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  1. kenya.austin

    Seton Austin residency summer 2019 cohort

    Ok, thanks calcgirl314! I thought it would be rather proactive but then I was thinking they may not have anything to discuss with me since I can't start until the Fall. Makes sense.
  2. kenya.austin

    Seton Austin residency summer 2019 cohort

    Hello, I'm interested in the October/Fall cohort. Should I attend the February 22 open house? Or do you think that would be waste of their time and mine? I am wondering if I would even be able to speak with anyone about the Fall. My problem is that I am very interested but I will be done with my BSN program at the end of July and I have a family. The earlier I can get a job lined up, the easier it will be to line up housing and get the kids set up for school since we have to relocate from out of town.