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  1. OscarTheOwl

    Moving California. Insight on pay scale etc?

    I live in SoCal and it is bad, but not as bad as described. There are too many people, too many cars, and too much meth. This year is actually a very wet year, it's raining right now. I pay about 2K/month for my huge house. My water bill is around 30-40/month and I have a large inground pool/spa and run my sprinklers twice daily 3x a week AND I have 4 children and a husband. We are not water conservers by any means. I have never paid to park anywhere in my mid-large sized city. Gas is around 3.75/gal. What will hit hard is tags/DMV fees, a truck will cost around 1000 for tags per year. Income/property taxes are high, but you adjust to this. It is hot and the air quality sucks, so maybe not a good choice for asthmatics or those with chronic lung conditions. I make 6 figures and do not have an advanced degree. I've never had an issue getting a job and my city has many nursing schools churning out new grads twice a year.
  2. OscarTheOwl

    Maureen Walsh Meme Nurses Week Contest

  3. OscarTheOwl

    Patients Say the Darnedest Things Nurses Week Contest

    My 4 y/o patient was having an echo and the tech was explaining the heart and she says "can you see Jesus in there?" Another small child was having surgery and she asked what the anesthesiologist was for, I explained he puts people to sleep. She said, with the widest eyes I've ever seen "he kills people 😲"
  4. OscarTheOwl

    How should I take my prerequisites

    You already know you're accepted may 2019? I had to have all those classes completed before I was even able to apply. I took chem and AP I together and it was tough but manageable. I had a 1 yr old and was pregnant that semester. The nutrition class was online and very easy so I wouldn't sweat that one. I was required to take chem before micro, so I'd check if that is required by your school also, wouldn't want to try to take those together the last semester if one is a pre-req to the other.
  5. OscarTheOwl

    How much do you pay for daycare?

    3 kids 75/day 5 days a week, 375 a week x52 weeks =19,500 per year. Roughly 1600ish per month But she comes to my house, cleans up and takes/picks up from school. Shes a family member that cared for me as a child. Takes them to all appointments so its worth it to me.
  6. OscarTheOwl

    Gun Owning Nurses

    I don't have my weapons in the nightstand because I have small children, but they are accessible. I think it's very nursey to protect myself from home invaders as much as protecting myself from microbial invaders. Californian here, so may be the exception, but live in a very red portion of Cali. Also have a hubs who is gone 90% of the time, so it's only me left to protect my little humans, which I would without a thought as to the damage it would inflict upon the unlucky person who would threaten the Oscar home. You mention it's not a handgun, so what if it is? I don't see how it's anyone's business if you own guns, or what type. Very strange to assume gun ownership is not nursey.
  7. OscarTheOwl

    Pet peeve

    Wow! I am shocked, my 4th and 5th graders are required to take vocabulary and spelling tests in cursive and it must be written neatly or no credit is given. They are both fairly proficient. And I live in a town with extremely poor schools. I had no idea other kids were not learning cursive! To the OP, doesn't it make you feel super duper smart to catch other people's mistakes? I bet you are spot on and all the documentation errors are made by utter buffoons who have no business holding a nursing license.
  8. OscarTheOwl

    did any of you share your first job offer on Facebook?

    Have seen this personally, and the person was friends with their boss.
  9. OscarTheOwl

    How much experience to work per diem/casual?

    I wanted to switch to per diem with my first hospital job, was told 2 years experience was required and there was a waiting list. A PRN position had to be open, they wouldn't just create one.
  10. OscarTheOwl

    My professor is an LPN in a BSN program

    In my associate degree program, the teachers had to have a masters degree, or BSN and enrolled in a masters program.
  11. OscarTheOwl

    Question about an interview

    I interviewed for a plastics nursing position, scumbag MD went on and on about how attractive the nurses in his LA office are and how important the office "image" was to him. I didn't get the job and I guarantee it was not on merit! Being ugly is unfortunately not a protected class, so alas I had no recourse. Hopefully your doc just has poor taste and is not good buddies with scumbag MD.
  12. OscarTheOwl

    Was told to consider not being a nurse?

    Although no one has ever suggested I not continue in nursing, I've made some whopper mistakes. First nursing job had a very sick patient. Didn't check drug compatibility and the entire line precipitated in front of my eyes. Thought my patient was gonna die, thought I was gonna die, thankfully we were both just fine. Dropped my first THREE NGT's in the lung. Thought wow I can't even complete a simple task. Most mistakes I made in the beginning of my career made me feel like I wasn't cut out to bag groceries, you just got to keep moving forward. I promise these bumps in the road are valuable experiences.
  13. OscarTheOwl

    triage help

    Every complaint of chest pain should be checked out. You got lucky this time that that nothing serious happend. I'm sure the officers would have called if it got more serious but you never know. I'd advise against dismissing concerns just because a prior assessment was negative. You need to have your eyeballs on every inmate with a serious complaint, even if 99 out of a 100 don't turn out to be serious.
  14. OscarTheOwl

    working for hospital or home care?

    I have done home care per visit and it involved way more than 40 hrs/week. I can imagine a salaried position being similar. It might seem like being your "own boss" would be ideal, but I'd be willing to be that you will be charting late into the evening and would be getting zero overtime for your trouble. I have no experience in infusion nursing so have nothing to offer regarding that option. But given the choices I would personally choose the infusion position.
  15. OscarTheOwl

    claustrophobia and hospital

    Dumb question, but is there not an accessible stairwell you can use, or is that just as bad?
  16. OscarTheOwl

    Aggressive Case Mgr. Making me Nuts

    Case manager needs to call the docs, it would not fly at my facility for us to hound the floor nurses to expedite the discharge.