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  1. TitaniumPlates

    Registry while on travel contract - How?

    No. It's not. Again with anecdotal information. Local hospitals in California where you want to work want you to do things like a full solid week of orientation in a classroom and then a couple of weeks of orientation to the unit where you will work. Prn or registry isn't like travel. They don't drop you into shifts and expect you to perform because that is what travelers are for. Prn rates for hospitals are much lower than the average hourly rate we make as a traveler because we have housing and M&IE included. They also want someone who will be there for a longer period of time. If they hire you then train you to their unit they expect a return on their investment. Else they would just hire a traveler to fill those holes in the schedule. I have heard this myth over and over about $500/ shift in California for a day's work. First, you are med surg. That alone will most likely be the factor that precludes you from getting anything like that offered. Second. You do realize that if the shift paid $500...you have 13% California income tax, FICA, and other taxes, right? They don't hand you five Benjamins and call you again when its convenient for your schedule. You do realize that being a traveler you are scheduled by the facility you are contracted to. Right? You do understand that you have little to zero flexibility with your schedule as a traveler right? You do realize that most travel companies and hospitals will deny you a full week off to do orientation at some other hospital even if you could magically get hired and plan your orientation to where your negotiated week off lands? You do realize you have to be honest with the hospital and company that might be interested in you for registry or prn? Right??
  2. TitaniumPlates

    What is the average weekly take home in CA? (2019)

    And btw. That 3000 take home Argo mentioned is WITH THE HOUSING STIPEND INCLUDED. Learn what constitutes a travel pay package before you alienate helpful people like Ned and Argo who are trying to educate you on the realities of travel. There is the taxable rate and then the stipends are added on. The typical taxable rate can be from (since you love averages) $17/hr in Albany ny to $32/hr in San Fran. That is your taxable pay. That is what you report to the IRS. Then you have housing. Depending on your location (again with the ranges and averages). 3000 /mo in San Fran to 750 a mo in Albany. Can you do math? Then you will see that when you take a job in Albany you may actually take home more because the cost of living is lower and you can find cheap housing. San fran bay housing is 4000-6000 a month unless you bunk with another traveler. Then you get to think about being cancelled after you already fronted the money for a short term rental. Your company doesn't pick that up. You are responsible for your housing. Then you get to think about being let go. Because you are an absolute obnoxious a$$#ole to the staff because you believe you should be making $3000 a week with your housing already paid. Then you get to think about how you have to duplicate expenses in your tax home because the IRS wants their cut. Are. You. Getting. It. Yet.
  3. TitaniumPlates

    What is the average weekly take home in CA? (2019)

