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  1. jerrythejindo


    Hello nursing world, I was admitted into Cal State Dominguez Hill's RN-BSN program and my registration date is coming up. I was wondering what is the work load like and how many classes should I take during my first semester. I was planning on taking BSN 302, 306, 340. Is this a heavy load of units for my first semester. I was admitted into the online program if that makes a difference. Please let me know, thank you!
  2. jerrythejindo

    DUI conviction, open container

    did you end up disclosing it? i have the same exact problem and im trying to figure out if i should disclose the open container or not. let me know please!
  3. jerrythejindo

    Rio Hondo 2016 Bridge

    I guess we're all getting different responses from them. Ill probably call soon to ask them myself haha. I applied to Mt San Antonio College and PCC but I only applied to their generic programs. Rio Hondo is the only place where I applied for the bridge program so I'm really hoping I get in.
  4. jerrythejindo

    Rio Hondo 2016 Bridge

    Oh okay thank you! Best of luck to you!
  5. jerrythejindo

    Rio Hondo 2016 Bridge

    Wow, you seem overqualified. im sure you're one of the top candidates then! I have 2-3 years of being a nurse, 2 A's and 1 B in my pre-reqs and 3.7 GPA overall. I turned in copies of pay stubs showing that i was working while taking my pre-reqs and wrote a personal statement/hardships. Hopefully I have a shot in being selected.
  6. jerrythejindo

    Rio Hondo 2016 Bridge

    aw man, now im all antsy haha. thats what i remember them telling me. ill probably call them about it soon.
  7. jerrythejindo

    Rio Hondo 2016 Bridge

    mid-november? they told me they send out the acceptance letters around dec-january. our chances are based on whoever does not make it into the 2nd year from the generic program anyways, best of luck to you!
  8. jerrythejindo

    LVN-RN rio hondo or Generic Program at sac

    Yes, I meant generic RN program. They are already considering me as a candidate for the program so I am happy about that! The cool thing is that the community college offers a BSN program as well but I have to graduate from their very own associates in nursing program. It would approximately take 2 years to go through the associates program and then an extra 3 semesters ( a year and a half) to get my BSN. The BSN program is approximately 20k. Does this seem worth it or should I just do the 1 year LVN-RN program at rio hondo?
  9. I just wanted to get some input on my chances of getting into the LVN-RN program at Rio Hondo. I have 2 A's and 1 B in my prerequisite courses, a 3.6 overall GPA, 2 years work experience, and I included a personal life experience / personal statement along with my application. I already passed the TEAS test if that makes a difference. Also, if I don't get in should I work until I get accepted into an LVN-RN program or should I just start at a generic program? The generic program would be 4 semesters long. I think I have a better chance of getting into the generic program.