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  1. night owl

    Ontario, CA student nurse video

    WOW! That was mighty powerful and it made me sad too. If I knew how to make one of those videos, I'd use the exact same song only set the pace to Long Term Care showing the old folk lying in bed with no one to check on them for hours, the med nurse i...
  2. night owl

    Thoughtful Supervisor - Not!

    Don't you just love these people? My NM has a doctorate in nursing, but most of the time she doesn't have a bit of sense and it's always her way or no way. One time I said to her, "Don't you feel like writing a book or something???" I just don't get ...
  3. night owl

    I'm not "WIPING BUTTS"

    When my mom was hospitalized with CHF and after receiving IM Lasix, she needed the bed pan so badly and asked the med nurse to hand her the bedpan from her bedside cabinet. The nurse said, "It's not my job" and walked away with her med cart. Mom had ...
  4. night owl

    lost panties

    Call the "pantie police", they'll know what to do!
  5. night owl

    Resigned Nurse Manager position today...

    :icon_hug: I'm happy for you too. Best wishes!
  6. night owl


    At our facility on nights, our UM expects 75% of the residents washed dressed and OOB for breakfast by 0645-0700 and are all expected to be fed by the time day shift arrives at 0730. Our census is 60 when we have a full house, so only a handful are l...
  7. night owl

    med carts/control freaks

    My new pet peeve...people pouring lactulose or any syrupy med over the computer keyboard! When you go to type in your code to log on it looks like this...BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB because the keys stick! I can't stand it!!! Why can't they pour away from the...
  8. night owl

    LTC big dogs at the top

    Some do get incentive awards if they keep the budget down... nice big fat bonus checks! But to get them for not providing basic comfort needs??? I will silence myself before it's too late!
  9. night owl

    LTC big dogs at the top

    That's criminal!!! These people should be locked up! God bless the staff...they are truly angels of mercy!
  10. night owl

    Are you paid when you clock out, or end of shift?

    Hmmm, I KNOW we need time clocks at our facility. We just might be the last place on earth who doesn't have them and I know it would solve many of our problems. Too many problems with people leaving early and still getting paid, people coming in late...
  11. night owl

    Rn not giving scheduled meds

    I sure agree to this. Where is the professionalism?
  12. night owl

    Why I need a new job

    Dang, I forgot about the fires. :uhoh21: Darn smokers!
  13. night owl

    Why I need a new job

    And THE ELDERS ROLL!!! :yelclap: Happy searchin'! :balloons:
  14. For those who use them, I hope you aren't anymore. We had one enclosure bed by Vail used by a pt who was on the floor matt every night so an enclosed bed was ordered. The doc adjusted his ...
  15. night owl

    Master Cleanse?

    My mother was into the "physic" thing. Not for a daily BM, but her answer to everything was, "You need a physic. That'll get rid of it." Cold sore, physic. A virus, physic. Infection, physic. Half my life was spent on the throne!