    Ok. Gonna jump in here. What Argo and neda said is that you are a med surg nurse with a specific quantity and quality of work experience. You have certain certifications. You don't have others. You have decent enough references but maybe not nurse manager references. You have never traveled before. You want to travel to California. The bill rate for Sacramento med surg at a level 1 trauma center is different than the bill rate for med surg at a level none hospital 20 miles outside of Sacramento. Because the housing costs are different. The hospital's agreement with the travel company is different. The company itself is different than the 500 or so other travel companies that might get you in there. As far as Argo saying he made between 1200 and 3000. Argo is a highly specialized and vastly more experienced nurse than you are now. He has traveled for many years. So has ned. Your compensation wont even come close to theirs. Not ever. Because you will always be less experienced than they are...they will always be ahead of you. If you plan on staying med surg.. your compensation is most likely the lowest in the industry...and your assignments the s#ittiest. Is thus enough? How about I share my own info since you think ned and Argo are withholding because....well....because they're just these snooty highly paid greed monsters that just don't want to help you. I am a highly specialized ED/trauma traveler with 5 years in. I have been to 8 states doing contracts in ca, or, ny, Wa, va, NC, vt, mn. I have cen, tncc, pals, acls, nihss, esi cert and a bajillion other things like ekg cert, phlebotomy cert, ultrasound iv/picc cert. I have 8 nurse manager references and a boatload of colleague references. My pay in NC was TAKEHOME (and your stupid and I mean stupid assertion that anybody with 2 years of med surg and no travel experience could TAKE HOME $3000 is delusional) $1400 /week with my deductions jacked up and no insurance. My TAKE HOME from one of the highest paying travel jobs in california... mid valley on sf bay contract hospital...$1900-2100 week depending on whether it was crisis or winter or summer rates. Are you getting it yet? You are not experienced. You have no real marketable specialty that is in demand (think OR, ER, ICU, cath lab, PACU). What you want is what everyone wants. That idiot girl who posted her $19k paycheck for 2 weeks in your bank account. That is delusional. She did something that is next to impossible...but you don't want to hear that. She was PRN. She worked the holiday and night shift differentials and worked an unsafe number of hours. listen to me carefully. TRAVEL NURSING DOES NOT WORK THE WAY PRN NURSING WORKS. You are a hired gun for that facility and you do what they tell you when they tell you. You have no control over your overtime schedule if you even get any. You get NO SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL OR HOLIDAY PAY. Are you getting it yet? Last. You have zero idea of what any contract or company is going to pay you until you out sign up and negotiate. you think you have this vast experience and ability to command anything from them and they will dump you. You have hours to either accept or decline an offer...and you have no idea whether another one is on the heels of that one. You cannot be submitted to a hospital by multiple companies at the same time hoping to get better pay. Are. You. Getting. It. Yet. Then you have the nerve to ask, after literally accusing these very helpful advisors WHERE CAN I SNAG THAT HIGH PAYING JOB. Yeah. Right. Here is a good piece of advice. Go sign your bada$$ med surg self up with 5 travel companies and submit all of your vast years of experience with your stellar references and hundreds of certifications. Tell them that you will only work in the high paying areas of California and Washington. Tell them that you want $2100-3000 TAKE HOME (NOT GROSS). With insurance and taxes taken. Come back and tell us how that went.
  4. TitaniumPlates

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    ok ok. i'll got ahead and say it--y'all want to but nobody wants to be the first. OP---what you're implying is not that the test is biased against men. What you're actually implying is that men aren't as intelligent as women when taking the NCLEX. It's insulting. Should we dumb it down for the male test taker so that they can pass under the 265? maybe we should filter the test for age. and ethnicity. and race. good golly. you have what---4 friends that say they needed 265? I have students that I tutor---FEMALE students---that have come to me sweating bullets because... drum roll.... they got all 265. Be grateful that you passed. Remind me why you are upset that you passed? You're not one of those "stacy" and "chad" guys are you?
  5. TitaniumPlates

    Why wouldn't this cost of living hack work for California?

    My point is made. You want to mooch off of everyone---your SO and everyone who has been idiot enough to lend you money, a place to stay or even advice. Listen. You are simply not going to get what you want here---unless, of course---it's a "rise" out of everyone and attention. Which is precisely what I believe this is. You're saying whatever---ignoring anything of substance...but but but but but but but........and just yammering on and on about how everything is going to work out in your favor... THEN GO AND DO IT. You have it all figured? THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE YAMMERING ABOUT IT. Go make your "million in the bank" and cheat the banks and your SO and everybody else---because this is what you've got planned anyway.
  6. TitaniumPlates

    Why wouldn't this cost of living hack work for California?

