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  1. Hello Everyone! I have a RN License from another State in US but I want to acquire CA RN License by Endorsement. I am an International graduate and passed IELTS 2-3 years ago. My question are as follows. 1.Will they require me to take TOEFL even if I passed IELTS and NCLEX? Considering I am only endorsing my license to Ca? 2. They asked for Transcript of Records. Is it okay that the CGFNS will send them my TOR electronically or will they require that the TOR should be sent directly from an International school to California BON? Can someone please enlighten me on this matter. I would appreciate. Thanks a lot!
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    for CA RN lic.ENDORSEMENT from Another State

    I am still waiting for my papers...Ca BON needs TOR/Transcript from the school you graduated from.It must be sent from the school to BON DIRECTLY.Then you can apply online and pay the fee(MUST BE DONE at the SAME TIME). Do LIVESCAN and have license verified from the State where you have license with. How about you? please feel free to share your experience.Tnx!
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    International nurses

    How's your application?
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    How's your application with Nevada board? Did they exempt you from taking English exam? Any updates? Thank you!
  5. Hi! How's your experience with the CNTP?
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    Army FY 2019

    How is it to be a Nurse Reserve? Did you undergo CNTP for 6 months?
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    Army FY 2019

    Did you take ASVAB?
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    Army Nurse

    Is ASVAB needed to be a Nurse Reserve? I'm an RN with BSN. May I know how long is the minimum contract? Thank you!
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    Army Nurse

    Is ASVAB needed to be a Nurse Reserve? I have BSN too... Did you get the signing bonus? Thank you!
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    Advice to a New Grad Nurse ?

    I was told that my experience back home is considered scant and since I graduated 10 yrs ago, it might be hard.Currently licensed in Wa but I am willing to move to be able to train in Med Surgical or any area which will open doors for me.Thank you so much for your time.I appreciate!
  11. Hi Nurses and future Nurses! How are you? I have 3 questions for Tacoma based friends or those who live nearby. 1.How is Pacific Lutheran University as a Nursing school or a training center for Nurses? 2. Have anyone tried their RN refresher course? if not RN maybe LVN? How is it? Can you please share your experience. 3. What is the cheapest place to live if you will attend their classes and Where do they conduct their clinical? Your input will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    Banner New Grad Experience

    Which are is best to apply in Banner where cost of living is also affordable and safe for a stranger who doesn't know anyone at all. Thank you so much!
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    Tacoma General

    That's scary!!!! I don't understand why seniors eat their young's. May I know where did you end up working?
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    Working as a new grad in Portland & Relocating

    Thank you! I will..
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    Working as a new grad in Portland & Relocating

    cool! How is the OHSU environment?
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    Legacy RN Residency

    How's your application?
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    Working as a new grad in Portland & Relocating

    Hi! Did you move to OR?
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    RN with no experience seeking advice

    How are you? Did you move to OR?
  19. Hi Everyone! Residency can be a mixed of feelings. From the application process, the waiting game......you feel desperate sometimes because you keep submitting all your applications within the State you live at and to other State(s) as well... That you lost track of which hospital(s) you sent your application to. Still no replies.... Day and night, you check your phone and email...Hoping and wishing someone from HR will call you and give you good news or just give you a chance somehow! While waiting...So many thoughts ran into your mind, so many questions bug you, plenty of what and how questions kept your neurotransmitters busy that it sometimes consumed you. A simple reply on your post or an IM message makes you jump for joy! Because you know someone wants to connect with you and now you feel, you have company on this uncertainties.It gives you HOPE and STRENGTH now, knowing someone can lead or guide you for once they were on your shoes too. I hope people can share their experience on CHI(St Joseph). What was the 1.Application process, 2.The interview 3. Next step until the Residency experience especially the 1st 6 months where they lay down their cards. Thank you very much for your time! Very much appreciated and valued!
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    loma linda university medical center

    When will you start? For sure they will provide orientation for you. US is in need of Nurses. You will be fine! You can do it!
  21. Hi Everyone! How are you? Anyone who has interview experience in St Joseph Tacoma? Which part of the Center did you for? Can you please share your experience? How is it working there? How's the training for the Residency? Hope to hear from you! Thank you so much!
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    "If you have been a licensed nurse in the United States less than five (5) years prior to submission of your application to Nevada, you are required to successfully pass one of the following English proficiency examinations. " This is an unsolicited advise. You may also ask them what they meant by "LICENSED USRN, less than 5 years prior to application...". If licensed and working in the US as USRN? or LICENSED USRN and working outside US? This has a big difference because they wanna know that you can communicate with your coworkers and with the patient.
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    You may try to call them so you can personally talk to Nevada BON. I took and passed IELTS in 2016.
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    Easiest states for foreign graduates

    Hey! May I know how much did you pay for the endorsement? Did you pay $750.00? It's quite expensive. There's a big difference if you are an Int'l grad compare to US graduate. I would love to hear your experience. Thank you!
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    New nurse, 1st job, how to learn everything?!

    You are very Welcome! Cool.. 4 weeks is short but it is still good because you know you have someone to ask. Some facilities will just give you 4 days and that's it.You are still blessed! I agree with Daisy, learn things everyday and one at a time. We will never learn everything. The best thing you can do is to develop strong relationship with your mentors and other health care workers. You will learn from everyone. From patients, CNA's to MD's etc. ASK questions and take down NOTES, learn the best practices from every person you encounter and DOUBLE or TRIPLE CHECK the MAR and the TAR always. NEVER hesitate to ASK questions. There's no RIGHT or WRONG question(s), or DUMB question(s) as long as you learn. When you get home, review what you learned or watch a video or read something about it. Be hungry to learn everyday even just for 1 thing. CONGRATS!!!!