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    PDN agencies love to send untrained nurses to families. They hire tons of new grads with absolutely no nursing experience. Many of them have only merely seen a trach change done and they are basically thrown to the wolves.
    There is a lot you can learn from watching videos and asking questions here.
    Trilogy and LTV have their manuals online. Please learn the difference between a setting and an output because it makes me crazy when health care professionals don't know the difference between them.
    Trachs can seem complex but they really all have the same fundamental features. Neo/Ped/Adult refers to length (there are also custom lengths for people with really long or short tracheas). The number refers to diameter of the hole. Trachs can be cuffed or uncuffed. If cuffed, they are either water-filled, air-filled, or foam (which are pretty rare). Bivona and Shiley are the two most popular brands. Bivona makes some fancy trachs like a Flextend and Flextend Plus which are for kids with no necks - the adaptor for the trach sticks out instead of being right under the chin.
    There are plenty of non-crazy families that have really experienced parents that are willing to train an inexperienced but kind and motivated nurse. And you can always ask more specific questions here.