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  1. crazydoglady89

    anatomy and physiology online course

    I am saying that this was NOT the case at all for me, so hopefully the OP will do the research far ahead of time in their area. If it helps, I'm in FL and I found most schools I applied to (which were 3, and I was accepted to all 3 with online classes) accepted my courses, and all are ABSN, state school programs that are pretty well respected. In terms of harder? It depends. For me, the classes were extremely difficult because the professor posted powerpoints that were literally re writing the chapters. Some of my PPT's would be in the 200-300's for one chapter, and we covered two chapters a week. It was extremely unhelpful, so I had to go a bit rogue and teach myself A&P. I did this by using youtube videos, having my husband tutor me (He's a PA, so luckily is very versed in the important parts that I needed to know), reading the book for what I thought was important, and figuring it all out myself. If I had the choice, I would have loved in-person, but this allowed me to keep working my job and is a big reason why I am able to take a month off before school and attend my program completely debt free. I had to study pretty hard, and work through the frustration of not having a teacher. I have heard of other great success stories though, so it REALLY depends. I would try and find a student that had the online teacher/took the class and ask them what their experience was. I'm really good with independent study, so be honest with yourself. Not everyone is, and a LOT of people need that face-to-face experience. I really don't know if I could have gotten through it without my husband helping me out. I had a lot of frustrating nights. Edit: I have to say one of the most frustrating things about taking these classes online was that sometimes the connection would break while taking an exam, and one time I had issues with the testing software, but that can be worked through. You just have to REALLY take ownership when it comes to testing time. One night, the internet went out in my apartment. You don't automatically fail, but the clock did keep running and I was in a huge panic and the test deleted all my answers. I think my classes were accepted because they had the camera/anti cheating software. I'm aware some programs do not, which I don't think is right. For me, the choice was simply because it was the ONLY choice if I wanted to keep my job. My community colleges offered the classes only during my working hours, and the uni I ended up taking them online at was the same situation. If I had the luxury, I would choose in person. I feel as if I got a good education, but gosh darn was it difficult to get there. Luckily I had an amazing human bio professor (also online) that helped me solidify a lot of A&P concepts, which I firmly believe helped me do well on the TEAS.
  2. crazydoglady89

    Humber PN or Ryerson RN?

    I would go for what you eventually WANT, which is the RN. There is nothing wrong with PN, especially if you have a family to support along the way and want to take a bridge program later, which is MUCH more flexible. However, you are YOUNG. I would go for the regular 4 year program. You can't sit around worrying about future failures. If you are a good student and commit to staying on top of your studies, success will likely be the outcome. If you are worried about your academic abilities/need a slower pace, then you will need to address that. Don't worry about the "what-if" situations right now. I used to be exactly like you, and I worried myself out of starting my path to nursing 10 years ago when I should have. Like you, I feared I would fail some classes, but also wondered what if I kill someone, or just overall am too incapable of being a nurse. It's good to have a LITTLE fear to keep you on your toes (hopefully you have less than I did, I was downright anxious), but don't let that hold you back! 4 years seems like a long time, but it's not. It'll fly by. Ultimately, nobody can tell you what will be best for YOU, but if I were in your shoes that's what I would do. My good friend chose LPN early on because she had a son VERY young (I think she was 17) and just got her BSN this past year at 26, so that path ended up working for her.
  3. crazydoglady89

    grade in degree before BSN affect CRNA school applications?

    I am not an SRNA, but I would think that the best thing for you to do at this time would be to contact the school directly and ask them. Some schools this matters, and others it doesn't. Some schools may weigh only certain classes very heavily, while others will look at the entire picture, including your previous career achievements and interview.
  4. crazydoglady89

