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Elfriede has 40 years experience and specializes in ambulant care.

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  1. Elfriede

    Ventilator Tubing Condensation

    using Water Traps in ventilators OK. A fine solution. But: - If you positioning the pt the trapped water may flow back into the tube towards the pt or the machine. - A reservoir of warm water ist allways a germ-hotel.
  2. Elfriede

    New grad community nursing questions

    Hi joshle that´s life. I also feel like Charly Chaplin in "modern times". The only way is, to talk with your company: They take a risk if they don't give you enough time to check the risks of the pt. : - decubitus, - level of awareness, - dehydration ....................... all this has to be documentated.
  3. Elfriede

    Screw Nursing Caption Contest

    "I havn´t a standardized thread. So what ?!?"
  4. Elfriede

    Lazy patient

    I don´t think that they´re "lazy". It´s a "call for attention". Try to find out their social/family background.
  5. Elfriede

    Finish the Toon!

    "... and the spread of infection is not finally detected by the board of ..."
  6. Elfriede

    Scheduling drama

    "Pt´s and the time" is a neverending story. My favourite is : "Quater to eight is much to late and 7.45 much to early !"
  7. Elfriede

    Dealing with Pets

    There´s nothing you can´t learn. Just visit a dog school ! You don´t need a own dog. Learn about dogs. How to read them and how to behave.
  8. Elfriede

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    At Halloween the adage "The nurse is pt´s last defence line." becomes a new dimension.
  9. Elfriede

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    Why Halloween ??? Just a normal day at the Rungholt-Social-Station.
  10. The only chance for a nurse to see/talk her child.
  11. Elfriede

    Wise One Liners

    I "have to" only two things : To die and to the can.
  12. Elfriede

    T shirt idea

    before and after effectiv
  13. Elfriede

    Joint Commission and Ligature Points

    ... `cause brainless is painless.
  14. Elfriede

    Feeling embarrassed, ask the md a stupid question

    "There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers." Not to ask is a dangerous care error.
  15. Elfriede

    Cartoon Caption Student Nurse Day Contest

    Pitty that your insurance doesn´t pay a chest-to-head transplantation
  16. Elfriede

    Caption This Cartoon Nurses Week Contest

    Don´t worry. Just a surgeon on his break. 😓