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  1. hawaiicarl

    S & M Nurses

    My initial thought was isn't being a masochist like a nursing pre-requisite? Then I remembered this I guess there are some sadists in the field as well. Cheers
  2. hawaiicarl

    S & M Nurses

    Haha I used to work at West Edmonton Mall back in the 80s
  3. hawaiicarl


    This is a great question! Hmmm, Answerholes? Enablers? Dr. Phil? The Wizard of OZ? #PeopleWhoAreTooPCToTellThemTheyAreFingIdiots? We should do a survey on this one. Cheers
  4. hawaiicarl

    Sitting down - New nurse looking for advice

    My initial reaction was similar to dream'n, but after reading the post the OP wasn't particularly whiny, was just looking for options to meet his limitations. No "woe is me, the world is unfair" to be found, move along people. I work in a mixed ICU, we do open hearts, LVADs, neuro, CRRT, the usual mixed bag. I can honestly say with the current charting requirements for the position I am sitting at a computer documenting 40-50% of my shift. I am permanent charge so my number is slightly skewed, when not in charge probably about 30-40 % of time is documentation. Hope this helps OP, good luck with your back. Cheers
  5. hawaiicarl


    I tell my wife I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body. She says that explains a lot. Cheers
  6. Hey Davey want some popcorn? Looks like the show is about to start.
  7. hawaiicarl

    Desperate and need advice

    Stick with it, sounds like you are a natural for night shift! You wouldn't by chance be going to Chaminade on Oahu would you? Sketchy program at best. Cheers
  8. Nursing school is a whole different animal now than it was back in the day. School was 40 hours of classroom/clinical time a week, researching your patients for clinicals was all done on your own time the night before. Hell I was even taught by nuns, that is how old I am, habits and everything! (not a bad habit, a clothing habit) Talking to some of the students now I sort of scoff …. "Gee, I am having a hard time scheduling my classes so I have to go to campus 2 days a week in stead of three this semester" wa wa wa cry me a river. Cheers
  9. hawaiicarl


    Did your nursing friend tell you this?!?!?!?
  10. hawaiicarl

    Insulting pay raise

    One time we got a 75 cent pay raise, while they cut our night diff by 2 dollars, that was a slap in the face. Cheers
  11. hawaiicarl

    Are Nurses Oppressed?

    I prefer to think of nursing as "Golden Handcuffs", or if you prefer a golden birdcage. Research shows I will live 10 years less in this captivity, because I work nights, but it pays enough to support a family on. Let alone my increased risk of cancer from my exposure to all the hospital chemicals, and radiation. How many of our coworkers have died from cancer, but have no other risk factors? C'est la Vie Cheers
  12. hawaiicarl


    So I have a question. Since yuppie scammers can team up forces with homeless addicts and make hundreds of thousands of dollars off of GoFundMe, why can't we do something legitimate? Like #GoFundMyAchingBack, or #GoFundDavieForArtCollege? Anyone else have any GoFundMe requests? Maybe Zucherberg will donate us 0.0001 % of his wealth so we can retire? Cheers