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  1. MidLifeRN2012

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    I've only been working in a hospital for 2 years and already want out. I am looking for outpatient or a desk job within a company. Hate hospital life with shifts, understaffing, and patient satisfaction scores. I'm better off back in a cubicle
  2. MidLifeRN2012

    Type B in a Type A world

    I'm definitely Type B and don't think I would last a single day in an ICU setting. Or a med/surg where someone is likely to code. I work in psych and that has been a good fit so far. All walkie/talkies, IM and PO meds only and only an occasional Code Grey restraint. The most medically compromised we get is Type 2 DM or Hypertension. I'm interested in wound care nursing so am looking into that. Preferably to work in an OP wound care clinic someday. I took the psych job as a new grad and I did have 1 preceptor that was very intimidating, adding to that her thick Asian accent which prior to that job I had no exposure to such diversity. I think she thought I was stupid because I could barely understand a thing she said and kept asking her to repeat herself. (So sorry folks, NETY is true) Now 2 years later, we get along great (and I learned how to interpret these accents better So they may be mean to you now, but in a year or 2, may come to respect you. Hang in there.
  3. Nope. I thought the same thing. It took me 2 years to find my first nursing job
  4. MidLifeRN2012

    Anyone working two nursing jobs?

    Where I work, auditing charts just means you make sure all required forms are in the chart and filled out correctly by the RN staff. Sounds like a pretty chill job to me. I work in psych at night quite often and the patients are usually asleep and the unit is quiet.
  5. MidLifeRN2012

    Family and studying!

    I took the NCLEX within a few months after I graduated and it still took me 2 years to find a nursing job. I would wake up early or put the kids to bed earlier to get this done. Like others have said... You are getting too far out from school to wait much longer
  6. MidLifeRN2012

    Have you literally prayed over your workplace?

    Maybe someone should start a "Christian only" thread. Atheist...stay out and keep your negative comments to yourself. If you want to suffer eternity burning in Hell for not being being a Christ follower, that's your problem. Christians care enough about you to try to save you from that. But if you reject salvation....so be it.
  7. MidLifeRN2012

    Returning to the bedside..not such a good idea afterall

    Please tell where you work LOL. I've been a hospital nurse for only a year and a half (first nursing job) and I'm already sad over losing the 9-5 lifestyle I had in my former career, although I was aware it would be this way. I feel isolated from my M-F friends and activities and miss out on a lot of activities because of working 2nd and 3rd shifts. How long do I have to work acute care bedside before I can get a M-F daytime, no nights/holiday gig?
  8. MidLifeRN2012

    I paid 200 dollars for pvt

    It is unfair that Pearson Vue would take your money and not refund it if you did indeed pass and no longer need to take exam. There should be a grace period to allow for results to come in. Since there is none and they are quick to take your money again , I'm all for getting your money back by any means possible.
  9. MidLifeRN2012

    Bernie Sanders gets NNU nod

    Ted Cruz or Ben Carson....all the way :)
  10. MidLifeRN2012

    Don't like to clean pee & poop: Can I still be a nurse?

    Why is it that no ones says that about any other profession? "Oh, you just want to do it for the money" I expect to get paid well for the daily stress of not harming patients, dealing with obnoxious doctors, patients, and their families and keeping the license I paid so much for. I wouldn't have gone into nursing if it didn't pay so well. Doesn't mean I care for patients any less.
  11. MidLifeRN2012

    RN Starbucks side job?

    I try to work at the food pantry near me whenever I get that particular day off. Unfortunately I am usually working the night they are open as I work 2nd shift and they are only open 1 day a week from 4-7. But I've been requesting that day off more often and half the time it's granted
  12. MidLifeRN2012

    Don't like to clean pee & poop: Can I still be a nurse?

    We have a locked unit but we don't get very many who are MR or autistic. We are mainly drug addicts and homeless people with psych issues.
  13. MidLifeRN2012

    Don't like to clean pee & poop: Can I still be a nurse?

    Become a psych nurse. There is no poop cleaning here. At least in a setting where all patients are responsible for and capable of doing their own ADLs. Only once in my 1 year have I had to help clean an incontinent patients bedding. He was a rare admission for our floor because the medical psych floor was full. When a patient 'paints' his wall with his poop, we call housekeeping for cleanup
  14. MidLifeRN2012

    When do going back to school STOP!!

    And treatments, EBP, and scientific discoveries change over the years. That requires nurses to keep their knowledge updated. Otherwise could be using treatments and theory from 40 years ago.
  15. MidLifeRN2012

    Working nursing student needs advice

    Yes. I worked full time Monday thru Friday, went to school full time nights and weekends all while supporting my son and paying rent, utilities, food gas, cable etc. alone. No spouse. It can be done if you have discipline.

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