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Jazzied459 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CCRN.

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  1. Jazzied459

    Michigan State University BSN-DNP CRNA 2020 Start

    Same here! My boyfriend is starting UDM's program in 2 weeks and he's a huge motivating factor for me to push through and to keep my head up. We'll get in somewhere, it just turns out it wasn't the right time for us at MSU!
  2. Jazzied459

    Michigan State 2020

    Hey guys, I got an email about 5 min ago. I wasn't offered an interview, but good luck to you guys!
  3. Jazzied459

    Michigan State University BSN-DNP CRNA 2020 Start

    Just got an email. I didn't get an interview. Good luck to everyone else!
  4. Jazzied459

    Michigan State University BSN-DNP CRNA 2020 Start

    Eek, it's very nerve-racking they're gonna tell us so close to interviewing! But thanks for calling and updating us! I was about to do the same lol
  5. Jazzied459

    Michigan State University BSN-DNP CRNA 2020 Start

    Ok neither have I. I was getting nervous but I feel better no one else has heard anything either
  6. Hi all! I applied to MSU's BSN-DNP CRNA program and I was searching and didn't see a forum started for the class starting in 2020! I'm curious if anyone knows a potential timeline as to when we'd hear back if we get interviews or not? Thanks in advance!
  7. Jazzied459

    Applying for University of Miami CRNA 2018

    I am also planning on applying in 2018. I'm also open to any insight about the program. If I get in I'll be moving from Michigan, so it'll definitely be a change but I'm excited!
  8. Jazzied459

    TCU Jan 2019/SRNA advice in general

    Hi cvicunurse123, I'll be applying for 2019 as well, so best of luck to you! I would also love to hear from current/past students as well. This will be my first year applying and I'm very nervous but excited!
  9. Jazzied459

    Interested in moving to the DFW area

    Hello All, I'm here seeking some recommendations from you. I currently live in MI and want to relocate to the DFW area to just try living somewhere new, trying to move around the end of summer. I've recently visited the area several times and completely fell in love with the area. I have 1 year of CVSICU experience, and ideally I would like to stay with that patient population but to further gain more experience with these patients. We see primarily a large volume of CABGs, Valve repairs/replacements, Type A and B Aortic dissections, AAAs, as well as the occasional thoracic and vascular patients. I think most of the major facilities in the area will be what I'm looking for, but I'm seeking advice from locals to get a better feel of what it's like to work at one of these facilities/any recommendations you have to offer. Thanks in advance! :)
  10. Jazzied459

    Scott & White Summer intern 2016

    Does anyone have contact information about those in charge of the Critical Care internship and if they are still interviewing people?