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Joyful2bee has 37 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Telemetry, ICU, CCU.

I graduated from a very old three year nursing school in SC in 1972. Married my sweetheart. After my marriage my husband and I moved to New Orleans for 8 years. I worked on a telemetry floor in a hospital on St. Charles Avenue for three years. I moved to a hospital closer to home and that is where I started my 17 year career as an ICU/CCU nurse. After a year there I transferred to CCU's in New Orleans, Mississippi, SC and NC. I changed to telemetry nursing again and stayed with it the remainder of my career. A year after my husband died I developed sciatica with two cervical and two lumbar bulging discs and due to my age and weight lifting restrictions retired from nursing. I am a photographer and a blogger now, enjoying life with my family, friends, and cats.

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  1. Joyful2bee

    The Patient I Failed

    I retired from nursing six years ago. But this brought back so man memories. I know exactly how you felt, as I am sure most of us do too. This was so well written. Thank you for sharing this painful experience with us all. By the way, I have given H...
  2. Joyful2bee

    I Had No Idea!

    H. was scheduled for the removal of a colon polyp after a colonoscopy failed to reach the tissue for biopsy. My husband was a very obese diabetic, who had recovered from a Wallenberg Stroke four years before with only a residual weakness in his balan...