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  1. Polly Peptide

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program Summer/Fall 2019

  2. Polly Peptide

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    Congrats on being accepted, but I'm just curious...ENP (Emergency, I assume) requires you to have two years experience as a nurse before applying. Prespecialty is the classification for those applying without an RN. So just wondering if you meant something else? Truly just curious! It's hard trying to figure out all the verbiage.
  3. Polly Peptide

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    They publish the average numbers accepted into each specialty on their website in the FAQ section, within each specialty area.
  4. Polly Peptide

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    It depends on whether they had enough quality applicants to fill their class who applied by the deadline. If they did, you may still hear from them and be wait-listed. Essentially, it is my understanding that they review in the first round everyone who submits by the priority deadline (11/1). If they can fill their class with good applicants from those people, they will. But if they don't have good quality applicants, they will keep looking through the folks who submitted later. I would think it all depends on their applicant pool. Good luck!!
  5. Polly Peptide

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I didn't know anyone was double the price of Vanderbilt!!
  6. Polly Peptide

    FNP Duke, BSN- MSN/DNP Fall 2019

    Hmm. I applied to the FNP track, MSN only. I applied a little late in the process, but only after I received an email from them saying it wasn't too late and to please finish my application. I got everything in in December. I got an email inviting me to a webinar in early March regarding the program. But that's it. No email for an interview. I hate not knowing anything!
  7. Polly Peptide

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I can't confirm that it's $7,000, but if I recall, it is awarded upon admission. Either that or closely on the heels of admission.
  8. Polly Peptide

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    You do not have to apply separately. It's a basic amount they give due to the general cost of the school.
  9. Polly Peptide

    FNPagnpFNPFNP....no it's AGNP

    Maybe they are thinking of the old ANP certification when saying this stuff? Honestly...I have to say I don't totally understand the thinking behind the consensus model decision to keep the FNP cert when they added in the new population-specific certifications for AG-PCNP, AG-ACNP, the same for peds, etc. Why keep a primary care certification for all ages? I can only assume it is useful for rural areas? It causes confusion in the decision-making process. Most people are given that advice - get your FNP so you are marketable. But then that is not the actual INTENT of the consensus model at all. Anyway.
  10. Polly Peptide

    NP Salaries

    I am interested in Palliative Care. What is your actual certification? FNP? Adult? Acute Care?
  11. Polly Peptide

    online RN to MSN with bachelor's in another field

    I could be wrong, but from what you're saying, it doesn't sound like that path (BSN, then MSN) would be very efficient. If you already have your RN with an associates (I'm assuming) AND you have your Bachelors in another area, you could just skip the BSN and go straight for an MSN, becoming an FNP, which is your end-goal anyway. There is no need to get another bachelors degree in the middle. If you do it the way you're talking about, your only options are ADN to BSN completion programs, which will make you repeat a lot of your "bachelor" type of courses; or ABSN (accelerated) programs, which will make you repeat your nursing courses. You might have to stumble on a unicorn to consider BOTH your nursing and your bachelor courses you've taken. So back to my point...why not just skip the middle and go straight for what you want? There are quite a few programs that do this. You are phrasing this as if getting a BSN will make this faster for you, but I genuinely don't think so.
  12. Polly Peptide

    Unimpressed and confused

    Thank you. I changed my user name recently (as my previous one was a bit too close to my real name) and then I realized the website wouldn't let me change my name again within a certain amount of time. So I am waiting (correct me if I'm wrong). Yes, I've read and read (and read) over the Specialties forum. Thanks again.
  13. Polly Peptide

    Unimpressed and confused

    I could use some advice. I am coming up on my last semester of an ABSN program. This is my second career and I am in nursing after *thinking* I wanted to do this most of my life. My intention has been to eventually continue my education and likely go on and become a nurse practitioner. In fact, I always thought I wouldn't stop at my BSN, although I wanted to gain some experience and was leaving myself open to whatever...I mean, what if I loved nursing and wanted didn't want to go on? Anyway, here I am, after experiencing various Med/Surg floors, a MICU, ER, a specialty/step-down floor, psych, and nothing is really calling my name. I found general Med/Surg to simply be unappealing, with it's random assignments of c-diff and detoxing, angry patients; the MICU was okay when it was busy but mostly I found it really depressing; I liked the ER (again, when we had action), but then I got really down about the crazy number of patients using it as their primary care or walk-in clinic (and likely not ever planning to pay). The specialty floor was probably the least frustrating for me because patients were receiving long-awaited for transplants and many left quite excited and happy to start their "new life." It had a different feel. But still, it also had its share of random patients, when other floors got full, and the ratios were tough. I don't think I'm interested in working with kids. I do find myself enjoying talking to and connecting with people, although I can get worn out like anyone else. I just can't seem to figure out my sweet spot. Either that, or this profession is not for me. I am confused about whether or not I will even like nursing at this point. I am starting to wonder if I just haven't found the thing I will like? Or will I dislike it all and I should bail? Or should I continue on to school and hope that advanced practice will suit me more??? I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas.
  14. Polly Peptide

    online RN to MSN with bachelor's in another field

    Just off the top of my head, I am pretty sure Frontier offers an associates/RN to MSN. Also, Vanderbilt offers a path for associates/RN to MSN AND bachelors in another field to MSN. But the latter is longer and would put you through an additional year to get your RN, which you wouldn't need. Vandy is B&M but if you are distance and already an RN, you can do the program in a "modified-distance format", which means take some of the didactic online and visit their campus in blocks. You can go to their website for more info.