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  1. IIt sounds like a flawed system, a couple of monitors in the hall way and the nurses can monitor there own patients. sounds like you are trying to lobby for another tech while in my opinion your assignment sounds very reasonable .
  2. Are you the nurse or the secretary? If you are the secretary, the nurse is ultimately responsible not you. I am guessing the telemetry units have alarms which the nurses can also monitor and the you can recall any missed events. In fact in all hospitals I have worked in there are no monitor techs . I guess I am telling you not to worry.
  3. Ginger's Mom

    My CI is doing things that are unsafe

    I have a hard time believing that your instructor is so unsafe her nursing license should be pulled. do that staff nurses feel she is unfit? The staff are her clinical equals not the students. You may think your issue is important to tell the staff but your instructor may have been told to limit student staff interaction. If the other students feel the same I would report her to the school. But I am guessing you will be the only one speaking up.
  4. Ginger's Mom

    Med error . I’m devastated

    you admitted the error and you saw the patient got treatment, yes you are human and made an error but you owned up to it and it will never happen again
  5. Ginger's Mom

    Medication error

    A patient this ill needed a physician to see the patient, second the pharmacy should have questioned the order, it was a chain of errors you were just the last link.
  6. Ginger's Mom

    CBD & Nursing don't mix

    Rather then wonder about a substance that may or may not be benifical, I would spend my time on finding a n evidence based treatment for your disease .
  7. Ginger's Mom

    What Else Can I Do For A Living?

    Have you found another job? Insurance companies here in the northeast do not pay that well.
  8. Ginger's Mom

    I want to like my preceptor, but...

    i can not see any situation swearing in front of a patient.Sorry I have dealt with many psych drug addicted patients in my 40+ years of nursing. If I-was precepting you I my have taken this to the Nurse Manager while she chose to talk to you one on one. Seven years of experience but zero hospital experience and you are looking for short cuts, once again as your preceptor this would alarm me. Use this time to learn, and remove the chip off your shoulder ( I have more experience) and learn. This sounds like a great opportunity try to follow your preceptors's lead.
  9. Ginger's Mom

    Being a nurse in the usa

    Wow I would like to find the job which would pay to relocate me and my family.
  10. i wonder how you will feel in one year and not one day......when you are expected to do the busy work and the code at the same time. Or when you are taking care of your patient who is about to code and you prevent only to be spoken to when the patient's family complains you ignored their mother when you just saved another from dying . Also, with all your questions I hope your"preceptor" did not have an assignment since it is hard even doing busy work with interruptions.
  11. But you did bring your personal life in, I bet the educator was upset since she was waiting for you to return from HR. You said it was a personal call, which was on work time.
  12. Ginger's Mom

    2017 Studying in the Philippines for Nursing

    The NCLEX pass rate for students who trained at in The Philippines is less than 30% meaning 70% fail. Retaking changes are that you will not pass on the retake is even lower than 30%. Since you are American, you can apply to LPN school, the costs are low and you can take a small loan, and work part time. Your chances of passing will be 80 % or more and your application will not be an issue. Then you can apply to an ADN and work part time as LPN once again you can pay for yourself , you will not have to tax you parents and your license will never be an issue. Once again you chances of passing will be 80 percent or higher. You will have a command US Nursing practice and will develop great life skills. I am not a gambler but less than 30% is not an favorable ratio to me.
  13. Congrats on your green card, here is the information you need to apply for a license Bad Request
  14. Ginger's Mom

    SBAR Report-Nursing as a 2nd career worth it?

    I am taking a different route. If you are eligible for graduation in May, do not quit. Take a leave and finish school.
  15. Ginger's Mom

    Needing advice and guidance. I can't take noc shift!

    I vote with paying $1000 . Good luck finding a new job.
  16. Ginger's Mom

    Sri Lankan diplmoa hold nurse

    https://www.ncsbn.org/16_2015_NCLEXExamStats_vol68.pdf According to this report in 2015, one person took the test and failed in 2015.