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  1. Elfriede

    What Do You Carry In Your Bag?

    Sure. Depends on the pts you have. I´ve some urologic cases. So I´ve catheter flushing with me.
  2. Elfriede

    Eccentric Doc

    In the 80th we had a senior physician who smoked the cheapest cigarillos whereever he went or stood. If you needed to find him, you only had to follow the stink. --- In a vascular surgery ! The compleance of the pts who had to stop smoking was ... corresponding.
  3. Elfriede

    Sitting in the Catbird Seat

    Hhhmm... Sometimes nursing reminds me of a Martin-Baker-seat.
  4. Elfriede

    Boomerang Coworkers

    Yeah ! We have the same phenomenon at our "Sozialstation Rungholt". I would like to keep the door closed after them, but the "skilled employees lack" ... You just have to employ everyone, who has the grace to work.
  5. Elfriede

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    The Xmas-problem in our store is our manager. The whole december you can´t take a step in the office. Everywhere boxes and bags with decoration. You hardly find a place to work.
  6. Elfriede

    Preparing to go into home health, what to study up on?

    There are the same wounds. If you have the basics, there will be no problem. The most important is, to have a network: Emergency numbers, pharmacy, medical supply store, chiropodist, hairdresser .... Good luck, Frieda:wavey:
  7. Elfriede


    Time for wintersports: Ice scraping from the car windows. An extreme winter is, if you have to scrape ms Windows.
  8. Elfriede

    How NOT to write an incident report

    Adults only ?!?
  9. Elfriede

    Winter Footwear?

    Hhhmmm..... Changing boots/shoes isn´t that bad. So you don´t carry the dirt into the house. (Your pts will be grateful.) In the car I put a big plastkbag on the ground. (Getting the s...alt out of the carpet ...) I prefer soft rubber soles. The are less slippery than plastik or leather.
  10. Elfriede

    Are you a "Sister?"

    In germany female nurses are called "Schwester" (=sister). Male nurses are called "Pfleger" (~caregiver). The officially term for both is "Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger" (~health- and sicknesscare) ... short: "GuK" (since the 1990th). "Guk" has never prevailed in spoken language.
  11. Elfriede

    A New Narcotic Pain Pill

    You didn´t meant BRAIN-NO ?
  12. Elfriede

    Nurses Who Beat Themselves Up

    For sure. The pts are standing in line. You simply have no time to worry about faults you made. ~~~ And you´ll repeat them.
  13. Elfriede

    Just another thread that's a vent...

    Hot air is no problem as long y´re not thermoplastic.
  14. Elfriede

    Nurses Who Beat Themselves Up

    Classic fault management: "You can´t fire slaves --- You have to sell them."
  15. Elfriede


    I use a calenderbook. 10x8 inches and nearly 2 inches thick. 1 page for every day. Looks important - for real - when I enter a date. And it works even at a blackout. And if the page is full ~~~ it´s full. Frieda