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YourFaveNurse has 1 years experience and specializes in Rehabilitation nurse.

Student by day , nurse by night . 245/8 mother & wife !

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  1. YourFaveNurse

    What is your dream job?

    To be paid just for being alive :)
  2. I have an interview at both. & plan on going to both. MICU @ IU . Progressive care unit @ Eskenazi. Just wanted to hear from employees from either.. i know Eskenazi pays more lol
  3. YourFaveNurse

    What's In A Name Badge?

    nursing school is HARD! Hard to get in, hard to stay in, hard to finish & hard to pass nclex. If you make it & graduate w/ your BSN , then you should wear your credentials proudly. Alot of people would die to have accomplished that. that's my take on it ...
  4. YourFaveNurse

    I Lost My Baby And My Phone!

    this is what nursing is all about . it's the most important part of nursing............the part you dont learn in the books & aren't tested over on nclex. & you, my dear, are a wonderful nurse ❤️ love this story
  5. YourFaveNurse

    Whatever happened to going to school to be a nurse?

    i am an LPN , currently in the LPN-RN program & i completly agree! Everyone wants to be an NP! Nobody wants to be bed side! I'm 25 & i've been an LPN since i was 22. I love bedside . My mother, Who is also a nurse, swears that i'll get tired of bed side but i absolutely doubt it !
  6. YourFaveNurse

    WGU will not accept me

    i absolutely don't see you getting into WGU. Period, point, exclamation point, without experience. Sounds like to me, you just wont be working as an RN. Sounds like you should have went for something in politics. That way you could help change things. Lol, you sound so ridiculous
  7. YourFaveNurse

    School Closings

    I dont think ivy tech having clinical changes fits into this subject. Because IUPUI has their clinical availability change often & so does Marian. I'm pretty sure every nursing school does , seeing as it's not at the schools disgression but at the clinical sites'
  8. YourFaveNurse

    Ivy tech RN program applications

    If anyone doesn't feel like purchasing the EBooks & would rather get regular books PM me ! I'm at the Lawrence campus :)
  9. YourFaveNurse

    ITT Tech closing ALL schools nationwide

    Someone asked which four school just need to disappear... fortis, medtech & kaplan. For profit schools allow anyone to be nurses & it's ridiculous. The hesi score needes to get into fortis in indiana where i live is low! Medtech & kaplan are totally unaccredited. & i believe fortis is having a hard time getting clinical spots. I think going to a good school for nursing is very important. It will determine the opportunity you get as far as clinicals & jobs as well as the respect you get from other nurses
  10. YourFaveNurse

    Hospitals in Indianapolis, Please Help??

    IU health pays least w/ $22 as a base pay. Not sure about differencial but really nice hospital. Eskenazi & Community pay more & their nurses love working there!
  11. YourFaveNurse

    Ivy Tech Transition Students

    i'm enjoying my break too. sleeping my ass off. haven't worked at all lol. but yeah i guess I'm the only one who is ready to go back. I have anxiety lol, ready to get back and get this semester over with. How do you have medsurg tho?? we don't OB/Peds and mental health this semester @ Lawrence. we have complex medsurg but thats not until spring. but anyways. 1 semester down, two to go!
  12. YourFaveNurse


    Im at ivytech currently & will be in my last semester when the program starts. But u only take 3 classes via iupui while your at ivy tech. . I dont think its nethng spectacular at all they could hAve done better for us lol
  13. YourFaveNurse


    Does anyone know about this program? Anyone been through it? I'm at Ivy Tech right now completing my LPN-ASN. I will need abt 12-15 more credits ( mostly electives such as art appreciation etc ).
  14. YourFaveNurse

    What do we need to buy?

    you'll get a list at orientation, every campus is different
  15. YourFaveNurse

    My fellow LPN-RN Ivy Tech Transition buddies

    Yours shld be on blackboard now
  16. YourFaveNurse

    My fellow LPN-RN Ivy Tech Transition buddies

    Just got emails of our syllabus & our course outlines / due dates !!!!