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  1. OldDude

    LVAD Careplan

    I'd use the MD orders for school attendance as the care plan...heart wrenching but hopefully prayers will be answered.
  2. OldDude

    Thoughts on vegetarian/ vegan diet

    I used to work with a RN who is a vegan. When he was about 40 he tripped while going UP his stairs at home and snapped his right greater trochanter completely in half. I often told him is was because of his "healthy" diet...he never believed me. I still think the diet was the cause.
  3. OldDude

    Thoughts on vegetarian/ vegan diet

    The staff at a chain BBQ restaurant in Texas (I think they are in some other southern states too) wears a T-shirt that says, "I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables!" That's what I'd like to advise...but otherwise I'd refer to the dietitian.
  4. OldDude

    Unassigned Epi Policy

    They do and the response time is what would be expected...and you're right, this could be part of "the plan." Out of town coverage "could" fall into this category but here in South Texas you can drive an hour or more between towns. One of our district competition sites is over 150 miles from home.
  5. OldDude

    Pure curiosity :)

    I had PALS for 15 years until the Urgent Care clinic I worked prn at stopped requiring it. So, unless you work a 2nd job that requires PALS or ACLS, BLS will provide you all you need for intervention at school.
  6. OldDude

    Trigger Warning!

    "Here, hold this puppy, and here's a coloring book..."
  7. OldDude

    Unassigned Epi Policy

    Exactly...the more one gets into it the more one realizes "complete" coverage would be something short of a miracle.
  8. OldDude

    Unassigned Epi Policy

    It seems a snowballing effect...it grows bigger and bigger as you contemplate "coverage." Especially if you try and imagine coverage for bus transportation to and from school.
  9. OldDude

    School Title

    Mr. OldDude Occasionally I'll get a "nurse," to which I respond, "yes student?"
  10. I'm wondering when certified teachers are going to be replaced with "education advocates" as a way to cut the budget. That way the district can continue to buy new football equipment every year. I can't even associate "one nurse" and "2900 students" as being relevant to each other...unless you conjure up the story of Jesus feeding 4000 people with 7 loaves of bread and a few small fish.
  11. OldDude

    SHAC suggestions

    Make sure your district has a written allergy/food allergy policy, which needs SHAC approval.
  12. OldDude


    It's gonna be a learning experience for the staff. Just be patient and firm. You might remind the staff they are personally responsible if something goes sideways under a similar circumstance.
  13. OldDude

    Do you run any special groups?

    No help from me about this but I do want to say your district is very lucky to have such an enthusiast and interested student advocate as yourself. Good on you!!
  14. OldDude

    Unassigned Epi Policy

    Thanks for your input. Without actual data to back this up, it seems most serious episodes of anaphylaxis occur away from school like filed trips. Sadly, a few years ago, there was a student, in a nearby district, who died at a sporting event after being bitten by fire ants...where epi was not readily available.
  15. OldDude

    Bring back our childhood diseases!

    I'm living proof of this!!