    What is it that you have in common then? Not busting your chops Myoglobin, but this is very familiar to me--where an ex had determined in his mind what he was going to change me into once he convinced me to get married. Bleach my hair (I am a dark brunette), get 38DD implants (I am a 34b), cut my hair into a pixie (my hair is super super wiry and curly) and then change my name to Lara. Delusional much? I didn't hear any of this until after he knew I took marriage very seriously and don't believe in divorce other than in cases of abuse. He participated in activities that I liked---in order to convince me to marry and then he would "change things" to how he wanted them. I don't know you. But I do know that this is abusive---this constant manipulating other people to do things a certain way that pleases only you. I especially don't appreciate the comment that it is her fault that your life isn't going as planned---because "she knew this about me since the day we met---and she isn't going along with what I have decided to do". Then leave. If it's all her fault that she "should have known better" since she knew you way back when---then leave. This conversation is getting truly ridiculous. You are being obstructionist and then using "spectrum" as a defense. You understand English and you understand right from wrong. What I see is a personality that wants the easy way---let's hack California. Let's file bankruptcy to take advantage of getting a great education and then welching on paying back what you owe someone else for getting you where you want to be. Let's harass and harangue a partner "every single day" mentioning how your dream is being squashed by her decision to stay in her comfort zone. No matter what NPs in the real world say---I am going to make $200K while sitting in my pajamas playing video games and doing my charting a week late because I want to. This isn't spectrum. This is adolescent. I think your live in partner has been footing the bill in more ways than one and she has the right to be happy just as much as you do. I'm pretty pi$$ed that you seem to think that you are the only one in this situation that deserves their "dream". Using other people is NEVER okay. I know you know this because you got through nursing school and understand that no matter how much a patient irks you---you don't get to put a pillow over their face. You need to put on your adulting pants and get on with it. You made these decisions...no one forced you to do the things you do. You are responsible for your life. People here have suggested REAL WORLD ADULT SOLUTIONS and all you do is argue.
  7. TitaniumPlates

    Nurse Practitioner Called a Drug-Dealer at Sentencing

    "However, these stories are few and probably shouldn’t be used to set precedence for future laws. But, we all know what one bad apple can do to an entire bag, right? What do you think should happen to Akwuba, and where did this situation go wrong? Share your thoughts below." She is a drug dealer. She passes out unnecessary and forged prescriptions for money (forgery is a FELONY. hello.) They aren't "rare". Pill Mills have that name for a reason. She's a drug dealer. So is the doctor. Same punishment for both is reasonable. Do I need to repeat myself that she is a drug dealer?
  8. TitaniumPlates

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    Just a thought---why is it anybody else's business what she does with her spare time?
  9. HaveNurse, honestly...this first part is what is basically an expectation of fast response travel nurses. The first responsibility is on YOU to make sure you can take a job 7 states away in the dead of winter with a crap car, not the travel agency. They asked, and you said okie dokie. I empathize with your winter driving. Grew up not far from northern Ohio. So I have very little patience for anyone who uses that as an excuse, particularly someone who LIVES THERE. If you were from Florida or California and had never experienced that kind of driving before, I would say...lesson learned, I am glad you're okay. But you are from WISCONSIN. You knew better than to try speeding to a job that far away in that kind of weather. If the remainder is like this, I really am wondering what Ned said..."what is your point?" What is the "dark side" of traveling? This IS traveling. It's flying by the seat of your pants and being organized and with enough common sense to be able to add, read a weather report and know your limits. If you don't have these, travel nursing is NOT FOR YOU. Cancelled when you drove 3000 miles? Gonna sit and cry? Uh...then travel is not for you. It's in the contract. Facilities can cancel at any time. Get your feet under you and compensate. I can name a thousand things that have happened to me over the years traveling, not all of them even in the realm of reality...but you sign up for a large amount of UNCERTAINTY. That IS the job. Anybody who tells you otherwise, is lying. Period. This isn't dark so far. I'm not sure why you'd find it acceptable to drive that vehicle to a regular job 25 miles away, let alone 2500 miles in the northern tier winter. Kinda flies in the face of the commentary on the thread about the kid who got fired for calling off a day before a snowstorm because she had a crap car. I know I am being harsh. But read the thread about this kid and how this forum came down on her for even complaining about her situation. What I think you should be hearing from this same group is.... GROW UP AND GET A GOOD CAR! Adulting is HARD! Suck it up! YOU made this commitment, you stick to it even if you DIED TRYING! What is wrong with you that you have a crap car??? Don't you have common sense??? I think travel is not for you, because if this is how you approached it and are now saying it's the "travel job" and not your lack of prep and common sense coming into it....you really need to stay at a local perm job where breaking down between point A and B is nothing more than a mile walk home.