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Molemedic has 9 years experience as a MSN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in Trauma.

Eight years in commercial EMS with the last five having been spent as a Paramedic in a busy urban setting. Currently, a NYS Registered Nurse working in the Trauma Unit as a Charge Nurse. Critical Care Medic Certified AHA instructor for CPR, ACLS, PALS, ITLS instructor, and Lab instructor for EMS students.

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  1. Molemedic

    Too many degrees from one school?

    Is getting too many degrees from the same school frowned upon? I have a BSN and an MSN from Western Governor's University and am now seeking MBA studies but wonder if attending WGU is a good idea since it would be all over my resume. Opinions? I love the pace and independence of WGU. I also can't beat the cost.
  2. Molemedic

    What is Abandonment?

    Not coming to work is not considered patient abandonment although some employers like to threaten as if it is.
  3. Molemedic

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Her actions although a mistake fit the very definition of reckless homicide according to Tennessee state law. Inadvertently administering the wrong medication would have been cause for discipline and possible discharge but the act of intentionally and RECKLESSLY overriding a safety feature designed to prevent this sort of error is what makes this a crime. There were multiple points which could have led to the recognition of the error had the nurse followed hospital policy and nursing guidelines but instead, she disregarded everything she had ever been taught or told and acted RECKLESSLY. I understand that the Patient's family remains forgiving but the fact of the matter is that her actions and recklessness caused the loss of life and this action has consequences. I think many nurses defend or feel sympathy for her out of fear of one day being in the same situation
  4. Molemedic

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    Probably should've worn that mask.
  5. Took NCLEX Nov 9th. License listed on site Nov 14th
  6. If your credit card was declined then you most likely failed. Did you pay for the quick results available 48 hrs after the test?
  7. Molemedic

    Albany pediatrics PCS

    If you are testing at AMC you will most certainly have a peds Pt. As others have stated they have a relatively large pediatric unit. My ped Pt was an 8 year old boy who was better than any other patient I encountered that week and trust me when I say they were all great. Even though this kid was post surgical with JP drains, an NG tube, Two IV meds running, and a painful incision scar this wonderful little guy told me he wanted to do whatever was easier for me when I asked about positioning. Oh and not to mention I had just woken him up. I was absolutely stunned! The whole experience was awesome and as nerve wracking as it was I really did have fun.
  8. Molemedic

    Transferring nursing credit

    I haven't heard of an institution that accepts Nursing credits from other institutions. Around here if you fail out of nursing school you are usually not afforded admission into another nursing program and in the rare cases where you are they expect you to start from the beginning. Many have no problem with this as they are grateful for the second chance.
  9. Dont wait 6 months start today. Would you eat an entire cow in a single setting? Of course not lol you would serve it up in smaller more tolerable portions. Do a little everyday and then it won't seem as overwhelming
  10. Molemedic

    FCCA 274A

    One of the biggest issues with the FCCA is that people don't read the assigned chapters. I tried SG101 and didn't like their notes, I know it worked for some people but to me there is no substitute for the actual textbook. These exams help build your foundation for future success during the CPNE which relies heavily on both the Nursing Process and Care Planning. Study hard and ask a lot of questions. Good luck and remember to breathe.
  11. Molemedic

    Low UWORLD scores ?! Help

    Don't look at the number of q's right or wrong and instead focus on the rationales of every single question whether you get the question right or wrong. If you commit to doing at least 200 questions a day (because you only have two weeks ) and really focus on understanding the rationales I am sure you will pass. Many people have failed while getting 60's and 70's on Uworld and many have passed by getting 40's. Numbers are irrelevant the content is key. Good luck!!
  12. Molemedic

    Should I keep my Paramedic Card

    Hello Everyone, I'm a new grad nurse who is exiting the field of EMS and wondering if I should bother to recert my card. I had worked in EMS for 9 years with 5.5 of which being spent as a Paramedic. I became burned out and turned to Nursing for the vast array of jobs and positions a Nurse can hold. My Paramedic card has about another year left on it and I'm just wondering if in your opinion it's worth it to recert it. I do not intend on working on the ambulance and am only worried about future career opportunities. Is there really any value left in that card when you have a Nursing license?
  13. Most BSN programs exist to teach leadership and management skills. The ones that I have researched all give you a flat 60 credits for possessing an active and unrestricted nursing license. EC is accredited which is one of the main requirements for BSN schools.
  14. Molemedic


    Talking about the FCCA in any amount of detail is against EC policy. All I can say is don't overthink it and if you did the reading during the course there should be no surprises. Good luck and have faith
  15. Molemedic

    Care Plan EC Way

    Start mastering careplans the EC way now. This is gonna be crucial to you passing the CPNE. Ask your instructor for clarification on things you don't understand. Get a nursing disgnosis book and get used to using it. There are tons of books and courses out there that teach careplanning but be cautious of what you use because EC wsnts things done a certain way for the CPNE.
  16. Molemedic

    Got my reschedule date

    Wow that was quick! Good Luck but I know you'll crush it this time. I am also scheduled for Albany but at a much later date. I've heard at the very least you will get a fair test at Albany. I anticipate seeing a passing post from you in the near future.

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