    Finding an ABSN program

    I also don't believe such a school exists. Here's what I did: 1. Google ALL state-schools that offer ABSN programs (or regular that accept 2nd degree students). State because I refuse to pay private tuition. I recommend you go this route too, because your grades are probably good enough to get accepted SOMEWHERE with state tuition. 2. Make a list in Excel of all pre reqs that are required to apply/be considered COMPETITIVE. 3. Start a plan of attack at my local state school (which I ended up getting accepted to for ABSN!) to take the pre-reqs that are common across ALL programs 4. Apply to those programs that I was eligible to apply for. So, a few of the programs (not many though) required chemistry or some other pre req that very few of the others required. Since I wasn't able to take chemistry while working my full time job (it wasn't offered online or during a time I wasn't working, and I was keeping this from my employer), I had to take human biology. I couldn't apply to programs that required chemistry, but that's ok because that left me with 3 programs that were great options for me. I ended up having to accept I couldn't apply to every single program, and just cast the widest net with the classes I was sure I could take. My plan B if I got rejected from all my schools was to take those additional classes and apply to ADN programs in my area or the others that I had left out before. Luckily it didn't come to that, but I wasn't about to take more classes. You have AMAZING grades, but make sure you try applying to a few schools. Don't neglect interview skills, and I would HIGHLY recommend getting in some GOOD volunteer experience that you can speak to, unless you have healthcare experience. Volunteer work wasn't required in any of my programs, however it gave me amazing talking points, and truthfully was a big part of the reason I chose nursing. Your 3.8 is a great foot in the door, but applicant pools can be stronger some years than others. Your interview/other experience will bring you from amazing to even more amazing :)
  5. crazydoglady89

    How many hours did you work during prerequisites?

    I worked ~50 hours a week while taking 1 science, 1 lab and 1 non-science, so ~7 credits. In my first degree I worked two jobs, so about ~50 (sometimes more) hours a week while pursuing full time. It actually seems more full as an "adult" learner because I like to spend time with my husband and our 2 dogs, and I also prioritize exercise. You can make a lot work if you "have" to :) I see a lot of people on here that have very supportive jobs/jobs where they can study at work, so it really depends on your situation. This wasn't my case because I actually feared termination if my job found out (I was previously a financial analyst, and as of last week I'm unemployed to enjoy my time until I start school in May!), so I took EVERYTHING online and never talked to anyone about school until I actually got in. If you are willing and able to not work full time, you could start there. I would say it's more important to get solid pre req grades!
  6. crazydoglady89

    Rate my professor?

    I used to use it in my first degree program ~6-10 years ago. I checked reviews for my professors that I used for pre reqs, and found someone who rated the professor as poor because "he teaches us things that aren't even on the tests", and another one complaining that you have to actually read the book. Take it with a grain of salt.
  7. crazydoglady89

    USF ABSN 2017

    I'm sure you COULD get lucky with a walk-in, however when I made my appt I was under the impression the person who does immunizations is only there on certain days/times.
  8. crazydoglady89

    USF ABSN 2017

    I'm also excited to meet everyone! I have to admit I freaked out a bit about the immunizations (Castelbranch) because I thought I read the e-mail wrong and I DEFINITELY won't have those done until late April because that's the earliest SHScould get me in.
  9. crazydoglady89

    USF ABSN 2017

    I never thanked you for your response! That's so strange. I would say just do the TB test in the opposite arm, but what do I know? :)
  10. crazydoglady89

    USF ABSN 2017

    I have an appointment there late April to get my immunizations and titers done also. Did you get everything done (all 5 requirements) and did you have to wait very long to get the results? I'm going to try and hunt down some of my records, but i have a feeling I'm still going to need a few of them.
  11. crazydoglady89

    USF ABSN 2017

    Did you end up getting an answer?
  12. crazydoglady89

    USF ABSN 2017

    Good luck next week everyone! I hope we find out by Friday!
  13. crazydoglady89

    UCF 2017 Accelerated Nursing Program

    It was a "strict" deadline, but with that being said, people will always forfeit their seats up to the beginning of the program. I remember them saying at open house that they will call waitlisters up until the first week of classes. People forfeit their seats for all sorts of reasons. If you were accepted and wanted to hold your seat, the 14th is a strict deadline, yes.
  14. crazydoglady89

    UCF 2017 Accelerated Nursing Program

    Has anyone received MoA information yet? I assume they were going to wait for the RSVP deadline (today) to start sending information out. I'm just panicking that i'll miss something!
  15. crazydoglady89

    UNF (University of North Florida)BSN 2017 Applicants

    I haven't received one yet! For another program my e-mail arrived later than everyone else's (I'm the end of the alphabet!), so just hold tight! Edit: I don't have an Osprey e-mail :[. It's my understanding you don't have one unless you're an admitted student or attended previously. Has anyone with a non-osprey account heard?
  16. crazydoglady89

    Help: I failed out of nursing school

    This sounds like a really good plan. It definitely sounds like you just need to get that anxiety under control. Best of luck to you!