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  1. Dacatster

    Nurses with hearing loss

    I find wearing a hearing aid the wraps around your ear is easier to use because you can pop them in and out quicker. My biggest problem is if they get caught in face mask loop that goes around ears. So when I take mask of in a hurry my hearing aid flies across the floor. I don’t need the HA to auscultate sounds if I have a good stethoscope.
  2. Dacatster

    Tell me how you made >$100K or more per year

    I know base pay at some of chicago hospitals for experince nurses are in 90k range, UIC, CC,LCOM for starters. So just picking up a few OT shifts wouldn't make it that hard to make over 100K
  3. Dacatster

    Working as a peds nurse pregnant?

    Not sure why the doctor doesn't help when short staffed? I never left bruised or sore after working in the PEDS ER for many years, even with parents that refuse to restrain child. Often had to do many an IV, lab draw cath because I didn't have help I either asked the parent or doctor to help hold.
  4. Dacatster

    Anyone else go from adult med-surg to PICU?

    I went from working from a adult renal diabetic unit to Ped stem cell transplant/step down CV surg. It was considered a PICU at my hospital, we were specially trained Hem oc and CV plus the rest of the picu stuff. I am not going to lie, it was a rough year. But I did find my calling in peds. I absolutely never ever wanted to do peds until then. Basically, I was desperate to get out of my med surg unit, 17 patient to one RN, with one lpn under you. You had 9 pt they had 8 you had to do all assessment, IVP labs, blood, dr. calls. It sucked. So I went PICU were we had 1-2 pt at a shift. 20 years later with 18 years as a peds,picu, peds er nurse. Now getting ready to go into family med at a resident clinic with majority of pt peds. Caroline you can do it. Don't beat yourself down, don't let her beat you down. Remind her your were med surg, not peds, not icu.
  5. Dacatster

    Sad series of peds hem-onc patient deaths

    I worked BMT back in 2000 for a year. I liked it, the deaths were sad. the hardest part for me was stupid drama of the family, for example 1 family getting kicked out of the RMH for watching porn in the lobby of the place on a wide screen tv. I ended up going to PEDS ER at a level 1 trauma center, there we seen many deaths, most were traumatic, unexpected. I was able to brush most off my shoulder until 2008. In 2005 my nephew was diagnosis with 2 brain tumors, he was 17 at the time. He under went 2 brain surgeries, chemo, 2 BMT, often being seen the ER I worked at in 2008 he died in the PICU just right above where I worked at. I had a horrible time with that. My first day back from his funeral, I had a new diagnosis brain tumor of a teen boy came through. His only complaint was headache. Ended up with same tumor as my nephew. All I could think of is that poor kid is going to go thru something horrible and end up like my nephew. I later had a friend whose son died of a brain tumor at the age of 12. Can I just say I hate brain tumors? I don't know how much this helped you. But me 11 years alter, I still feel the pain.
  6. Dacatster

    office nurse

    So I live in NWI I have applied at many md's office. I have 20 years experience. The most a md office was willing to pay was $22/hr. Now Chicago pays in mid to upper $30 for there outpatient/office nurses at the major hospitals. I ended up taking a job in SB for the $30. Is it really unexpected of me to expect at least in the upper $20's? I realize a md office is a different pace/Skill of nursing, not easier, just different. So I can understand a little difference in pay. But really the $20 an hour was a slap in the face. I honestly can not believe nurses would accept it. It wasn't just settle patients and make appts. Two of the jobs were working for an asthma allergy doctor, where you do allergy testing and mixing the serum, and other respiratory stuff. I have worked in the ER in level 1 trauma, I don't expect the $42/hr I was making there. But less then half, seriously.
  7. Dacatster

    Part Time Nursing Programs

    Why not just take a class or 2 at a time?
  8. Dacatster

    Pay for experienced critical care RN in Indianapolis?

    When I left St. Vincents Peds ER in 2003 I was making $26/hr with only 3 years experience ACLS/PALS/ENPC/NRP so 15 years late and only seeing a $2 difference, no wonder Indy is having a hard time filling nursing jobs.
  9. Just going with personal experience
  10. They Irony about the whole ASN BSN debate, I have seen more ASN pass the NCLEX on the first try then BSN. Guess all that paper writing didn't give the critical thinking skills after all.
  11. Dacatster

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    Never heard of it
  12. Dacatster

    Wearing skirts as a nurse

    As a very conservative religious nurse, I wear scrub skirts only. I have worked a variety of nursing such as Peds ER/trauma, Picu, Adult ER and such. Never had a problem with it. Marcus Uniforms has a huge variety of scrub skirt colors
  13. Dacatster

    Head lice...costly treatment

    Personally about 7 years back my daughter had a horrible case. I tried everything. I even took her to her PMD and he got me in to dermatology immediately. They were in thr same building. Nothing worked. Finally, I resorted in what my very frugal friends did. I smothered a whole jar of vasoline on her head, covered it with a shower cap, washed /vacuumed everything again. I made her sleep in the vasoline/showercap. Bammmmm no more. Never again will i waste money on the OTC or prescription stuff
  14. Dacatster

    Brian Short News

    (((((Hugs)))) to all affected by this.
  15. 24 years old
  16. Never

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