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  1. SchnauzerloverP

    Terminated After Two Months!!

    I am a new LPN, and I feel like my school did not prepare us at all for the real world. I had at most 3 patients in clinicals, and I have 20 patients in my first job in LTC! It was quite a shock on top of learning all the computer stuff (they have a terrible computer program, different than the normal one, you have to enter things 2 to 3 different places, they don't flow automatically). I feel like they taught us to only pass the boards pretty much. The place I work is chronically short-staffed and the training is inadequate but I feel like if I can do this I can work anywhere after this first year. Some nights are great, but some nights I have charting for 1-1 1/2 hours after all the work is done. You learn to prioritize and manage your time. I really wish I had a mentor though, I work 3p-11p and there is not any other nurse except the RN supervisor who is too busy to do much except respond to emergencies. Hang in there, I don't have experience to respond to your question too much but LTC is probably a good start for a year. Good luck!!
  2. SchnauzerloverP

    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    I am 60 and am in LPN school second level. Go for it!!
  3. SchnauzerloverP

    New LPN with Many Blessings!

    That is great!! How is it going? I am in school started in May, it is a full time program 1 year long. I have top grades, but worry about getting a job because I am 60 (had to start over after horrible divorce from 30 year marriage). Do you have any advice, for school? For testing NCLEX? For job hunting? Thanks!!! Congratulations!!