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  1. Wuzzie

    The Future Nurse Bully- Is it You?

    I hear what you're saying but the definition doesn't really change as we age or with the environment we are in however some of the behaviors might. Can you clarify why you think it does?
  2. Wuzzie

    The Future Nurse Bully- Is it You?

    Below is a very good website that accurately describes true bullying behaviors. Too often people conflate incivility and bullying. They are not the same. Let me repeat, they are not the same. Some of the behaviors listed in the article meet the definition. Others do not and should not lest we water it down to the point where people just roll their eyes at the concept entirely. We are very nearly at that point. https://www.stopbullying.gov/what-is-bullying/index.html
  3. Wuzzie

    Pit Bull Service Dogs

    Terrified of dogs. Doesnt matter the breed. They’d have to find another nurse. Chihuahuas have very long teeth.
  4. Wuzzie


    We had a nurse manager who had a sign hand lettered with “promises to my co-workers” written on it. She then put it on an easel and demanded we all sign it with her special gold marker. It is now framed and hanging in the charge nurse office. My name ain’t on it. If I can’t treat my co-workers well without signing a contract then there’s a problem. Also...not in high school.
  5. Wuzzie

    Medication error

    What else have you learned from this incident?
  6. 30+ years and never late once. Never late to school from kindergarten through nursing school either.
  7. Wuzzie

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    When I made my error it was my fault and only my fault. In this situation pharmacy, the Accudose and the Physician did absolutely wrong. There is a link to the CMS report on page 14. It’s mind-boggling.
  8. Wuzzie

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I’m curious to know why you’re so certain that the environment RV was working in was so unsafe or why you think there was a staffing issue. I don’t recall any of that being noted in the CMS report. The fact that one of the nurses was covering for lunch is not indicative of a problem. As I mentioned earlier this is SOP in a lot of ICUs.
  9. Wuzzie

    I Hope This is Not the Latest Trend

    I’ll do my best not to derail this thread but frankly, I do think they are related. With people flocking to nursing and schools driven by profit unless we start making people responsible for their behavior (individual AND institutional) we are going to see more and more stories like this and others.
  10. Wuzzie

    Trigger Warning!

    Tee-shirt, smee-shirt. I need that tattooed on my forehead.
  11. Wuzzie

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    So you feel the hospital should test every staff person to make sure they understand basic nursing concepts? Like the 5 rights. Like monitoring patients for adverse reactions when giving IV push meds? Any nursing student knows these things. What if she paid lip-service to them and did her own thing when nobody was watching. There are lots of people who put on a good front but are very different behind closed doors. Perhaps this is just the first time she got caught. Given the sheer number of horrible decisions she made in this single situation it’s a good bet she’s been playing it fast and loose for a long time. Is the hospital supposed to be psychic?
  12. Wuzzie

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I highly doubt it. I would imagine he thought she was being transported like every other ICU patient he’d seen...on a monitor with a nurse in attendance. No reason for him to think otherwise.
  13. Wuzzie

    Tracheostomy question

    Wheezing is the physiologic narrowing of the airways (usually the small terminal ones but it sometimes can be heard in the large airways) due to constriction or inflammation. The only way to eliminate wheezing is to relax the airways or decrease the inflammation. We do this with medications such as albuterol and steroids. When you suction where does the tip of the suction catheter stop?
  14. Wuzzie

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    But Barrel of Monkeys, she talked about going to the bathroom. To the DA!
  15. Wuzzie

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    Please tell me you didn’t actually send this manifesto?