficulty of it.
  3. I understand. Hopefully they won't force you to do it. Many places with a contract or not can try to force you or find away to push you out of the position if you don't comply. Try to fight it if they do.
  4. Night worker here, days depresses me more. Are you sure you aren't up to it?
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    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    Even speaking up on problematic co-workers can possibly get one fired.
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    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    Problem is there will always be someone willing to take her job instead of fighting for what is right. Money is the root. Hospitals want to make as much money as possible and get away with doing things unsafe, meanwhile creating policies that halfway work because of the overstaffing.
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    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    Hence why people won't speak up and just keep their heads down (work in silence and suffer).
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    I quit during orientation.

    Some times certain things that happen to us are meant to show us something we need to see. I don't think it is an issue of nursing not being for you because the pace of certain positions depends on the position and shift you work. If you get into the right area of nursing your pace of work could already be were it needs to be or because things click for you, your pace would increase. You can only go so fast when you don't understand what you are doing. I don't mean that to say that you can't learn, but it will be a challenge and it looks like you decided you weren't up for it. That is perfectly fine. I felt this way when I worked as an ICU step down nurse. I learned that I don't like doing much medsurgy type stuff. It is sometimes hard to overcome something you simply aren't into.
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    Day shift?

    I work the night shift (12 hours in a hospital on a mental health floor) and I am being offered the day shift but I don't want to work it. Am I crazy? Truth is for some odd reason where I work, the day shift is short-staffed. I can't wrap my head around it. I like ducking and dodging management, not having to deal with too many families, and being able to to avoid the "staff detectives" that watch your every move while you work ( the ones that say, did you foam in and out?). I don't want to get in my car early in the morning, and have to drive to work. It would take me an hour or more with traffic to get to work on time. It only takes me about 30 minutes to get to work right now. My body has adjusted to working nights pretty well. I have the flow down. I feel at peace for once in my life despite the challenges of nursing. For all of previous nursing positions I have worked days and I always had a strong urge to quit them. Nights has it's challenges but I am managing them. Occasionally I look like the below picture but I am fine. What do you think?
  10. Workitinurfava

    Day shift?

    For now it is nursing for me and nights, if something changes that is non nursing I may be open to day shift. I am staying with this shift because for once in my life I feel at peace. I don't feel like quitting nursing. I feel I have a little more left in me to contribute to the field and also make decent money to pay my bills. You made some great points. Thanks!
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    Day shift?

    I like the shift differential as well, its a added bonus.
  12. Workitinurfava

    Day shift?

    Everything you said is correct. On the day shift there are so many people needing so many things at the same time. The interruptions come too often. I like my life outside of the hospital as well. I shop at night, clean my house quietly and plan for the next day. I can always do a little something on all of the days of the week regardless if I work or not. If I work the day shift it will be hard to maintain this life I have right now. I think I am a natural night owl. I like to stay up late and sleep in. I will stick with nights for now.
  13. Workitinurfava

    Day shift?

    I wish there was a 3 pm to 3 am as well. It is at 3pm that I start to struggle with staying up but if I move around or have some coffee I am ok.
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    Useless Shift Report Information

    I am in shock that all of these things happen on the night shift. The place you work is so busy at night Davey do.
  15. Workitinurfava

    Unsure of what I am suppose to be doing as a Psychaitric nurse?

    It will make sense as time goes on. The main thing with psych patients is you want to know if they are getting better or worse. You must know their baseline too.
  16. Workitinurfava

    Want to regain RN Psych position

    I am wondering why you want to work as a psych nurse?
  17. Workitinurfava

    Medication Error?

    Sounds like you did the patient a favor. An aspirin is usually taken in the morning anyway. Make sure not to let your nerves get to you due to pressure at work, take a break, eat something healthy and ask for help when you are overwhelmed. You will be fine. Hopefully nothing major will come of this. Nurse on!!
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    New grad no preceptor.

    First you need to ask for one nurse, if you get one and he or she says no after the boss confirms it, then say well this is what I was told, know he/she may have an attitude. Stay cool and if the person doesn't do what they are suppose to do, then let managment know. The older you get and the more time in you have the more you will see how to get around some of the bull. All you can do is try but beware that some places operate in this dysfunctional way and O boy do they have a high turn over rate. It is important for you to get a really good start so you need one bad arse nurse know should you how to be a great nurse.
  19. Workitinurfava

    New grad no preceptor.

    Management may as well feed you to the crocodiles. They can find someone, they either don't care to or management is not respected by those under him/her. I say this because management, well good management would know if you are being helped. There should be commnication happening between management and the preceptor. If this is a dayshift position then it is even worse. You could see this person, the preceptor working with you. Similar thing almost happened to me but I pushed back and ended up being with one person whom, I showed that I was very grateful and appreciative. The others that came on board when I did were not so lucky.
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    Black woman wearing puff pigtails to work

    Unless it is a high quality wig and put on properly, it will be damaging moreso helpful. Most of the wigs AA women wear are cheap and add to hair loss. Only because a good quality wig is super expensive, you need to see a hair consultant to really benefit from wearing one, instead of just going to a wig shop, and putting one on your head. Sometimes one can have an allergic reaction to a wig.
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    Black woman wearing puff pigtails to work

    On one hand, I thought, of course it is fine but then I see situations to where, people have been fired and threatened to change their hair style( AA people). It should be okay. Is there a hair policy where you work? Maybe just start working first and see how the place is, you will know. I don't usually see natural haired women wearing their hair in puffball pigtails or straight pigtails and not because they can't but because adults don't tend to wear their hair this way, not saying you shouldn't or it is wrong but I just don't see it regardless of the color of a persons skin color.
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    Unhappy and stressed as NP- seeking advice.

    I am thinking of becoming a psych NP. I am a psych RN. Can one of you nurses that is a psych nurse do a day in the life of a Psych NP? I would really appreciate it.
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    Help! Turned Down for 5 Jobs

    Interesting. Nursing employers look up your credit score?
  24. Workitinurfava

    New grad RN, absolutely hate nursing

    Case managers need to have experience because you will need to work independently as a case manager. You will make life altering decisions and you need to have a solid background to pull from. Some of the big companies are increasing the number of visits a case manager has to make. You won't just work in your home location. You will have to go into so many different areas to visit patients if you are a field case manager. Some of the visits you make can be an hour away. You will also need to be good with knowing how to coordinate with other disciplines to get your job done. You will make many calls trying to track this and that down to help the patient. It can be rewarding work, but it is not easy work. If you are a phone case worker, it is a little better but you will have to make a ton of calls. Your ears may be on fire after your shift. I have seen hospital case workers and they look stressed to the max. They have to cover a large part of the hospital. I am not saying all CM jobs are like this, I am only speaking on what I have experienced and observed.

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