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  1. RNator

    Discrimination against males in the nursing profession.

    I see. So by verbalizing the events that are witnessed and confirmed, I am whining? I'm glad for you and your love of double standards...not. I thought I was desiring to affect change. I haven't lied about any of what I have posted. Who are you to accuse me of having some other motive? What I see happens, and the guys that have the b*+lls to admit it are needed. Maybe you are just trying to "fit in."
  2. RNator

    Bullied? What the heck is this about?

    I agree. I hate the idea of being a prude, but SHE holds the cards. It IS harassment, and you being male puts you at a disadvantage if you reciprocate on her level...they will side with the female, as messed up as that is. You need a trust worthy witness. Charge nurse, HR, Manager etc. she needs to be put on notice.
  3. RNator

    Facial hair for interview?

    I have been offered every position I have applied for. I've done so with an ear ring if I was wearing one, fairly long, neT beard when I was wearing one...I interview well and I am a damn good catch. Sure, we are all given to our prejudices, but a solid candidate will not be ruled out for superficial reasons...at least that is how it's gone in my experience. Me personally, I respect and trust people who don't hide who they really are.
  4. RNator

    What do I do with my hands??

    Nice replies, keep em coming!
  5. RNator

    What do I do with my hands??

    The title kind of explains my anxiety at this time. New Nurse Manager. I manage a small staff in an office setting. I am so thrilled to have this job, and I have been such a hard working, task and critical thinking individual for so long, that the switch to Manager and having my own office has got me wondering "what do I do with my hands?" I come from ER Nursing, so that should explain allot. I "see" some things that I need to "be," rather than "do" as a manager, have read manager article in an effort to understand the scope of my job NOW, but I am still antsy and have the feeling of "what should I be doing" all the time. It's only been a few weeks, and my preceptor is great, and she is giving some good advice like "spend time with your staff, watch what they do, get to know them and how this place functions." So that's what I am doing, along with reading everything I can get my hands on, listening to books on iPod, podcasts etc...Guess I'm just posting for therapeutic reasons? :-)... Idk...right now I am a sponge, any advice, encouragement will be absorbed. Thanks in advance exit96
  6. RNator

    Now That I'm Gone

    I left my ER of 3 plus years for another adventure. I won't dredge up a bunch of dirt, and I had other reasons for moving on other than some of the "issues." SITUATION: there is a very troubling issue IMO going on in my former ER. While working there I had a few moments of "I really need to discuss this with my manager" moments, but then didn't. The reason I didn't, I guess I didn't want to be branded as "that guy." It also makes it difficult when I am a man and the issue is regarding treatment of male patients. Who wants to stick their neck out in a small place, and when I am a minority employee? Anyway, at this point, do I let Administration know, in an informal manner, without mentioning names, that there are some behaviors to monitor in that place? This is awkward to type, and every time I tried to verbalize it it never came out...so what now?
  7. RNator

    Late for work excuses

    Are you being serious? Can't tell from here :-). Calling to say you'll be late, but then not as late as originally thought, does not qualify one as being "on time" or un-late... "Officer, I know I was driving 95 mph, but I planned on driving 75 mph, therefore I wasn't really going 95mph..." RNator
  8. RNator

    Late for work excuses

    One of the chicks I work with is ALWAYS late, never reprimanded, and this has led to a real messed up comprehension of reality. Here's the most recent "excuse": she called saying that she wouldn't be in until 1pm, shift starts at 11am. When she arrived at 12:20pm she said "I'm actually early because I wasn't going to be able to make it until 1pm..." I'm not sure how long I just stood there, frozen, wondering "how could someone's mind be so void of any reality or concern for her coworkers?" How does someone get to the point where they have lied to themselves for So long that they think others are as deceived as they are?