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    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    For nurses that rely on daycare, some of the daycares will be charging all day care for kids. The other issue is that if a kid gets/gives the virus to another child. IDK how someone can get to work without any child care. Schools/daycares are a source of child care for many people.
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    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    A nurse without proper protection may at some point become useless to the cause.
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    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    Protection of the nurse is paramount. If we all drop like flies, we can't save anyone.
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    Considering Quitting my Job

    Atleast you will be alive to get another job once this thing blows over.
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    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    I can if I want to but I will Go to the floor?, what floor?
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    Afraid of dying

    The news is reporting that healthy people are dying from it. Not that I am trying to scare people.
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    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    I don't work on a med-surg floor. We had enough mask to go around prior to COVID but now all of a sudden we can't find any and none are becoming accessible. There is something off about this and it leads me to believe that this is being done on purpose. I hear what you are saying about the government but for mask to disappear in a matter of a week......hmm.
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    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    Not enough nurses have quit and not enough of retired nurses are refusing to reverse retirement and come back to work. All hospital nurses are exposed. Hospital units are interconnected. The tubing system could be caring the virus.
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    Acute COVID, What We're Seeing

    How does one disinfect a ventilator so that the virus isn't spreading through the equipment ?, given this is a new virus (we haven't necessarily had enough time with trial and error)?
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    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    Where are the N95 mask when you need them? We go through all of the hastle to get fitted every year and when the time comes when you actually need the dang thing, someone is hiding them in the vault in Fort Knox, Kentucky.
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    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    All that is happening on my unit is wipe downs with bleach wipes every so many hours. Pts can come up to the unit with suspected corona symptoms and nothing gets done about it until days later. This type of behavior is the norm though. It has been going on long before COVID so why would COVID change anything. We all sit apart from each other for report but everyone still piles up in the medication room together and I don't see anyone wiping the machine down. I do though. I am guessing someone is either hiding all of the mask or stole them because staff can't find any. The gloves we use are very cheap. When I put them on they tear. God help me, I pray, wash my hands and hope for the best. I will save my money and plot my exit at some time later down the road but no, it isn't because of COVID, it is because of other stuff.
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    School is cancelled but clinical is not? (COVID-19)

    It's no different from when you become an RN, because you will be expected to show up to work in most cases whether the schools close or daycares close. Nurses signed up to put themselves on the front line to care for people. It's part of our job. Wash your hands and follow safety measures at the clinical site as you would if you were working as a nurse.
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    I quit

    If you don't work as a nurse what else would you like to do/can do? I ask because some people can handle the work (nothing wrong with you if you can't) and some can't. If you have another option, consider it. What can it hurt. All nursing jobs will carry a certain level of stress as you have people lives in your hands. With that can come all sorts of other things. If you aren't up to it, face it now and move on if you can. Will it get easy?, no (the work is not easy), but you may rise to a level of being able to handle it better. I work on a psych floor that seems to be changing into a medical floor. There is a pt with tubing in her room and all sorts of unsafe equipment to handle GI care that she needs. This person came to the unit due to an overdose and wanting to kill herself. She should be on a medical floor. Things are changing and not for the better. Less of everything, support from management, unsafe ratios, etc. I stay to do what I signed up to do and to make a living. I like caring for the patients. The other stuff, not so much. Not sure of where I will be in the future but this is where I am now. I know to make the most of it.
  14. Did you kill anyone?, no so don't worry. If your instructor needs to talk to you about your performance he or she will. Otherwise keep keeping on.
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    Have you had your Colonoscopy? March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

    Yes and I don't remember a thing.
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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    It is not as simple as you make it appear. I had a non-nurse supervisor at a hospital call center. All my boss needed to get the job was a master's degree in business and some experience. When ever I had questions about how to handle some of the patients medical issues, he quickly let me know that he is not a nurse and would not be able to help me. These types of situations are becoming more and more common.
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    Failed class, still continued, not fair

    It may or may not be justified but it is common in the field of nursing. No not always fair but pick and choose your battles going forward.
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    You do have a point as to some of the videos are in correct or done differently depending on who and what.
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    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    Sometimes it isn't an easy choice.
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    Confused and Depressed about Performance

    Try to get used to hearing, you need to improve on this or do better at this, it is at the core of nursing. However know that if you aren't in danger of losing your job, you are doing things right enough. Your preceptor does not seem to know how to communicate without sounding to harsh. You are coming into a setting where people are used to their crew and have to find away to accept you plus help you. Keep that in mind.
  21. A higher up admin lady visited my unit and asked if we needed anything, if any changes could help the unit to run smoother and the nursing supervisor (this is the same one that rarely leaves her office to help the nurses out but she is great with delegating work to nurses that are already bombarded to help her buddy nurses out) said, we only need more techs but not anymore nurses, we have enough. Do we really? Where I work, the nurses are overworked due to not having enough nurses. We are each doing the work of atleast two nurses. Stuff like this pizzes me off. One of the nurses agreed. I disagreed. The nurse felt that if we hired more nurses it would affect the current nurses in that, we would not get raises. Well when the turnover rate is so bad that the loss in many of nurses leaving exceeds the cost to just higher enough nurses, creating stability for the unit, what is the point in not hiring more nurses?
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    So we have enough nurses nursing supervisor, really?

    To me it is the same (for just a few minutes, let's throw out the idea of saving money because right now it isn't happening), they may as well put the money to a better cause (don't hire a ton more of nurses often, just staff appropriately, it's the same thing), they are hiring the nurses often (high turnover rate) that they claim are to expensive (when staffing appropriately).
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    Tired and burnt out from the abuse

    All I can offer you is a it is rough and even changing this and that doesn't always make it better. You either have to push through in staying with nursing (changing this and that) or get out of it.
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    Great salary but sometimes I wonder...

    Maybe the patients who need to learn how to do it themselves would. Lol!

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