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RazorbackRN BSN, RN

Pediatrics (Burn ICU, CVICU)
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RazorbackRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics (Burn ICU, CVICU).

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  1. RazorbackRN

    16 month old nurse needs advise / help on managing aids

    Personally, I think you sound like you're on a power trip. Get over yourself and give these aides some guidance rather than being the "postal" nurse you have self-described.
  2. RazorbackRN

    So...do you really use this stuff in the hospital?

    i also thought careplans were the biggest joke, but once i graduated and started working, i realized how well those careplans had help me prepare to think critically. a few years later, i still remember the pain of the work, but i also still reap the benefits. ( i can't believe i just said this)
  3. RazorbackRN

    Pediatric Head Injuries

    I think a lot of it depends on the parent and the enviroment. If we admit the kid to the hospital, of course we let them go to sleep. We just really watch the neuro status closely by waking them frequently for neuro checks. If the kid is not going to be under medical supervision or is at home, we do tell the parents to keep the child awake. This is not necassarily because we're afraid something bad will happen if the child sleeps, but because parents would be much more likely to notice a neuro change in a child who is awake, rather than just attributing the decreased LOC to the child being asleep.
  4. RazorbackRN

    VENT: ADN and BSN

  5. RazorbackRN

    Documenting an IV insertion?

    22ga PIV placed in L hand x 1 attempt, + blood return and flushes without resistance. Secured with tegaderm and tape, protective tent applied. Heplocked per protocol. Pt tolerated s complication. Will con't to monitor.
  6. RazorbackRN

    Scared to talk to Doctors

    I used to be scared (more like intimidated) to talk to them, too. I just started picturing them sitting on the pot or wiping their butt. I figure if they do that, they can't be that much above me.
  7. RazorbackRN

    75 mcg Fentanyl patch a day early on lethargic patient?

    One more thing - a little OT - in reference to this comment: "I still CANNOT believe that the pharmacist even seemed mad at the MONEY it cost when I wasted the patch.....(like it comes out of HIS paycheck??) " Ultimately, it does come out of all of our paychecks when we are wasteful.
  8. RazorbackRN

    75 mcg Fentanyl patch a day early on lethargic patient?

    Well, personally, I would've changed the patch. Mainly because she came from another facility and I don't like continuing a medication that I, or my colleagues, @ my hospital didn't initially administer. This is completely a personal thing, nothing else. Just curious though, if the pt was lethargic, why was the Norco administered?
  9. RazorbackRN

    ATTN Nurses: How do you use writing on an everyday basis?

    Also, remember that writing doesn't have to involve a pen and paper. Writing is also expressed via emails, texting, and other electronic communication methods.
  10. I agree 100%. Our hospital also does acuity-based staffing and I truly believe that is why our pt loads are so reasonable. Of course, the RN for the pt actually assigns the acutiy levels (not a manager who hasn't cared for the pt), so I'm sure this is a big reason it does work well.
  11. RazorbackRN

    What would you do?

    Surely you don't believe that EVERY single report you have given has been completely confidential. I can assure you, somewhere along the way, someone who is not authorized has probably heard you say something about a pt. If you are in an ICU, then it's almost impossible to have COMPLETE privacy. If you're not, then you should understand the challenges faced by being at a nurses station or in a semi-private room. Even if you give report in a separate room out of the public eye, I can still bet that somewhere along the line someone has heard you on the phone, speaking with a family, or some other staff/discipline. Why would you even encourage the whole "violation" thing? Don't you believe that nurses are persecuted by the general public enough already?
  12. RazorbackRN


    You can also check out the accrediting organization. For example, American Heart Association should be able to give you a list of ACLS/PALS instructors/classes in your area.
  13. RazorbackRN

    nursing stuff

    Yes, I did. It was a personal satisfaction thing.
  14. RazorbackRN

    Do you accept tips?

    Of course not. Not only is it against my hospital's policy, it is against my personal policy. I am a professional. I do not expect, nor want, monetary compensation from my patients (or in my case, their families). I give my all to each and every person that I care for. This is not an "extra" service I provide. However, I gladly accept hugs, crayon artwork, high 5's, and gummi bears!:heartbeat
  15. RazorbackRN

    A&PII Lab without Lecture, is it possible??

    I think a lot of it depends on the instructor. Many times, what we were doing in lab was not the same things we were studying in lecture. It was almost like our lab and lecture were two different classes. However, there were some professors who's lab and lectures coincided. If you could talk to people who have had this professor before, it would probably be helpful. You may then have a better idea as to whether or not it's possible.
  16. RazorbackRN

    Needle stick injury HELP!!

    I would think you're chances would be miniscule since you weren't exposed to blood, however, there is always a chance that there was blood there, just not enough for you to notice. Just curious, do you routinely use "needles" when accessing lines? I thought everyone used plastic blunt tip cannulas.