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  1. rnzilla

    Health Care Access Webinar

    Hello! I am trying to find some free webinars (from reputable sources) related to health care access for school. Please share and resources you know of!
  2. rnzilla

    Completing BSN in time

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with nudging up against a deadline for completing your BSN within a timeframe given by an employer? I had tried to complete my degree a couple of years ago through a traditional college but due to some health issues was unable to complete it. I am now a month and a half away from my five year deadline and have two self-paced classes left. I am pretty sure I will be done but wanted to hear from people who have had similar experiences. All HR has told me so far is that I could be let go.
  3. rnzilla

    Nurses with fibromyalgia/cfs/similar conditions?

    Hey there! I actually started experiencing my symptoms a few weeks after I graduated with my RN degree. I took boards in pure misery! I sometimes wonder how I passed! Anyways, I won't lie, I wanted to give up there in the beginning when things first started and I didn't have a diagnosis. I was pretty sure I had fibro though and was encouraged by a counselor to continue down the path I had worked so hard for. I am so glad I did! I now work at one of the best Hospitals in the nation. I do straight 12s, and yes sometimes I am tired and achy afterwards or during but I find when I am there I usually feel fine save for a few occasions. I think the distraction of work is a good thing for me. Keep in mind as an RN you can go down many avenues, you don't just have to work 12 hour shifts in a hospital! There are tons of opportunities! Fibro sucks and there really is no getting around it but don't let it limit your desire to work in the field. It can be managed.

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