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    Decisions, decisions

    AN friends! I need y’alls opinions. I’m dating a guy in the army. We’ve been dating long distance but I’m going to be moving in with him soon (hopefully, job willing). I’m currently working in a level 2 NICU by hoping with this move to maybe also move to higher acuity. My options for hospitals are: Small regional hospital 15 minutes away, 16 bed level 3 that had 3 babies when I interviewed Army hospital 35 minutes away Large academic medical center 52 miles/1 hour away that is a level 4 Just trying to make the best career move while also making a good relationship move Next time I’ll have a little (very little) more control (ie when we PCS, hopefully we’ll choose to live somewhere near a hospital). I can’t ask boyfriend to move (closer to big hospital but equidistant to work) because he owns his house and that seems silly. opinions please