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NoctuRNal_UnicoRN ASN, BSN

ICU, OR, Periop
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NoctuRNal_UnicoRN has 3 years experience as a ASN, BSN and specializes in ICU, OR, Periop.

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  1. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Richmond area ?

    Hello! I will be looking for work anywhere within an hour of Richmond, come spring. Most of my nursing experience is in ICU. I also have some pre/post op and OR experience. I'd love to bridge over to CVICU at some point for something new and differen...
  2. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    Yep. Daily occurrence. Worse most days, actually, because new MUSTS are added weekly or previous musts are changed. This is why many nurses leave the hospital, bedside, go back to school or leave nursing. It's too much. Everything happening each week...
  3. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Expiration date checks on supplies

    Sounds like an incident happened with expired products? 🤔 That's unacceptable. If you're an RN, that is also a senseless waste of your patient care time, when this task could be delegated to a tech or other support staff. Even if you are a tech/...
  4. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Notified of call before being on call

    The policy should have clearly defined what is to happen during call situations, which it obviously didn't, considering it "couldn't be found" by the manager. I would guess that the manager knew their actions could be considered inappropriate, but wa...
  5. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Caption This Cartoon Nurses Week Contest

    "Oh that's just Jim, he's hiding from administration again. He didn't agree with all of the new policy changes."
  6. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Caption This Cartoon Nurses Week Contest

    "We didn't get a restraint renewal and the air occlusion alarm tipped him over the edge."
  7. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Cartoon Caption Student Nurse Day Contest

    "This is one of those moments textbooks couldn't prepare me for."
  8. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Make a Meme Nurses Week Contest

    "I don't care you better page them for the one that starts with "M" because I've been at 10/10 since yesterday!"
  9. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Doctors Say the Darnedest Things Nurses Week Contest

    RN: "I just need discharge orders and we're all set!" MD: "I don't know how to do that can't you guys put them in for me?"
  10. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Make a Meme Nurses Week Contest

    "I want everyone's whiteboard updated before the mandatory meeting in five minutes!"
  11. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    We have nurses like this in both the hospitals I've been in. They are referred to as "SWAT" nurses. The acronym can mean different things. They are essentially a resource nurse, or circulating nurse, that goes to all floors and provides any needed as...
  12. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    "I'm not even mad, that's impressive."
  13. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    "Must be a full moon tonight."
  14. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Anyone in Duluth area?

    Thank you for the input! St. Luke's is a significantly smaller entity than Essentia, and I think that might be a good starting point for working in the area. I've been to Essentia a few times visiting people they were caring for, and I really wasn't ...
  15. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Anyone in Duluth area?

    I have been considering a move that would place me with a nice commute to either Essentia or St. Lukes. Can anyone here give me some insight into differences between the two, wages, benefits etc.? St. Lukes doesn't offer any look at wages online that...
  16. NoctuRNal_UnicoRN

    Taking my first science class

    I am a visual/tactile learner. Getting my hands on models and watching videos of how everything comes together worked well for me. I loved using Khan academy for studying, and lab models. Making flashcards or using premade cards was helpful too. I wa...